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12 Reasons, Why People Fail with Dropshipping Store in 2020, Beat Them!

Reading other’s experiences and reasons, why fail with dropshipping, can give you all the possibilities to still survived in your dropshipping store. This rich article below shows you the reasons behind people’s failure in their dropshipping store. Let’s start learning from these mistakes other dropshipping stores make! Be ready.

1-     Thinking of Own Pockets First Instead of Gaining Customers:

Start thinking about gaining a loyal customer is more important and can lead to long-lasting business building.

First of all, begin with a good customer service strategy in your dropshipping store.  Make your customers your priority, instead of your own pockets. That definitely will help you establish your dropshipping store in a way it keep alive as well.

Be careful of bad reviews or negative comments at any time, trust me!

fail with dropshipping

That why I show more than one example the will tell you what the results of having negative.

2-     Eager to Be Rich Overnight with their Dropshipping Store:

Most beginner thinks that dropshipping if their bridge for fast rich and easy money.

I’m sorry since I want to prove the opposite! Regardless of what “gurus” talk about in their online course. All that they want is the money. Please be careful!

Instead, do the following:

First off, you can learn dropshipping for free, check and have a look at our guide to learn dropshipping without paying money.

Secondly, you need to change your mindset. Instead of thinking, you will be rich the next day; you will need to start treating your dropshipping store like a real business! Put your time and effort in it instead of opening up a store in a few hours, importing a few products, and starting advertisements already without trying to be unique at all.

If you follow both steps above you will avoid fail with dropshipping store.

3-      Not Spend Time or Spare Effort into their Dropshipping Store:

Most people want to have a successful dropshipping store without sparing time and efforts and looking for uniqueness. For all who start dropshipping or want to start:

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For example, type in Google Trend “Dropshipping”:

google trend

Do you see how popular dropshipping is?

Everyone wants a piece of it because so many of these “gurus” advertised it as an easy way to earn money online.

What makes me sad is that most don’t manage any plan for their dropshipping store and don’t make efforts. As I mentioned before, they just start with stores, import their product in a normal without any uniqueness and modernization.

It meant that there is no winning product research and then definitely, stores will have high similarity in their product, name, and description. It’s not quite bad but it doesn’t help you in beating competitors. So don’t be a copy!

Great tips to be more unique to avoid failure in dropshipping store:

1-        Having your product images: It’s highly recommended to avoid using the same product to another dropshipping store to yours. Try to have your own special and unique products to be able to beat your competitors.

fail in dropshipping

2-         Having your product descriptions: don’t copy other dropshipping store description. That’s more likely to hinder selling your products. Try to generate your attractive description.

4-     They don’t Research What kind of Products are Best to Avoid When Dropshipping:

Picking up the right product is a defining factor in your dropshipping store success.

Here is my article about how to find the best selling and winning products:

5-      No  Money Flow Correctly Management:

Another reason why people fail with dropshipping store is that they don’t manage their money correctly.

Dropshipper must write down all that comes in such as (sales and profit) besides to, what goes out such as( product, advertisement, platform cost). Then you can plane and managed the money flow that feels suitable.

By then, you will be aware of all your sales and margin of profit.

If you know that you can decide if you want to grow further with that product (or products) or if you want to choose a different one because maybe your profit margins are not as good as you expected. Another great reason to keep track of your money is you will know how much you have left. This way you won’t be surprised by a sudden empty budget!

6-      Focus on Too Many Products at the Same:

If you are a beginner in dropshipping, I understand that you may have no experience regarding eCommerce dropshipping and product researching. So I highly recommend suggesting to start with only 1-4 products at the same time.

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 I said that since I am convinced that quantity is more valuable than quality. If you can sell one a product, it doesn’t mean that you will be able to sell 10 products at the same time.

Keep in mind to make the efforts to market your dropshipping store in a good way and how to choose the words of your description in a way to be attractive and unique. You can read more about this in my article here that goes over how many products I suggest to have when starting with dropshipping (and also how on many to focus at the same time)!

7-      Trying  to Reinvent the Wheel:

When you’re just beginning with dropshipping and you don’t have any experience in eCommerce, marketing, or anything related, then it’s okay to “use the same wheel other people already tried”.

keep in mind that I’m not saying with this that you should copy everyone, but don’t try to come up with many new fancy things like a pop-up checkout that automatically scans your eyes and knows who you are and then checkouts directly without you entering any credit card information.

You don’t need these kinds of things when you’re trying to learn the basics of your dropshipping store! Go with something that’s been proven to work already.

8-       Picking A niche for their Dropshipping Store that They are not Interested in:

To succeed in choosing your niche for your dropshipping store, you should keep in your mind to balance between both a niche which is more likely to be profitable and a niche you are passionate about.

They think of now just, although success needs patience with its long path. Remember that it may well be a long while before having your first sales. So think of the future and work hard on your dropshipping store to make long-lasting business.

If you’re not interested at all in your niche, then this period will be really hard for you. A lot of people give up after some time, simply because they are bored with their niche.

It will come a time when you have to import products, creating suitable content, communicating with your customers, and writing your product name and description in a way you convert your target audience.

9-     Not Deal Correctly with their Long Shipping Times:

One of the most common reasons why people fail with dropshipping store is your long time shipping. Especially when it coincided with bad customer services and experience. That’s certainly can cause a negative review then sad return and refund requests.

10 – No Selection for the Right Dropshipping Suppliers for their Store:

Suppliers!       Suppliers!      Suppliers!

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What about the criteria for choosing your suppliers?

A Dropshipping supplier who takes charge of producing and shipping your products to your customers must be a reliable one. Is it right?

Most people who start with dropshipping pick their suppliers based on price. They go to their platform where they find dropshipping suppliers (like AliExpress), sort by price, and pick the lowest one.

The reason behinds this is that you want to have more profit and become rich faster. Isn’t it?

Sorry, you are not right. By then you will have a short-term business but, after then all will be destroyed in the long-term.

What to do if the time comes when your supplier doesn’t reply to you when asking where are the packages or the supplier can’t keep up with your order?

So, please take your time and be careful when you choose the right supplier for your dropshipping store.

This article below, I suggested you to read to help you find the best AliExpress dropshipping suppliers. مقال

11-  There is No  Product Research and Testing Correctly:

Most Dropshipper fail selling their products failing in their dropshipping store for two reasons :

  • Their product isn’t good and low-quality one: To avoid that critical problem, do your product research yourselves to find your next winning product. To learn more read this and you will find everything and it will  answer all your questions:
  • Their testing could be better: You can test products with PPE (on Facebook) before fully advertising that product. This way you will see if that product is worth to continue advertising or not.

12-  Easily  Give up:

It’s the most critical and popular reason that leads to failing with your dropshipping store.  Some people give up early, some people after a long time (like a year), but most of the time when people don’t see any process, they give up.

From my experience, I advise you to keep seeing and learning more and more, keep trying but not give up!

If you are still worried about your tight budget, keep in mind that you could do a lot of things for free and without any costs. You could pause your dropshipping store and advertisements for a month or so while you’re learning new things.

While that period. You can think again and rearrange all your stuff in your store. Like the design, products, product descriptions, different images, and so on.

The conclusion:

Keep in mind that you must be confident that your dropshipping will be successful. All to do is just be planed and do all steps and tips. Just don’t forget that success takes time. Keep improving every day!

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