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Successful Dropshipping Stores

15+ Best Steps to Building a Successful Online Drop Shipping Business

Successful Dropshipping Stores Pioneers and manufacturers all over the world suffer a lot from the long common process of traveling from one country to another, just to make a deal or to check the quality of a brand-new product. Dropshipping is the best solution ever across the markets: the online markets. Through this article, you will have broad knowledge about the reason beyond dropshipping. Additionally, you will learn the best tips of dropshipping that will help you build your competing store.


Successful Online DropShipping
Successful Dropshipping Stores

What do we mean with” Dropshipping”?

It is a business model where the seller/pioneer is playing the role of the mediator; you market and sell products of the supplier without shouldering any inventory. After you make your sale, your supplier will immediately ship your products from their stores to your customer’s cart. Then, you are a connector between your supplier and your customer without being required to store, package, or ship your goods.

Why Pioneer Should Dropship


Since the new pioneers need safe and direct ways to market the brands in an accessible way, dropshipping would be the best business model.

1 – Requiring less capital: there is no need to invest thousands of dollars to start your business or to purchase the product before being sold to the customer. Instead, all you do is to make a sale, then you will receive the price in return, and your supplier will undertake the process of shaping the product straight to your customer.

2 – Easy to start: you are not required to market, pack, or ship physical products. On the other hand, you just need to win the customer’s demand of the product, so you can get paid while your supplier carries out all the procedures of managing, packaging, and shipping the product to your customer.

3 – Accessible location: you can make a deal and sell your product anywhere where you have internet connection and a laptop. Moreover, being connected to your supplier and your customer is the main component of your dropshipping model.

4 – Having no risk: you do not already need to purchase the product in advance to sell it later to your customer with the possibility of wasting your money. Instead, you just pay for the goods sold to your customer.

Dropshipping Tips for New Entrepreneurs

  1. Focus on Mastering Marketing

Since you are not required to get involved in the process of packaging, managing, and shipping, consequently you will have many free hours to focus on marketing and branding your product. Though you may find yourself content to spend your time on the different items of your website: logo, graphics…etc, put into consideration that you will gain the money easily through marketing. Mastering marketing needs to learn more about how to increase your audience and perform ads remarkably.

You should put into account making use of ads and search engine optimization (SEO) in that the more you focus on ads, the more your visitors and audience will be, eventually getting sales in a less time. Then, building your ultimate audience and achieving your sales totally depend not only on the ads you create, but also how you optimize your products’ pages and create content through many standard steps. Consequently, as you optimize your blog content, you will need to spend less costs regarding ads with great results in terms of the visitors and sales your win.

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There are many procedures you have to adopt in your website so as to ensure great sales. You will need to convince the visitors or the predicted customers with the necessity and the rarity of your products. Also try to market your website and products by adding customer reviews as means of quality’s proof of your products. Additionally, make sure how your website looks like and seen from your customer’s vision; if there are any missed images, new products…etc. These procedures are the best elements to optimize your online store effectively.

  1. Create an Eye-catching Offer

One of the great important tips and tricks in the dropshipping process it to create a convincing offer that bring audience and sales to your store. If you really aspire getting more traffic to your website, then motivate them with products on sale.


Nevertheless, getting visitors and sales to your product will be certain if you present the right product with the relevant deal.

It is advisable that if you are marketing for a bundle deal, you should shed your focus on marketing and selling the same kind of product. For example, in case you sell smartphones, then your bundle deal will include these smartphones. Finally, with your convincing the audience of these bundles, they will love it and add them to their cart; you can upsell.

  1. Avoid Underpricing Your Products

Many companies such as Oberlo works as a supplier where they provide you with products close to the wholesale price. In this way, you will sell your products at market value achieving your profits. For example, in case you are going to sell a ten-dollar product, you need to sell it at 40$ with regards to the original cost of the product, marketing expenses, and the team you are working with.


You are dropshipping to make profits; meaningfully you are not required to decrease the price of your products if others do. Since you sell matching market value and within fair price to the customer, then keep on. Adding to that, you are advised to increase average order value in a way achieving higher profits from every single order. You have to make your own strategies and plans to upgrade your profits.

  1. Automate More of Your Business

When you are working on dropshipping, you are likely to use many automation tools like Oberlo. But, when are busy with another job or aspiring to achieve more passive income, you will need to discover more automation tools and software saving your time and efforts and achieving higher profits, too.

By using automation tools in your ecommerce, you can simply and perfectly increase your business. One of these tools is Buffer which automates your posting on social media platforms. Also, kit that functions as an automation business tool for marketing tasks such as advertising, retargeting your emails…etc.

  1. Make Sure Your Website is Presentable

To make sure that your website is customer friendly is one of the most important tips in the dropshipping; your home page should not miss images, the texts in the landing page should not be random, and the collection of your products have not to be put together in just one category.

Do not harry; before you start and market your store and your website, have a deep and analyzing look to the other websites of the same goal and niche. Figure out if there are logos included in their images, how do they better organize their optimized content? What are the apps or features used in their website? And so on.

Having searched and taken all the relevant notes regarding the other categories and niches, now it is time to browse to discovering apps help you customizing your website. Then, you will add many pages and features to your store that optimize your store such as FAQs, refund policies, photo galleries, shipping details…etc.

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When you reach the point of establishing your photo gallery in your store in a way markets your products, there are many free photo apps you can use like Pixabay and Burst.

  1. General Vs. Niche Store

While you are creating your new store, you can create it general in case its goal is for the sake of experimentation and discovering the best niche. Nevertheless, your collections of products will be also separated into many categories to be easily browsed by your costumer. You start with creating a general store is a starting point toward determining your niche.

After being sure of the market needs and customers’ demand and vision, you have to start working on determining and establishing your specific niche store. This will help you completely focusing on targeting the right audience. When you select your niche, it is not important to limit your domain with your niche’s name. Moreover, you may expand your niche later on like Amazon which was a niche store for E-books, now it sells and markets everything. You can better choose your niche through the niches of the other companies.

  1. Prepare to Pivot

As dropshipping is that easy and fast-acting process for making profits and passive incomes, many challenges may be encountered by pioneers. These challenges and obstacles need to be faced by pivoting. Pivoting means to shift from your current strategy or current feature to a new one or to make some modifications. For example, if you are marketing for a product and showing it in your website, it may look very good for you, but bad in the eyes of customers; you are required to change it immediately. Pivoting is the best way helping you to resume your business and continue your store’s growth.

  1. Offer Exceptional Customer Service

Since you are not the only one working in the field of dropshipping and marketing products, you have to be prominent among the other pioneers. The best way you can adopt to achieve that is to offer your special customer service in too many ways, beyond which is to offer refund and answer their daily inquiries. Let your customers feel they are appreciated and estimated from your side by making a human connection with them trough simple steps like sharing “Thank you cards” with those who buy your products. This is the real root of your success; to appreciate and estimate your customers, so that will be itched in your customers’ minds.

  1. Always Choose ePacket

While working in dropshipping, you are not limited in classifying and categorizing your products with according to ePacket shipping. You are the mediator between your supplier and your customer in which you secure fast delivery to your customers by depending on ePacket shipping. It is the best way you can use taking into consideration its low cast that allowing you to achieve your ultimate profits.

  1. Be Active Daily

As you have a business, daily visited by many predicted customers, you need to be active following the status and growth of your sales. It is not a matter of hours; you are not required to specify 5 hours a day, but you can spend one hour a day tracking the orders to reach your customers. Also, though your use of the automation tools for your social media posts, you need to make efforts regarding ads and marketing to ensure your business’s growth.

  1. Import 25 Items to Start

You might ask yourself,” how many products can I start with?” or you perhaps start with importing more than 400 products, and it is a big mistake by the way.

Adding too many products mean you have to write their descriptions that may take too much time. Also, you will need to remove logos from some images; all of which will distract you and lower the quality of your work. The best solution and step you can follow is to import 25 products as a ground stone for you, so it will be easy for you to write your product quality descriptions in less than a day and make some modifications.

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Later on, you can add more products to your collections while you sell other orders and making profits. In this way, your sales will keep improving, and you will have regular visitors for your store.

  1. Order Product Samples


If you are aiming to import a few numbers of products, you will need to order the samples of these productions before the real deal. This will help you having a better look to the products and its quality. Additionally, you will not suffer while writing the quality descriptions of these products since you have a real vision about it. Not only having a look, but also using these samples for ads, marketing, video reviews, and much more. All of which will lead you to know where to modify, improve, and will be saved as great experience for you.

  1. Monitor Your Competition

Following your field competitors by liking their websites, platforms, and social media is one of the best effective tips with regards to your dropshipping work. You can get too many benefits from this technique in which you will receive their products’ ads and know the products they market and advertise. Also, you will be able to know the interaction with their products such as comments, shares, and access.

You are advised to follow and track your competitors to realize the products you have to sell on your website. Hence, you will also have prediction regarding the audience’s demands and needs as you measure their interest within the content of your competitor.

  1. Create a Trustworthy Brand

Branding your products toward your visitors and predicted customers will not be achieved unless you first start BRANDING yourself as a business or a pioneer. Branding yourself can be applied through establishing a connection with your customers; it will be a brand image that convey your work and implies trust of your customers with your products. The benefit beyond this brand is to make your business more prominent and upgrade the estimation of your company, too.

  1. Be Available Online and Offline

To be available or interactive online and offline means not only to work through social media channel and sites. But, to follow and research for marketing guiding resources and videos, in addition to participating in the events and initiatives that may include your target audience or your predicted partners. So, in this way, you secure being in connection with your customers online and offline.

  1. Create High-Quality Optimized Content

You are not the only dropshipper or the pioneer, but you have to be distinctive from others. Making your content on a high quality with a special angle different from the other articles’ content and repeatedness is the main element for driving more long-term customers and sales for your store. This can be performed when you include scarcity and urgency to your content to make it more valuable and worth reading. It includes modifying your products’ descriptions, adding high quality photos, and removing some logos…etc.

Eventually, building your dropshipping store will totally depend on following and performing these steps one by one. You have to take into consideration that growing your audience and predicated customers will need your efforts of making ads and marketing your brand. It is not a matter of time, but deeply related to how smart you are in your work.

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