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15+ Best Drop Shipping Spy Tools (Winner Product Research Tool)

Drop shipping Spy Tools

Dropshipping Spy Tools In this article, we’ll take about dropshipping spy tools, Dropshipping is one of the best ways to earn money online by just sitting at home. You can start your Dropshipping business with the lowest investment you own and can start making profits within a few weeks.

The real issue for the Dropshipping is how you start it.

Starting the Dropshipping business is not a piece of cake. It requires proper market research and above all a lot of dedication.

Manually finding a potential product seems to be quite difficult and impossible because, in order to do so, you have plenty of time and money to waste.


Let us assume if you somehow find a product manually, it is not performing well, and it is not bringing any sales. Then at that point, what will you do?

For sure, You have heard about drop shipping spy tools.

You probably want one to find your next winning product for your drop-shipping store, right? However, which one to pick? There are so many product research tools out there. That is why I made this list for you so you know exactly which one is right for you and your store in 2020!

Whether you are a professional marketer or just started up with your online drop-shipping venture your product research tool must have three of these essential features:

  • Quick to retrieve information to validate products per niche.
  • Congruent and reliable data from different sources.
  • Customer support and regular updates.

Below you will find the list of the 14 best product research tools that you can use to find winning products for your drop-shipping store.

Drop shipping will then seem to be very lucrative when you get to use tools that can make your venture more profitable.

I would not recommend all the tools during the initial period of your business but some of them are important to start with your business.


  1. Sell The Trend
  2. Dropship Spy
  3. Niche Scraper
  4. AliExpress Dropshipping Center
  5. AliShark
  6. Pexda
  8. Ecomhunt
  9. SaleSource
  10. FindNiche
  11. Asify
  12. Wish Inspector
  13. ShopInspect
  14. Intelligynce
  15. FB Wall


Sell The Trend

The core feature of Sell The Trend is to allow people to find profitable products to dropship. It does this through analyzing sales data from AliExpress, high traffic Shopify stores, and analyzing products that are trending on Amazon.

However, it is more than just a product hunting tool, you can also import products directly into your Shopify store, has an audience builder for your Facebook ads, a decent Facebook video ads creator and you get access to a simple dropshipping course.

The current price of Sell The Trend is $39 per month and you will get 2 months for free if you pay yearly.

In addition, they do offer a 7-day free trial for people who do not want to risk any money yet!

Sell The Trend is a new drop shipping product research tool. It contains so many different tools that it will blow your mind away for sure!

For example, one of the product research tools that they got inside is called ‘The Nexus’.

A great feature of Sell The Trend research tool is the effectiveness of the product research icon and other extra features in the app.

This makes it seems like you have subscribed for so many plug-in tools – meanwhile, they are all a function of a single tool.

Another fantastic feature of the Sell The Trend product research tool is the tutorial section; it includes about 9 HD videos on how to make use of the research tool effectively.

The dashboard includes sections titled: The Nexus, Aliexpress, Amazon, Shopify, Facebook, Tools, and Help.

Under each of the main platforms included subcategories such as ‘hot products, trending products, new products, all products, favorite products, hot stores, trending stores, and on the rise.’ Of course, each is only relevant to each platform, so stores for Shopify and products for Aliexpress and Amazon.

The first noticeable thing was Amazon, very few winning product tools claim to offer Amazon products, a nice feature.

Product trends can be hard to predict, within the NEXUS product research page you can sort and filter products from hot products to trending products, but this is no standard product hunting software.

You can use this link to get the best lifetime offer that we have for you


Dropship Spy 

Here this one is another best product-hunting device directly out there available.

What’s more, it essentially works Shimla compose two different tools yet here it gives more insights concerning the products like the audits and furthermore the at recordings.

Best of all, you can likewise download the ads recordings directly and change it and use it in your ads.

Dropship Spy is great for dropshipping beginners who do not have much experience yet with their Facebook targeting!

They provide A LOT of data with each product that they publish on their product research tool. Just do not forget to not copy everything. Otherwise, you are going to have a hard time beating your dropshipping competition.

Unfortunately, Dropship Spy does not offer a free or trial account.

However, the plus side of this product research tool is that their prices are lower than most tools! The subscription price of Dropship Spy is currently $20 per month.

This product research tool is perfect for these people:

  • People that do not know much about Facebook targeting yet. They got so much information for you about who to target. You will surely learn something new.
  • People that want to see many product examples. They add many products on their product research tool. That is for sure. Therefore, if you are looking for inspiration or you just do not know what to sell, then Dropship Spy could help you further!
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This product research tool is not perfect for these people:

  • People that want a trial or free account before paying. As I said above, Dropship Spy does not offer any trial or free account. Therefore, if you are not comfortable with paying directly, then this is not the product research tool for you.
  • People that want more tools to do product research. Dropship Spy is specialized in adding winning products for you, but if you’re more interested in getting tools to find products yourself (so you have hopefully less competition on a product), then I suggest checking out Niche Scraper or Sell The Trend.


Niche Scraper

Let’s continue with another dropshipping spy toolsNiche Scraper is a reliable tool that helps in finding winning products it is a powerful and advanced research bot. The best part about Niche Scraper is that they are adding new products every day. Niche Scraper is a product hunt tool that lets you uncover profitable products to sell on eCommerce platforms like Shopify and others.

There are three packages of pricing offered by Niche Scraper: the free one, the basic, and the pro version. The pricing plans are very simple and if you also do not have any budget then Free Version is for you.

If you really want to get some instant results then you should go with the pro version as it offers more flexibility and tons of advanced features. You will get more advantages compared to the free packages, as you will be also getting more data insight about that product and many more data that are valuable.

Niche Scraper is a widely used tool that runs on the automated machine in order to offer the best selling products from the top-notch Shopify stores in the world.

As a result, you can easily have profitable products that can help you achieve greater sales and ROI.

With Niche Scraper you will be able to search for the products that are actually beneficial and proven. In addition, here you can have the revenue of any store, ads, and many more things in a row. You do not have to brag about ordinary products, you just have to start with Niche Scraper and refer to the best-selling products on the market.

You do not have to brag about ordinary products, you just have to start with Niche Scraper and refer to the best-selling products on the market.

A significant portion of the e-commerce budget needs to be used for product testing.

With this tool, you can save a lot of money by testing rare products on the wrong target audience. If you are interested in a product that can be sold, you can try it out by simply listing it on your website and launching the ads.

This product research tool is perfect for these people:

  • Reduced Spending Plan Drop shippers: If you get on reduced budgets, then you undoubtedly require less costly services to assist you to do well in drop shipping company. As Well as Specific Niche Scrape is a method less costly than your creativities.
  • Drop shipping Beginners: When you are brand-new to drop shipping, after that you need as long as feasible to get through the item research study and advertising and marketing phase. In addition, Niche Scrape provides you great help in that area.
  • Not Video Production Pros: If you are not a pro in video productions … if you do not also like producing videos after that Niche Scraper offers you the attribute in which you can develop straightforward, yet high converting slideshow video clips using straightforward item photos or any images, songs, and overlay text that you desire.

This product research tool is not perfect for these people:

  • Laid-back Drop shippers: As a casual drop shipper, you are not going to get much worth from deep insight into your material. This is since you will not take drop shipping as a significant organization. Therefore, you are not likely to make any make money from this insight.
  • Market Pioneers: You cannot have data concerning a niche if the niche does not even exist. If you are in an entirely new market (e.g. Uber in 2010), you will not locate much use in Niche Scraper.
  • The Restless Newbies: Although Niche Scrape will certainly offer you 100s of winning products to offer on your Shopify drop shipping shop, yet there’s no 100% warranty of sales in the following few days. You will still require going through the product testing stage. However, the only benefit is that you will have better and a lot more appealing items to test than what you would certainly have selected or else.
  • Duplicate & Paste Ninjas: Of course, Niche Scraper will give you the product names and descriptions to make use of in your own Shopify stores. However, you are not their only user. You are not the only person seeing those very same items.



AliExpress Dropshipping Center

Let’s continue with another drop shipping spy tools that is AliExpress Dropshipping Centre is the tool that AliExpress made to make dropshipping with AliExpress easier. You got two amazing tools inside the AliExpress drop-shipping center.

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The first one will be the main one, and that is the product research tool.

This one includes three more tools! In addition, the second tool includes an easy way to see how many sales a product of an AliExpress supplier has.

Nevertheless, do you know what the best part is about the dropshipping center is? It is free to use! (Even if you are not drop shipping with AliExpress)

AliExpress Dropshipping Center is great for doing product research as it shows you what products are bestselling on the market at a given moment.

It’s worth keeping in mind that what this tool is showing you is hot products on Aliexpress, not in your region, so while you’re exploring bestselling products here, use the Google Keyword Planner and Google Trends at the same time. These Google tools will help you find out if there is a demand for the hot products on Aliexpress in your region of selling.

Aliexpress suppliers do pay to get their products advertised on the platform. In this Sponsored products section, you can find suppliers for whatever product you want to sell. If a supplier spends their money on advertising, which is a good sign telling that they are serious about doing business? You can search for the product category that you want to sell. let’s continue with another dropshipping spy tools


liShark is great for people that want a lot of filter options when searching for products on AliExpress (or Banggood). They provide you with A LOT of filter options. You will surely need a lot of time if you want to combine all the filter options that they offer.

You can see AliShark as one big search engine for products.

They do not have different tools inside, but instead, they are focused on one big tool making that tool as big as possible with as many filter options as you ever wished for!

AliShark aims to help you identify a potentially winning product more quickly by giving access to relevant data at the tip of your fingertips.

There have been several updates and improvements since the first release. The owner, Yousef Khalidi, Hurrify, a well-known drop shipper expert in the industry, has been sharing several tips and trick on the Fb group. The overall database that is behind the tool (2Mil. so far) is growing at considerable rates, so no products listings/opportunities will be left behind. The Chrome extension has been launched as well and new features are being developed time by time.

The current price of AliShark is $20 per month, and there is currently no option to pay yearly. Nevertheless, they offer a 2-day trial for only $1. If you do not like it, then you can cancel it directly without any extra costs!

If you are looking to find winning products on eBay, or to simply pick up a deal yourself for business or leisure then the eBay filter and data is perfect.



Pexda is a spy device that will help you in finding the uncommon winning products that essentially brings great transformation deals and you will shake in the market with these potential products. We have officially tried this astounding product hunt apparatus and we are truly astonished to see its outcomes in type of potential winning products.

Pexda is a famous product hunt tool that states on your homepage that you should “stop wasting money on bad products”. On the homepage, you can view all the features and some of the products as well. Nevertheless, products with high order are hidden for ultimate members only.

The best part about Pexda is that here you can without much of a stretch sort the majority of the products by the most current, the quantity of requests alongside the FB Ads, FB Ads Like and furthermore Fb-Share and a lot more things.

With Pexda you will likewise have data in regards to the products like what number of requests are put by the clients, remarks that products coexist with the product transferred history.

Pexda accompanies 3 designs that incorporate Standard, Premium, and Ultimate here we might want to prescribe the Premium or the Ultimate arrangement if your financial plan is permitting you as these will work best for you.

As a product spy tool, Pexda provides much desired information like the number of orders, selling prices, targeted audience, shipping fee, Facebook data, ads copy, and more. You also can see which sites are having sellers that provide the exact same product so you can learn from them.

If you are just beginning with dropshipping, this information is valuable and can help you have not just winning products but also a strategy to grow.

The pricing plans get discounts usually so you can try the tool at a much lower price.

The current price of Pexda ranges from $30 to $200 per month without any sale discount. Pexda does offer a 14-day trial for $1, 95. let’s continue with another dropshipping spy tools is a product spy software that specializes in what is trending on AliExpress. A group of creatives all around the world handpicks the preferred items. They can be photographers, designers, bloggers, and more, so you get good diverse opinions.

There are many products that you can find on, and they are all interesting enough for you to stand out on the market. The homepage gives all the products you should take a look at, listed in categories or a special collection picked by a creative.

The time you will reach the main page of Thieve, an endless list of products will come into the vicinity. Here you will get to notice all kinds of products along with the categories that you can try for your business.

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Even more, the site has a supply version for drop shippers to find highly profitable products and more filters, more data. While products on the homepage only have information of prices, order numbers, and who likes it, the drop-shipping version will give more features like popularity, conversion stats, logo removal image tool, reverse image searches, custom premium content, and pro release products.

Their free version is free, of course, and their drop shipping version (Thieve Supply) is currently $5 per month with an early access discount (otherwise it is $29 per month). However, they currently do not offer a trial for Thieve Supply.


Let’s continue with another drop shipping spy tools that is Ecomhunt,

Ecomhunt is a tool with great data like this is always great even if you are new or experienced in drop shipping. You can know who to target your Facebook ads and which products should be promoted.

Ecomhunt is great for drop shipping beginners who do not have much experience yet with their Facebook targeting, or who don’t know what kind of products to sell.

The product interface is easy to use, you can see a button to connect the product with Oberlo and sell right the way. Below, you can find the expected profit margin. In addition, you can find how many stores have sold the item already. You can also see a list of Instagram influencers that are suitable to promote the product.

They offer you a free trial account. This way, you can check out the product research tool for yourself. If you do not like it, then you do not have to pay anything!

The current price of Ecomhunt is $20 per month.

Ecomhunt is like a fun club that everyone can join.

When you get to $5k in sales using the tool, you will be promoted to the Winners club and get a shirt for your hard work. They also suggest some Shopify apps that your store should have to maximize capability.


Let’s continue with another drop shipping spy tools that SaleSource which consider one of the most completed options that you can find on the market now. Head to their homepage, you can see that they have many tools to offer.

With their tools, you can find top rated suppliers, profitable products, and competitor data in just one dashboard. The service focuses on the USA, so you drop ship any product from China to the country in just 7 days through the tool.

You can also view top suppliers for each top product and have daily trending items that will disappear before they are saturated. The tool goes perfectly with Shopify so you rather get both of the most powerful applications for drop shipping.


FindNiche is a drop-shipping tool that will help you with many different things.

With this tool, you can get inspiration for your niche, what kind of products to sell, and you can even find other Shopify stores:

The only thing is that you cannot sort by ‘drop shipping’ (like some other tools on this list), but it is still awesome because of the price.

FindNiche is free to use for now! You will need to invite a few people to get the pro plan, but that is better than paying $99 per month!


Asify is a Chrome extension that will add a lot of stuff for you to AliExpress.

It looks a bit like the AliExpress Dropshipping Center, but then you get a lot of extra information on the AliExpress product page itself.

Wish Inspector

Wish Inspector is a product research tool that is for people who want something completely different for their drop shipping product research. Wish Inspector analyze products on

I suggest heading to their website to watch their video explaining what the tool does and how it works! – and this tools also consider one of the best drop shipping spy tools.


The current price of Wish Inspector is $67 for one license and $77 for 10 licenses and they do not offer any trial. Although, they do have a 30-day money-back guarantee.


This is another product research tool that will help you with many different tasks. They do provide less information per product than other drop shipping tools out there; like Ecomhunt. The price of ShopInspect is currently $47 per month or $19 per month if you pay yearly. Let’s continue with another drop shipping spy tools.



Undoubtedly, Intelligynce is a robust software package that enables you to spy on over 250,000 successful Shopify stores all over the world to help you find profitable products. In addition, if you are looking for a simple yet powerful tool to hunt the profitable products, Intelligynce is definitely worth your try.

Their price depends on what plan you choose. You could either join monthly for $29 per month, join yearly for $99 per year or you could pay $149 for lifetime access. In addition, they currently do not offer a trial.

FB Wall

The last drop shipping spy tools are FB Wall that you can spy on your competitor’s ads on your country and other countries using proxies, That was it! The 15+ Best Drop shipping Spy tools that will help you find your next winning product. I hope you learned something new today. Maybe you have found a new product research tool that you did not know before!

Good Luck!

Drop shipping Spy tools
Drop shipping Spy tools
Sell The Trend

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