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20+ Best Dropshipping Tools/Softwares 2020 (Free & Paid) 100% Working

In this article we’ll talk about the best 20 dropshipping tools/softwares, that is necessary for every drop shipper to success in online business.

We can consider two major points in Dropshipping field: firstly, creating a store like Shopify and Oberlo where products can be stored by using the AliExpress. Secondly, running a business automatically while being away.

This article will highlight some top 20+ important Dropshipping tools that provide beginners with gradual steps until they have a big success in running their own business. We recommend to focus on just some of these tools to start the business.

1. SaleHoo

Fist tool of the best dropshipping tools/software is SaleHoo, it’s an effective and easy tool ever used worldwide in the field of Dropshipping.  It is a suitable place for dropshippers, wholesalers, and e-commerce stores. SaleHoo has many steps to recognize: the first is to find a profitable product that is easy to sell through adjusting the sell rate, setting the price, and setting the competition. The second step is to look for worthy reliable suppliers: drop shippers, wholesalers, or manufacturers to ship products worldwide. The final step in using this platform is to set a reasonable pricing plan.

2.  Shopify + Oberlo

Shopify is the pioneering platform in Dropshipping. It has a feature of a 14-day free trial for new users. Once anyone has a Shopify store, then Oberlo can be installed for free. Oberlo is a marvelous platform that can import the chosen products from the Aliexpress to the Shopify store easily. After that, it is easy to edit prices, product descriptions, and any other necessary edits.

3.  WooCommerce + WooDropship

Fulfilling Dropshippers needs, WooCommerce and WooDropship are a unique combination to use just as Shopify and Oberlo. Being a free Ecommerce platform that enables dropshippers to offer anything easily, WooCommerce is the most famous type worldwide as it provides both store proprietors and planners complete control. Similarly to the Shopify, you can install WooDropship automatically installed as a store created. Then in the Aliexpress, you can import desired products imported into the store. Accordingly, you can edit prices easily.

4. AutoDS (All-In-One Dropshipping Tools)

dropshipping tools/softwares

AutoDs is another amazing, comprehensive, and distinguishable dropshipping tool/software for Dropshipping. By one click, many features will be available soon: monitoring every hour supplier’s prices and stock changes, ordering products automatically, increasing stores profitability, having related statistics, getting positive feedback as well as being compatible with other suppliers around the world as, Home Depot, Walmart, AliExpres, and Costco Wholesale.  

5. Dropshipping Tools/Softwares

What about having a suitable platform for winning products for the store? Then is the unique solution ever fit for this task. Similar to AutoDs, is compatible with both WordPress as well as WooCommerce. doesn’t choose products haphazardly. They must have some unique characteristics to be winning products: high demand, product quality, having positive comments as well as their market trends. Having some awesome features enable to be a pioneering a platform: selecting best products manually, editing products titling professionally, importing quickly to WordPress, having real positive comments and finally using the recommended markup price for each product. Moreover, the surprisingly feature for this platform that there are no monthly recurring fees, there is one-time fee and it is really awesome.                                                                                                

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6. AliDropship – Dropshipping Tools/Softwares

This easy platform is specifically designed for the AliExpress. AliDropship as other platforms has some amazing features that will definitely lead to a fruitful profit.

dropshipping tools/softwares

 Firstly, you can import all products to WordPress without any effort. Secondly, you can also import other features regarding the product: title, reviews, and attributes easily as well. Thirdly, you can edit product descriptions. Additionally, as AliDropship is synchronized with Aliexpress enables it to fresh data from the sellers automatically. Moreover, it eliminates the need to enter all the data manually. It allows the drop shippers to order the products from the sellers directly and automatically. Finally, AliDropship does not have any extra fee and it has an impressive profit margin of up to 2000%. AliDropship also gives the custom Dropshipping store for just $299 inclusive of all the features: domain name, the keyword for the niche, Google Analytics Integration, On-page SEO, social media promotional tool as well as 12% commission.

7. Intelligynce

Intelligynce is a Shopify Analysis tool as it lists the top-rated selling products from the Amazon, eBay, and other various E-commerce marketplaces. This tool will help to get a large product list without wasting any product. This tool is for Shopify entrepreneurs who are willing to get more money.

It has many useful characteristics: you can find estimated sales of any product in any store so the same benefits will be gained after deciding what to sell. Since having the Intelligynce tool, it is an easy task to search for more than 200,000 Shopify Stores as well as to find the best-selling products that actually brings the sales conversion. You can filter these massive lists of Shopify stores easily by Facebook conversion Pixel along with the price point of each store’s best-selling items. Additional features for Intellgynce: saving favorite stores as well as favorite products, getting a detailed insight into the Shopify store and providing a Chrome extension for Activity View, Best Seller, Apps, SEO Stats.


dropshipping tools/softwares

 Dropified is one of the best platforms to choose to automate the Dropshipping business. Using Dropified platforms helps researching and importing products from multiple sources. Like other platforms, Dropified has its own exclusive features. To begin with, Dropified can add products to the store easily and quickly. The other feature is that it can add products automatically and organize them according to the niches. Moreover, Dropified can do the following things accurately: easy Variant Setup, clear profit margins, filter products, and easy integration with Zapier.                                                                      

9. Dropship Spy

dropshipping tools/softwares

It is the place designed to help dropshippers gaining a profit online by finding suitable wining products. This platform has many advantages to take into consideration that meet the customers’ needs.

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Facebook Audience Builder is one of these features that helps entrepreneurs to source Dropshipping stores successfully and show the top traffic sources, converting Facebook adverts and even the best-selling products. Dropship Spy has the advantage of analyzing products comprehensively. Moreover, Dropship Spy provide customers with Instagram Influencers, Amazon review downloader as well as engagement calculator for a particular product.                                                   

 10. MailChimp

dropshipping tools/softwares

Having a low cost and interesting features qualify MailChimp to be the best email marketing tool for the Dropshipping purpose. MailChimp can store lists of email database as well as recording emails related to the purchase history. It is free to use for 2,000 email subscribers and above all first 12,000 emails are free per month. It integrates well with both Shopify as well as the WooCommerce.

11. GetResponse

dropshipping tools/softwares

Unlike MailChimp, GetResponse has a 30-day free trial besides having the ability to create email templates as well as create a landing page. GetResponse integrates with social media as well as the E-commerce store efficiently. It uses Google Analytics to track customers immediately on stores taking into consideration the customer support system.

12.  Live Chat Inc

dropshipping tools/softwares

Live Chat Inc is a systematic and beneficial tool to handle as it integrates effectively with E-commerce. By its messages sneak peek, Live Chat Inc can prepare the response for customer as he is typing the question. It offers a 30-day free trial then you can use the premium plan .

13. ZoConvert

dropshipping tools/softwares

ZoConvert is an automated Facebook chatbot messenger that provides a quick and easy vendor-customer interactivity. Customizable Pop-ups for the site with only a single javascript are an awesome feature for ZoConvert that enables developers to handle several pop-ups with only one javascript. All in all, this platform is cheap as it is free up to 500 subscribers and is still cheap after the 500 subscribers.

14.  ZenDesk

dropshipping tools/softwares

Zendesk is designed basically online community where helpful customers can exchange ideas interactively. It includes live chat, phone support, knowledge base, self-service and the ticketing system.

15. Zoho Mail

dropshipping tools/softwares

It is a platform for creating domains for specific business. Having the premium option, Zoho Mail will definitely have additional distinguishable features. The feature of the free version is that it provides the platform for 10 users. Having a team of customer support for the website, then Zoho Workplace is recommended to use.

16. Grasshopper Virtual Phone System

As its name indicate, Grasshopper Virtual System is a professional and reliable phone support system at the world of Dropshipping business. It has the feature of automatically greeting customers professionally. Additionally, Grasshopper enables the customer to text instead of calling and to respond to the missed calls with a quick text. By its feature of accessing the voicemail, Grasshopper apps provide facilitations to check the business messages. What is really challenging to have such unique system is that it doesn’t give a free trial. It supports only three basic plans:  Solo plan ($26 per month), Partner ($44 per month) and Small Business ($80 per month).                                  

17. PexdaDropshipping tools/Softwares

dropshipping tools/softwares

Pexda is really the right place to choose winning products for Dropshipping store. It is a kind of a Dropshipping spy tool helping in finding and importing tools to the Dropshipping store. Pexda is like other tools having certain features to talk about: providing and filtering winning products daily on social media using Facebook Ads, targeting interactive audience, and editing product description if needed. Moreover, Pexda provides some other amazing things: Amazon reports, Facebook Ad reports, targeting suggestions and story selling reports. Pexda has three plans for pricing: Standard: ($1.95/14 days), Premium (24.95/month) and Ultimate (99.95/month). The best plans that ever fit for scaling new products are: Access to special products, Facebook Ad report, Geography & Device, AliExpress report and eBay report.   

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18. Dropship Commerce

Dropship Commerce is linked directly to the automating Dropshipping as it supports automated integration between the retailers and the suppliers. Order analytics, catalogue, inventory, orders and shipments are all features of integrating with the automation platform. The startup fee of this system is 100$ besides the three different pricing models.

19. Spark Shipping

dropshipping tools/softwares

Surprisingly, Spark Shipping is the youngest dropship automation platform in the industry, back to 2013. Spark Shipping has various worthy aspects: routing orders to the vendors, suppliers and the fulfillment centers automatically, updating the store automatically as well as working directly with the shopping carts API. Similar to other platforms, Spark Shipping has four plans for prices: professional ($249 per month), premium ($499 per month), premium Plus ($999 per month) and at last the Enterprise plan for more engagement.

20. CommerceHQ

dropshipping tools/softwares

CommerceHQ is an awesome alternative platform for Shopify that help creating E-commerce store for real business. Having a certain feature helps Commerce HQ to have a powerful system. Firstly, giving the customer a discount. Secondly, launching campaigns with discount for customers. Thirdly, the big bonus for Commerce HQ is the social proof which is important to gain customers’ trust. In the same context, sending emails to the customers about the abandoned products in the cart will help more to gain their trust. Gift cards and coupons are definitely encouraging users to buy again. Talking about the price, it provides a 14-day free trial to all users.

21. Social Media Tool: Buffer

dropshipping tools/softwares

In Contrast to other platforms, social media is the most powerful platform to start business or E-commerce reaching the target audience effortlessly. So, Buffer is the most recommended social media analytic tool keep track of all the conversions as well as the posts. It can integrate easily with social media profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest as well.

22.  Google Keyword Planner

dropshipping tools/softwares

Searching for an effective tool to sell products? Google Keyword Planner is the key for business success. Google Keyword Planner is a comprehensive tool for searching on markets as well as the high-level products that are always in demand and it helps in searching for the most competitive keywords as well.

Eventually, as we have read above in the article, dropshipping is one of the best ways one can use and relay on as his own independent business. Additionally, we have to put into consideration that using some tools will serve our time and efforts within the process of dropshipping like Live Chat Inc and Oberlo.

last update 26-09-2020

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