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6 Inspiring Dropshipping Product Description Examples for Your Store

Do you want to improve your product descriptions? Do you want to make your dropshipping store stand out and be one of the best stores? Great! In this article, you will find 6 inspiring product description examples that will make your product description looks very interesting. Let’s go!

Why Is Looking at Dropshipping Product Description Examples Important?

Obviously, looking at other product description examples is a great idea if you’re starting with dropshipping and you don’t have any ideas about how things are supposed to work. This way, you will surely learn more from other dropshipping stores, and you’ll get the inspiration to improve your dropshipping. 

List of 6 Great Dropshipping Product Description Examples for You:

In this part of the article, you’ll find a list of inspiring product description examples. Don’t worry! The list is not only a few links to some product descriptions that might waste your time and effort without any real benefit. Thus, each product description example will include:

  • A screenshot of the product description.
  • The product page link that you can view their whole product page and get more information about them.
  • Great things about that product description.

Make sure, you don’t have to get your product description as you can see in each part. Everyone takes the part he wants and matches his own taste and preferences. I just want to help you to find many more possible ideas with your product descriptions. Not just copying the descriptions from your supplier, so you’ll be the same with thousands of stores.

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Regardless of the high traffic and sales, I’ve collected these dropshipping stores that look good and different from the rest of the stores out there. Of course, it will give you inspiration for your own product descriptions. Let’s go!

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1. Deal Snatcher Co

Let’s start with the one of the inspiring product description examples, which is from Deal Snatcher Co. But their Shopify store is currently offline.

Product Description Examples

What is good about this product description example?

  • As you see it in the screenshot, they use a GIF that shows what the product does and how it works in a few steps.
  • Using Emojis that their target audience likes. This makes the product description sounds different in comparison if it didn’t have any emojis.
  • Making the main words stand out that they are bold, so you can see them easily.
  • Using the Bullet point list with the top features of the product. 

2. SpartanMart

 Click here to view the product page.

What is good about this product description example?

  • Clearly, the product description above definitely seems different than the other descriptions that you use with dropshipping stores. This makes it stand out from the other dropshipping stores out there. 
  • Using the Add To Cart button at the end of the product description. Awesome! But it could not be useful for you if your description is small. However, it can be great for you if you have a long description that looks like a sales landing page. Or you could use a floating Add To Cart button that appears on the bottom of the screen.
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3. Asy Trends

Product Description Examples

Click here to view the product page.

What is good about this product description example?

  • You can find an enticing title at the beginning, that catches your eyes in a few minutes. 
  • Same to the GIF, they use video as you see in the image. It’s great to have such a thing in your product description that shows how your product works, and why it is so great for the viewer.
  • You can find the cautions section that is easier to see than the previous one.

4. Deal59

Product Description Examples

Here is another great dropshipping description example. You can click here to view the full description on their product page. 

What is good about this product description example?

  • This description looks so different and better than the descriptions of other dropshipping stores. It looks like a whole sales landing page. Most interesting, it includes images and the customers’ opinions and experience with the store or product. 
  • The used a GIF and simple images that are easy to understand.
  • The used an eye-catching sentence at the beginning. If you looked at the first sentence, it will attract you to continue reading their product description. 

5. Deal Marina

Do you see that the two images in the screenshot are GIFs? Great! This is another inspiring dropshipping description example for you.

What is good about this product description example?

  • When you look at the first 3 sentences at the beginning, you can find that the description is different than the descriptions in the other stores. 
  • When you visit their product page, you’ll find that they used GIFs that look easier to understand. It’s not visible in the screenshot.  
  • You can also read the description easily because it’s short and simple that is more likely to be read by the viewer.  
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6. Elite Fitness Essentials

 The next dropshipping description example is from Elite Fitness Essentials. 

The description in the image is not their full product description. Besides, there is also a section about their product specifications and a notice regarding their shipping time. You can click here to see their full product page by clicking here!

What is good about this product description example?

  • You can see that you don’t need GIFs or videos in your product description to make it easier to understand what the product is about. In this description, they use images instead of videos and GIFs which explain what the product does. However, the text in the image is not clear that its color is closed to the color of the background, so it looks hard to read.  
  • They also explain to their customers why they need to have their fitness tracker. And you can easily read it, especially that they make the first important words in bold. 

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Now,  you have  6 great product description examples from other dropshipping stores that will give the inspiration to write an effective description for your product.

Let me know if you are ready now to write your own product description in the comments.

Remember! Success needs the patient and hard work that doesn’t come in one day. 

Good luck with your dropshipping store.

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