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dropshipping returns and refunds

All about Dropshipping Returns and Refunds:

It will be new if you are a beginner in dropshipping id you receive your first dropshipping return and refund request. Don’t be worried, it’s not hard to handle refunds and returns are not that hard when you’re dropshipping. In this article, I will show you the best way to handle refunds and returns when dropshipping.

You have the choice to decide the cheapest for you. Either send a new product to your customer or send back the product to your supplier. You only have to decide if you pay for the return costs or not.

You will coincide with products that cost more with the return shipping than to send a replacement to your customers. For instance, your customer buys a middle with 5$, but it doesn’t fit well. so, the customer wants to return. In this case, the replacement is cheaper and easier for you.

This good treatment to your customers increases the possibility for these customers to come back to your store and become potential customers again.  

popular Causes of dropshipping Refund Requests:

You will know what to focus on and where to double-check.

1-     The Product Doesn’t Meet Your Store’s Description:

One of the popular reasons for refund requests is being the product far away from your dropshipping store description. It means that the drop shipped product to your customers doesn’t meet your store’s description

For example, the delivered product color is yellow while your real store description for this product color is orange.

This mistake can be caused when you copy the wrong data on your store’s description or the supplier have the charge of this mistake by supplying the wrong data or shipping the wrong product. So be careful and be attentive to the supplier data.

If the mistake was from the part of your supplier, wondering what to do in that case!

You should immediately send an email (or if you prefer Aliexpress massage if you are an Aliexpress user) yo your supplier to demonstrate this problem. You have two choices, either ask the supplier to resend your costumer’s real product or give you a refund.

2- The Ordered Product Size is Wrong:

This is the most common reason for return and refunds dropshipping, nothing annoying than waiting for a product and finding with the wrong size. This is more likely to happen in your dropshipping store especially when your niche is related to clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

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It’s also possible that happen with you and your expertise this when ordering something and receiving different sizes.

When this happens, your supplier likely won’t cover the return costs. Unless, of course, they’re great.

The solution is to get informed about the supplier return and refund dropshipping policy before. From my part of the view, I highly recommend allowing returns regardless of your supplier’s policy. This will inquire you all customer’s confidence that gives you long-lasting business.

But first, check if the product is worth returning at all. Check if it might be cheaper to send a new one to your customer and to let the customer keep the product they have now. Otherwise, I would just ask that the customer pays for return shipping since the mistake wasn’t on your end.

Cause all these problems are widely-happen with clothed niche so it’s not right to get a refund request. Besides, keep your attention to the different sizing systems according to countries.

I don’t suggest dropshipping any products that need sizing if you don’t have much experience yet.

3-      The product is Damaged:

Receiving a damaged product is a Common cause of return and refund dropshipping requests. It happens little if you choose a reliable supplier, but it still could happen.

I suggest reading the article of Aliexpress supplier If you’re using Aliexpress.

If the product for example has an electrical fault or something damaged, ask your customer to take a photo or a video of the damaged product then send it directly to your customers.

With confidence and a good relation, you have with the customer, needn’t you send any proof. Then most of the time you just have to send a message to your supplier and ask them to send a replacement to your customer or refund you the money.

All that you need to do is an honest apology for your customers asking then wait for the replacement!

Let’s suppose that you don’t deal with the Aliexpress supplier? What to do?

Above is true for most AliExpress suppliers, but most dropshipping suppliers won’t cover return costs for defective items. Because in their minds, they didn’t manufacture the products so they aren’t liable for defects. They simply view it as a risk of selling products to a retail market.

4-      The Product Did not Arrive on Time or is Lost in Transit:

One of the causes of return and refund dropshipping that costumers suffering from are the long time shipping. Especially, for people who dropship from china. Your customer might think that their package is lost because it’s been already like one week, while the usual shipping time will be between 2-3 weeks.

That point is good if you dropship It will be with AliExpress and you have a stuck issue with your supplier is to open a dispute. Of course, knowing about all kinds of different refund requests is one thing, but learning how to handle refunds and returns in your dropshipping store will bring it to the next level!

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How to Respond to a Dropshipping Returns Refunds Request?

This is my advice, try to not talk about the refund when you first respond to the refund request for the sake of not losing the potential profit. Instead, try to convince the replacement. And totally, this is better for you. Let the refund to be your last choice.

What to do?

Choose the better, think which is cheaper for you. Either accept the return or replace the product with the customer.

If you prefer the replacement, I suggest writing kindly to your customers.

Hello, “The first name of the customer”,

I’m so sorry to hear that your ………  was not the same as we described it in our description.

What I can do for you is send you the correct ………, free of charge. You won’t have to send back the …..  you got from us now!

Let me know if that would be alright for you.


 “Your information”

What to Do If The Customer Insists on a Refund?

Keep all the possibilities in your mind, it happens a lot when customers refuse the replacement and send a negative email. Don’t suggest anything except accepting a refund. Don’t be disappointed, you can still make that customer come back to your dropshipping store again. When they feel that you eager to provide good service and respect before the last choice of a refund then

they have good memories with you.

Extra things you can do to turn a refund request into a lifetime customer

Sometimes just giving a refund or sending a replacement is enough, but this doesn’t automatically mean that this customer will come back to your store again.

Exclusive Coupon Code: Give your customer a discount code for there next purchase. This is a great way to let them come back.

Store Credit: Give them store credit for the refund amount maybe even with something extra.

Offer a Product Upgrade for Free: Just make sure you have an upgrade available for that product.

Free Product: If your customer accepts to wait for the replacement you could send them an extra product. Which could be low-cost for you, but could mean a lot for your customer, because they are getting something for free from you!

The four-point above although being cheap and easy for you, it helps build great confidence in your dropshipping store. Then they may easily become new potential customers.

How to Deal with Returns in Your Dropshipping Store?

Here are the steps of the return process:
The customer contacts you to request a return.
You request an RMA number (return merchandise authorization) from your supplier.
The customer sends back the product(s) to your supplier. And your customer writes the RMA # on the address.
The supplier refunds you for the wholesale price of the product.
You refund the customer for the full price of the product.
The final step is to make your mind about who will pay the return cost, you, or your customers.
Or the Returns Center app can make the process easier.

returns and refunds dropshipping

How to diminish  Refunds and Returns Requests When Dropshipping?

Being aware of all causes leads to dropshipping return and refund requests here are how to fewer them.

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1-     Check for fraud:

For more assurance, be careful before the dropshipping process, you should duplicate check the order not might be a legit or fraud order. You can get help with the Shopify tool that provides fraud analysis. If you have a big order, then you can always send an email to that customer asking them if it’s correct that they ordered for that amount.

Don’t give a blind faith at all. Don’t fulfill the order until you have received the payment on your PayPal account. Not for doubt, People might cancel the check once you send the products they ordered.

2-     Special  customer service:

This one is important for all the refund requests listed above. Always try to be as polite and understanding as possible.

A great point to avoid or even reduce the refund is offering very high quality and special customer services. Plus, it will lower your chance of getting banned by PayPal.

Let’s suppose that you are dropshipping from China and it’s more likely your customer suffers from long time shipping. So expect to be asked regularly ” where their order is”?

Keep treating them and answering their question with all respect and patient. Otherwise, they turn the happy order to a dropshipping return and refund request.

What is your response to customers asking where their package is?

To free yourself from unnecessary burdens, including the tracking information, by explaining that they can follow their order on that site and how they can get the information they ask for. This will reduce the chance that this customer will ask for a refund.

You can keep your customer engaged in the process automatically by friendship app

Another great thing that you can do with AfterShip, is that you can create a branded tracking page. Just take a look at the image below so you know what I mean:

dropshipping refunds

How to Write a Refund and Return Policy When Dropshipping?

You must include your clear dropshipping policy to your store especially that related to dropshipping refunds and returns.

It usually includes information like, how many days they have to return a product and how they will receive the refund (store credit, bank account, replacement(

Some great tips to follow for your refund and return policy:

If your supplier gives you a 30-day return window, you’ll want to give your customers 20-25 days. This gives you and your customers some room to account for shipping delays, forgetting to send out the package, and so on.

If you have multiple suppliers, try to cover all of their return policies within your policy.

Only accept returns with a tracking number.


Finally, you have the full guide to handle refunds and returns on your dropshipping store!

No matter how many or how much the refund requests are. There is one thing you should keep in mind, keep polite and patient as possible as you can with your customers so that the chances of you giving out a refund get lower and lower.

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