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14 Best Shopify Apps for Dropshipping 2020 (Free & Paid)

shopify app for dropshipping

At the beginning of your dropshipping, you will be committed to your limited budget and can’t be able to pay for the paid Shopify app, so I will show you the best 12 free and paid Shopify apps.

12 best shopify apps  list for dropshipping beginners:

Let’s start with the necessary shopify apps you need for your Shopify dropshipping store even if you still in the beginning or you have already started your dropshipping store!

From my part of the view, I highly suggest you start with the free Shopify app options when you’re just beginning with dropshipping. After you get some sales and profits and your budget allow, then you could use more paid apps. Since the paid apps generate you more sales and increasing the average order value!

1- Processing dropshipping orders:

Are you Dropshipping with AliExpres?

If you’re currently dropshipping with AliExpress, or if you want to do that, then I recommend the Shopify apps below.

The free Shopify app that most people start with is Oberlo. Oberlo helps you connect your Shopify store to AliExpress.

Oberla is a free app with a huge number of orders per month. You have around 50 orders monthly and then you had to switch to a paid plan.

The best-paid Shopify app for this:

Dropified is the right choice if you are dropshipping with Aliexpress. Important to notice that Oberla has a paid account as well. There are similarities of both online app here:

Oberlo has a free version available and Dropified a 14 days free trial.

You have the decision based on pricing, Dropified will probably be too expensive for you because their cheapest plan starts at $47 per month

2- Sales notifications (Social Proof):

Including customer’s sales and orders in your store in front of visitors can bring trust to your website. A great way to boost the trust of your visitors is to have sales notifications popping up. These notifications have, for example, information about past sales on them and showing others purchasing the products.

The stunning news is that you can use the app even if you didn’t make sales yet with the ” fake orders”. Even if it’s beneficial but keep in mind that some people find it disturbing and annoying. If you don’t know if you should add it to your store or not, then you could always split test and see if people are staying longer on your store with or without these notifications

3- Countdown timer (Urgency):

Showing a countdown timer on your product description can add a sense of urgency to your visitors.

There is nothing that kills ecommerce conversion rates faster than customer hesitation. Anytime a customer thinks “maybe later”, you open the window to a sale-killing distraction – an offer from a competitor, a phone notification, or even a change of heart.

There is one way to get shoppers to take action immediately: urgency.

An app from Beeketing is the best free Shopify app for this. However, the best paid Shopify app for this. In case you want to do way more with your countdown timer, then I suggest taking a look at the app called Hurry. The price of Hurrify is currently $6.99 per month.

4- Currency converter:

It’s most suitable for sellers who sell in more than one country, and that means the mass needs for using different currencies.

Spare the efforts so you mustn’t lose all your potential new costumers, agree? If they find difficulty in currency changing and checking, there is a chance not to return. Maybe they got distracted, or maybe they can’t find your store back again, once they decide to purchase.

What to do?

To solve all these obstacles, you need to apply a currency converter on your dropshipping store. Then your customers will get his home currency easily.

I recommend the free Bold Multi-Currency Shopify app

The great thing about this app is that you can add rounding rules. For example, this way it would say $4.60 instead of $4.56. The only downside is that you need to add the currencies yourself, plus you need to add rounding rules for every currency that you add.

Amazingly, it can show the customer the price in local currency automatically by detecting the customer’s location. However, the best paid Shopify app for this currency converter app  Currency Converter Doubly.

This app has everything that you want from a currency converter and it’s currently $9.95 per month. It has a lot of free options but it doesn’t involve the automatic currency converter. It will only do that with the paid version of the app!

5- Reviews (Social Proof):

Positive customer reviews and feedback on your dropshipping store home page and product page can give full trust to your store and help customers to make the purchase choice.

Having reviews is great, but having reviews with pictures is even better! If these pictures have your customer with the product displayed in it. If you decided that you want customer reviews on your product pages and you’re just beginning, then I got some awesome options for you here.

As a beginner in dropshipping, you are not expected to have orders or customers reviews  That’s why having a paid review app is not that important yet, because you will not have that many past customers that you can ask for reviews.

The best free Shopify review app is the Product Reviews app from Shopify. This app has everything for you if you want to start accepting reviews on your dropshipping store. The only downside is that you can’t have pictures in these reviews.

The best-paid Shopify app for this:

  1. Loox:

You already saw this app above, in the review page example from Notebook Therapy.

Happy Customers Page – showcase all your reviews and images

Yes, that’s made with Loox.

Also, if you want to, you can import reviews from AliExpress with Loox:

  1. Click Reviews Import from AliExpress with Loox

The price of the Loox starts at $9.99 per month. Which gives you 100 monthly review request emails. Plus, you will have an extended trial of 30-days if you signup through my link here.

  • 2-       Ali Reviews:

If you’re dropshipping with AliExpress, and you want to import product reviews from AliExpress, then Ali Reviews is a great Shopify app for you.

The price starts at $9,90 per month, which probably has enough features for you. At first, they also had a free version available with a logo of them, but they updated and removed that option. Now it’s only paid!

These were, in my opinion, the best two paid Shopify review apps, but if you want to see more options, then I suggest going to the Shopify app store and typing ‘Product Reviews’.

6- FAQ page:

Make sure that the frequently asked question page is part of your dropshipping store for customers’ common questions.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you have to build a FAQ page So, you can deliver answers related to time if shipping. This could also save you in customer service time soon.HelpCenter, is the right Shopify app

The best-paid Shopify app option

  1. Zendesk
  2. HelpDocs

7- AfterShip:

it’s the solution for sellers who get a lot of customers’ email asking for when and where the order is. Also, it keeps the customers updated and engaged in the details of the delivery process.

For example, this is what it will look like without using AfterShip:

And here you can see how much that changes once you integrate AfterShip on your dropshipping store:

The current price of AfterShip depends on how many trackings you will do per month, but the great thing is that they offer a free trial of 14 days and they have a free account option.

8- Email marketing:

Don’t be surprised, the most effective way of marketing is by email since it provides the highest ROI. In other words, every $1 spent on email marketing earns $40. That’s why email marketing is something you should try to implement into your dropshipping business.

The only problem is that there is a lot of email marketing Shopify apps and services. And even one popular email marketing service, Mail Chimp, decided to stop supporting the integration with Shopify.


 an app through which you can send up to 15,000 emails per month for free! After making progress and start growing you can turn to use the pain which offers the chance of marketing automation and sending emails to people even who don’t make any purchase.

In addition to that, you will be able to use free signup forms, A/B testing for emails, discount codes, and see in-depth each campaign results.

9- SMS marketing:

 if you have customers telephone but not emails. In this case, you move to SMS marketing to contact and target them.

Did you know that SMS has a 98% open rate, a 45% reply rate, and a 6-8x time higher engagement rates than email marketing?

The recommended Shopify app is  Cartloop.

How Cartloop works for the dropshipping store?

When a shopper abandons their cart, they will get sent to Cartloop. It will personally follow up with the shopper that abandoned their cart on your store by sending them a personalized SMS.

Now you just wait and let them recover your abandoned carts! The best cons are that it’s risk-free pricing. The pricing of Cartloop currently starts at $0. You only pay when you profit.

10- Trust badges:

Trust badges are there to increase the trust your store visitors have in your store. Some people will stop their cart if they have security concerns.

Adding trust badges is one of the easiest ways to increase trust and even conversion rates for your dropshipping store in 2020! The paid Shopify app option for this is TrustedSite. it is free for up to 500 visits per month, and after that, you need to pay based on the traffic you’re getting. Their pricing starts at $39 per month, and that’s when you get no more than 2000 monthly visitors to your store

11- Mobile ready:

Having your Shopify store friendly with the mobile can add a great value since Google is now indexing mobile-first. 

You will discover that all your customers are mobile users. It is predicted that by 2021, 53,9% of the sales will come from mobile. The trick is to make your Shopify store mobile responsive.

The second option that you have to be ready for these mobile visitors is to install the Mobile Converter app from Beeketing. Best Shopify App For Dropshipping Beginners: Mobile Converter”. Some of these features are:

Sticky Add to Cart bar: Set a fixed call-to-action bar on top or bottom of the mobile screen while your customers are scrolling up or down on the product pages.

Mobile Gallery: Display your product images in a full-screen view with a sticky Add-to-cart button.

Just keep in mind that you don’t need a paid theme when you’re just beginning.

12- SEO (Free Traffic):

The most critical aim is to bring and to get free traffic to your dropshipping store. SEO (search engine optimization) isn’t as easy as app installing.

The app that can help you a bit further with various SEO things on a Shopify store is Plugin SEO.

There are problems in your website that hinders your google rank, these problems can affect negatively. If you fix them all you can get your store highly in google results.

Most features are free to use, but they do have a $20 per month paid plan with extra features and premium support.

I suggest reading my complete Shopify dropshipping guide!

Reading this article will surely help you to get started and to stay motivated while beginning and continuing your dropshipping journey!

Don’t be disappointed, spare the effort, and keep going ahead since success takes time.


Above are the 12 best Shopify apps for when you’re just beginning with dropshipping in 2020!

Though most apps offer both free and paid version. I highly recommend you to stick mostly with the free Shopify apps at the beginning of your dropshipping adventure.

At the moment when your sales are increasing, and you’re ready to increase your conversion rates or your average order value, then it’s time to get some paid Shopify apps.

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