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AliExpress Product Discovery: 6 Featured Tools That Help You

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Are you interested in finding products on AliExpress? In this well-juiced article. I come up with 6 fabulous tools for Aliexpress product discovery. No matter how much your budget is, I offer you a variety of free and paid tools to find products on Aliexpress.

Firstly, no doubt how hard and time consuming for most people to find products on Aliexpress. Aliexpress tool is here to help consuming time and effort cause it makes the process easy and fast. Besides giving you a wide variety of products.

In that article, I will cover some amazing tips to find these winning, trending, and hot dropshipping products yourself on AliExpress! This article is a helping hand for you in choosing the best method for finding products on Aliexpress.

The 6 Best AliExpress Product Discovery Tools:

First of all, I want to stress at this point before diving in these amazing tools:

Kindly, keep in mind that there is no need for paid tools to search for products on Aliexpress. These paid tools could be desired just for being high featured, easier, and faster tools. Just make use if your budget allows.

Look, The start will be with the free then paid product discovery tools.

The 3 Best Free AliExpress Product Discovery Tools:

Are you ready to see the 3 best free product discovery tools for AliExpress?

1- is a trend specialized tool. They show you what’s trending right now on AliExpress.

The first step is the signing up process surly for a free account, then Aliexpress’s fascinating products will be shown!

Additionally, product categories are provided so that you can easily discover the products more related to your niche (if you have a dropshipping niche store). Below you will find an example of the first products that you will see if you sort by homeware and click on trending products:

At first, they only had a free version available, but now they also have a paid dropshipping version available.

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AliExpress Dropshipping Center:

This free tool is widely used by Dropshipper who are interested in discovering the most trending products on Aliexpress.

Importantly, using this free tool is not limited to people who are interested in dropshipping. All that requested is the free signing up an account, then you will get the free tool.  You can find this product discovery tool inside your AliExpress account after activating it!

In case you don’t know anything about the AliExpress Dropshipping Center or you don’t know how to enable it on your AliExpress account, then I suggest reading my other article here. The great thing about this tool is that it’s free to use, and it gives you some basic AliExpress product discovery options!


It’s a free amazing extension that you can freely download from chrome. It’s very similar to the above Ali dropshipping express but it provides more options demonstrated by offering more detailed information about the page product of Aliexpress.

What is great is the offered information about since when Aliexpress seller has been trading for, the number of their orders, and finally, how many sales the AliExpress product is currently getting.

To sum up all, Asify is a free tool that can be used by all not only Dropshipper. But be assured that to open just from a browser that uses the Chrome Web Store

The 3 Best Paid AliExpress Product Discovery Tools:

Remember, even these 3 tools are paid, it also has a trial free account!

So if you’re not sure yet, or if your budget is tight, then just try their trials or free account options!

1- Sell The Trend:

The first paid Aliexpress tool used for product discovery.

Do you know what sustainable cons of?

Sell to trend give you the chance the hot products, new stars, and hidden gems on AliExpress, who great! definitely, you can with the AliExpress trend explorer from Sell The Trend!

The bounce options that offered by ” Sell the Trend”  are the easy filtering and sorting. Your products that shown are limited only according to filter. The filters show products according to prices, amount of orders, and video availability.  

It has an amazing option deduced to offering a graph for each product. If you don’t know what a graph for a product is. This graph gives you some information, like how many orders the product had over time.

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This product is just an example of a graph. Not saying you should sell screen protectors! The graph shows the range of demand for the product on Aliexpress. So definitely the best product is the product which keeping up and up not the stable line ones

The current price of Sell The Trend is $39.97 per month. If you’re interested in Sell The Trend, then you can either click here for their free 7-day trial or here to read my in-depth review of Sell The Trend!

2- Niche Scraper:

The second paid tool for the discovery of products on Aliexpress, let’s start!

It may flash to your mind some frequently questions about the vast number of Aliexpress products and how you can find your desired product to sell.

good…You have a ton of options available to sort the products!

How to sort your products:

Category: it benefited you mostly when you are doing a dropshipping niche and you target a specific product, so you can easily use the Aliexpress category. it will only show you products scraped from the identified category.

Recent Orders:  the shown results are based on the filtering system.  If you only want products with a certain amount of orders, then this is your filter!

When the time comes to talk about the product price, If you want a product with a limited price you can easily fill in the minimum and maximum price of the product. Maybe you don’t want to show products above 5$.

More filters: It has a variety of filters to show you your specific product. It includes ( price, having videos, and a place of shipping. I will explain below what each score means. Now there is one thing left to cover scores:

Filters of Aliexpress Products:

Alisorce: Aliscore shows with the strength keys and the higher score with numbers.

Competition: the more buyer on a product, the more competition will be. The competition of a product is based on the number of different buyers on AliExpress. It’s more efficient if the competition of a product is low.

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Growth Rate: The rate of increase in sales over the last 7 days. The higher the score, the better it is.

Recent Orders: it shows how much orders on the product recently. The product will be more popular if it has a lot of recent  orders

To make it even easier for you to understand what you will get with this product research tool, here is an example:

You can also know the scope popularity of the product ” the country”. In the example above, that is the US.

The amazing surprise is you cannot just screech by category but also by keywords research typing. Although, you might get some products that are irrelevant because they added that keyword to their product name. For example:

As you can see, you must decide, you won’t be able to dropship all those products.

The current price of Niche Scraper is $39 per month.

The great thing about Niche Scraper is that they got a free account option available

2- AliShark:

You can deduce easily from the tool name that it’s an extra discovering product tool for Aliexpress! Don’t hesitate, Aliexpress then Alishark are the best tools for product discovery for their filter options. For example, here are some of their filter options.

It has more than one option as you are provided with the cons of keyword research. So you can take or leave keywords.

The current price of AliShark is $20 per month, but they do have a 2-day trial for $1.

Are you interested in dropshipping and want to start now?

So great! So to start correctly I highly recommend these guiding articles.

Now you reach the point that you are ready to take your dropshipping up in 2002! I still assure you that all my blogs don’t deal with any paid accounts. I hate them.


In short, the article above shows 6 great tools for best AliExpress product discovery. Hope that helps you find your niche products without paining as I stressed before.

I wish this will be the best guide for your beginning in choosing your right products by the free product discovery tools.

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