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Before Starting a Dropshipping Store, 17 Things You Should Know Before.

Before starting a dropshipping store, If you intend to start your new dropshipping store, or you already start it but feel confused about what to do and you aren’t sure that everything goes right. I write this article for you to show the most important thing you should know before starting a dropshipping store! Be sure that you will learn something good and new.

There is a lack in article writing in the field of dropshipping. By reading my article you will notice the most necessary thing to do when you start your dropshipping. Im sure that you will discover a lot of new things to do.

1) There is More Than Just Dropshipping with AliExpress:

If you intend to start your new dropshipping store, or you already start it but feel confused about what to do and you aren’t sure that everything goes right. I write this article for you to show the most important thing you should know before starting a dropshipping store! Be sure that you will learn something good and new.

There is a lack of article writing in the field of dropshipping. By reading my article you will notice the most necessary thing to do when you start your dropshipping. I’m sure that you will discover a lot of new things to do.

dropshipping with aliexpress

1) There is More Than Just Dropshipping With AliExpress:

There is more than one option to start your dropshipping with instead of Aliexpress.

Fortunately, there are so many options available for you!

This other dropshipping option is the most suitable for Dropshipper who don’t want to dropship from china for more than one reason. So you have the full liberty to choose a different country to ship from on AliExpressصورة)

2- Be Careful When You Want to Dropship with Aliexpress:

Keep calm and don’t worry when you dropship with Aliexpress. Just be careful of:

 your mindset, pros, and cons of  AliExpress, what an “AliExpress Connection” app is,  Aliexpress suppliers, and much more!

I highly recommend reading this beneficial article to help in guiding you in dropshipping with Aliexpress.

3- It’s Great to Look at Another Dropshipping Store:

It’s a great and inspiring idea to have a look at other dropshipping stores to learn about their: design, images style, product and page description, and even their Facebook ads.

This is great if you’re just starting, and you have no idea how your dropshipping store is supposed to look like. Remember, you must be a little bit different and unique but not the same copy of another dropshipping store.

4) Focus on Creating A brand and Not a One-Day Scam Store:

Branding is also great to increase the percentage of customers who return and still remember your store. Creating a new and special brand to your dropshipping store gives you a stunning chance to establish your long-lasting real business and eCommerce store.

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Branding can make a difference. It raises your opportunity to have a successful dropshipping store in 2020 because not everyone wants to put this amount of time into their business.

5)  Your Customer is  The Highest Priority:

As all know, the customer is basic in the selling process. He is the king.

The bellow screenshot will show you clearly what will happen to you and your dropshipping store if you ignore your customers and your offers services.

bad reviews of customers

I think after this picture, you realize the effect of the quality of your offered services and the way you treat your customers. customers can make or break your dropshipping business. So make your decision to know the ways to keep all your customers satisfied and happy.

Here are more than one tip:

  • Firstly, be more than behaved with them and try to listen to their demands and understand their needs. Try to reply to their question as fast as possible.
  • Secondly, keep updating and modernizing your store as your customers want not as your pocket wants.

It could be hard work, but don’t forget the amazing stars you will get on your first page. it will open all the profitable paths to you. If you understand now that customer service is important, then I suggest reading the articles I linked to below:

6) Choose Your Dropshipping Store Name Carefully:

If you don’t know what your store’s name benefit you, let me tell you:

Keep in your mind that Name means identity. So, your chosen dropshipping store name reflects your dropshipping identity. If your marketing is great, then that name will be “stuck” with people.

For more clarification, the brand is what first flash to your mind if you hear these words:

Apple            LG                Chrome                 Amazon  

I think you understand now. That’s the power of having an awesome name for your store.

7) Pick Your E-commerce Platform Wisely:

When you start you open or start a dropshipping store. You should search and get an eCommerce platform that offers you hosting. You have the choice to pick up a woo-commerce or WordPress and host yourself. They both have advantages and disadvantages.

Why do we need hosting? Your dropshipping store can’t be opened, can’t be online, and won’t be able to sell your product.

There is no hosting, there is no dropshipping store.

8) A niche Dropshipping Store is Nice, But You Can Also Go for A general Store:

You can choose one kind of store, either a niche store or a general store. Both of them are good and have positives and negatives.

If you prefer a niche store, I have one real tip for you. Please pick up a niche you quite have passionate about. a clear reason behind failure in the dropshipping store is choosing a niche far from your interests and just a niche you can make money with.

They don’t think about the future, “the grind”, the time that they need to work, and work on their store before they see success (if they ever do) — for example, the time before you see your first sale might be a while. You will be suffering a hard time and work if you choose a niche far from your interest. Then you will be easily given up after a little time because of boredom. For example, don’t pick gardening as your dropshipping niche if you hate gardening yourself.

There is no escape. The time will come when you have to write your product description, design your images, write blog posts, and communicating with your customers. Sorry, it will be a desperate and bad time. Especially you aim to  convert your target audience into buyers

If you’re not sure which one to pick, then I suggest reading General vs. Niche Dropshipping Store | What Is the Best Choice in 2020?

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9-Uniqueness Is The Most Important:

A very popular and easy recipe for failure in the dropshipping store is not being unique. It’s very important to try to stand out of the crowd when you start or even think of starting your dropshipping store.

Open Google Trend and type ” Dropshipping”, then you can notice how popular dropshipping is:

google trends

All people crawl to be part of this field. They follow what gurus say and advertise about the magic and easiness od dropshipping in making you rich overnight.

But do you know what the sad thing is؟ the majority open their stores and get relax without any effort in trying to have a special store with unique products and advertise?

This means that a lot of people that are dropshipping are selling the same products with the same information they got from maybe even the same dropshipping suppliers. This will hinder having sales and orders on your dropshipping store and your business will not live as long as possible.

So, how to be more unique than other dropshipping stores out there?

That article goes over all the things that you can do to stand out from the crowd!

10) Take Your Time Doing Product Research, And Product Research Tools Are NOT Necessary:

The process of product researching and picking up is the most important in creating your dropshipping store. But you don’t have to use the paid tools as gurus tell you.

This process is summarized in researching what suitable winning product to pick up that enables you to have sales and compete with others. Although I won’t deny that product research tools could save you time and give you a lot of inspiration for the product research part. But unfortunately, these paid research tools need to be paid monthly.

As a result, if you are a beginner in dropshipping with a tight budget and don’t have enough money, you can use the free tools, they are also amazing. No need to pay anything then!

11- Don’t focus on a lot of products at the Same Time When You’re Just Beginning:

Beginners in dropshipping should be careful with the number of products you choose in your dropshipping store. I highly recommend you to import around 20 product and focus on just 1-3 products at the same time. And these 3 products that you will start work on their uniqueness and start advertising on.

The more you work on your product, the more long-lasting your dropshipping store will be.

13) Be Ready To Pay Money Available to Purchase The Items:

A common dropshipping beginner mistake is thinking that if someone purchases on your dropshipping store that you will receive the money instantly. This depends on what payment gateway you’re using.

For example, if you use Shopify Payments, then this is how long it will take before you get paid from Shopify:

With PayPal and Stripe, it tends to show up in your account immediately, but if you want it on your bank account, then it will take a bit longer. Also, don’t forget that these payment gateways can put your account on hold if you’re getting a lot of refunds or when a lot of customers are not getting their orders.

Another great tip regarding these payment gateways is to check how much fees they charge.

You just need to set some money aside dedicated to ordering your orders. For example, you can use a credit card where you can need to pay the credit card debt after 30 days. This is usually more than enough time to receive the money!

Oh, one more bonus for using a credit card, you can apply for a credit card that gives you cash back or even miles with each purchase! Or you can use a debit card and put some money on that and purchase your dropshipping orders with that card. You can find more information about debit cards here.

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14) There Is More Than Just Facebook Ads:

Most people limit their adds to use just Facebook ads since they thing Facebook ads is the only the best when doing advertisement for their dropshipping store.

Mmmmm…. They are not true

There is more than one amazing way to advertise your dropshipping store instead of Facebook ads.

Try to use the wonderful  Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and even Twitter. The most beneficial and effective is to study where your online audience is found. Is it found on one of these online platforms before you start advertising! There are both paid and free options available!

Keep careful. Seriously, I don’t mean that Facebook ads aren’t amazing.  I want to do is I want you to be more aware of all the amazing other options.

15) Be Prepared to Spend Money to Make Money:

Money is the main factor in creating your long-lasting business. There is no escape from paying money because business costs money!

Be careful about starting your dropshipping store without keeping some money. Next, you will have trouble.

I know what round in your mind and what you are wondering now. Yes as I said before you can start your dropshipping store for free.  But sooner or later, you will need to spend money.

16) A paid Theme is Not Necessary But Could Increase Your Sales:

Admittedly, a paid theme can give you more options and features, and easily you can purchase a paid team. But if you are just at the beginning in dropshipping and you don’t have a good budget. So, you should utilize your money in growing your own business rather than have a paid theme.

It’s wise to start with a free theme.

starting dropshipping store

If your budget is a bit bigger, then purchasing a paid theme is a great way to increase your conversion rates and help you get a unique design.

If you decided to go with a paid theme (or if you want to know what is out there), then I suggest reading The 10 Best Shopify Dropshipping Themes in 2020

17) Don’t Give up If You Don’t Have Sales at The Beginning:

This is a big reason that people fail with dropshipping.  They always fasten the results from the very beginning. When Dropshipper doesn’t see any sales or orders in any process, they give up early or even closely before the period of real investment. so keep in your mind when starting a dropshipping store that it will be a long journey.

If you’re at this stage of not seeing any process, then I suggest you to keep learning. Keep trying new things. Just don’t give up!  Don’t only try to search for information about dropshipping stores. Information for eCommerce stores also applies to dropshipping stores!

Dropshipping can create free without money and there are a lot of freeways that can help. Read the below article to get help:

Be more creative and reasonable. On the other hand, you can stop your dropshipping store and advertisement for a while then you can learn more and more what all you need. While this period you can make your mind redecorate your dropshipping store or even change it. You can have a look again on like the design, products, product descriptions, different images, and so on.

If you reach a point of giving up! Then my last advice is to keep on what you have learned in the dropshipping experience.


Finally, you have all in your hand. All things that you should know and do when you have started or want to start your dropshipping journey especially when you are a beginner in dropshipping. 

I hope this article was an easy way for you to see what you will need to know before starting dropshipping store and when you’re just beginning with dropshipping.

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