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Booster Theme 3.0 Complete Review 2020: The Best Converting Shopify Theme?

This article is a full guide about dropshipping themes and what booster theme you want to purchase. Let’s see if this will be your new theme in 2020

This Shopify dropshipping theme has stunning advantages that could boost your dropshipping store sales. The most awesome thing is that this Shopify theme will be the best and will meet your budget as a dropshipping beginner.

If you want a more in-depth review of the Booster Theme, then keep reading!

Booster Theme Review: Will This Be Your Next Shopify Dropshipping Theme

Are you interested to choose the fit booster theme for your shopify dropshipping store?

If so, then let’s get started with my awesome in-depth review of the Booster Theme!

The start will be by demonstrating a comparison between free Shopify theme Brooklyn Theme.or paid like Booster Theme. Then I will go over most of the amazing features that come with the Booster Theme.

First, you need to have a bigger budget to purchase the paid theme more than free ones. For beginners in dropshipping who don’t have enough budget, a free theme, like the Brooklyn Theme is a perfect theme. it good because it doesn’t cost them anything extra.

As soon as these Dropshipper make progress and earn some money, they will go and look for ways to increase their conversion rates and sales

Most of them tend to purchase a paid Shopify theme. Its helpful and beneficial more than simple free Shopify themes

As we know, visitors are more likely to leave your store when your landing page is slow, so the majority tend to use premium themes like the booster theme. These themes will help to increase the loading speed of their store.

Booster theme has all the necessary things built-in to the theme, so your store won’t need to launch separate java scripts (as you might have when you have a separate Shopify app for each feature). This helps to decrease your page loading time by a lot! They even claim to be up to 2.1x faster than other Shopify themes using the same apps.

What Sale Boosting Features are Included in the Booster Theme?

The Booster Theme advertises itself as The Shopify theme that boosts sales (conversion rate) instantly. For example, by adding things like this on their landing page:

But the question is, what features are included that boost sales (according to them)?

Let’s answer!

1- Easily Add Estimated Delivery Time:

It’s very critical to include your delivery time on your product description so you can make your visitors updated and informed

Then you are in peace mind and won’t get a dozen annoying emails asking about the shipping time because they informed before how long it might take. You can easily include that at the end of your product description.

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The Booster Theme makes this simple! So you can easily edit the estimated delivery time inside the theme settings.

The aim of this feature is not boosting the conversion rate, but it helps you keep your customers happy. And you know, happy customers can easily decide on purchasing easily

An increase in your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)!

Happy customers can be return customers because of their previous nice experience in your store.  But if you had a customer who kept asking where their order is; do you think that customers will return to your store?

I don’t think so.

Maybe that will happen in one case when your product is different and can’t be found anywhere else.

2- Currency Converter:

There is an intensive need to include the currency converter if you plan on selling in multiple countries.

In my previous article, you can read about why it’s great to have on your Shopify dropshipping store.

Selling in multiple countries means having visitors that are used to different currencies.

You don’t want to lose these potential new customers, right?

Well… What do you think happens if they go off your site and try to calculate the price in their home currency? Yes, indeed, then there is a high chance that they may never return. Maybe they got distracted, or maybe they can’t find your store back anymore. There are a lot of things that could happen when you let your visitors calculate the prices in their home currency by themself.

So what can you do?

You need to have a currency converter on your dropshipping store. This way, the price of the products will automatically be displayed in the local currency of the visitor!

The amazing thing is that a currency converter is added by the Booster Theme!

Theme Settings -> Currency > set up menu:

Also, this is how it looks like when you want to change the currency in your own Shopify dropshipping store. Great!

3- Cart Page:

Look how awesome and clean their cart page looks like.

Here are some things to look at on the cart page:

The cart expire in …” This is some great motivation for your visitors to go straight to the checkout process.

Secure Shopping & Reason to buy from us. I like to look off those images below them, and you can change the images to your own!

You save…” I love this! People know now that they saved money. Who doesn’t like saving money on their purchase?

The clean colors. I love the design colors like this, but if you don’t like it, or if it doesn’t match your store colors, then you can always change them in the color section of the theme settings!

4- Sales Notifications:

Sales notification popping up in front of visitors is a great way to bring more trust to your store. These notifications have information about past sales on them.

Seeing others purchasing and sales orders can arouse and encourage in making their purchase decision and having more trust in your shopify store.

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If you are still a dropshipping beginner and you don’t have sales or orders yet. Then you can have “fake past orders”

Although, before you decide to use sales notifications, you need to decide if you like it or not. Some people find it quite annoying when stuff keeps popping up on their screen. As you can see in my screenshot below, you can easily enable or disable the sales notifications.

Countdown Timer:

There is a high chance you already know what a countdown timer is, and why some dropshipping stores use them to increase their conversion rates.

It’s good to have a countdown timer in your product description to create a sense of urgency for your visitors. There is one way to get shoppers to take action immediately: urgency.

The Booster Theme included a countdown timer as one of its many features!

Theme Settings -> Product page other settings -> scroll down until you see the settings regarding the countdown timer.

After you correctly set everything how you would like (how long the timer runs, and so on), then you will get this on your product page.

6- Upsell Options:

Booster theme offers a lot of upsell options and it’s an amazing way to increase your Average Order Value(AOV).

The average order value is, in fact, the average value of the amount spent by customers on each transaction. We calculate it simple: the total income over some time or during the activity, divided by the number of orders. Thus, we obtain the average order value.

Total income / no. of orders = the average order value.

For example, if your online store generated $1,000 in August, and there were 23 orders placed, the average order value is $1,000/23 = $43.47.

You can add upselling on your shopify store by the booster theme options. The first option is to have an upsell pop up when someone adds a product to their cart.

The upsell offers the option of showing more related products or showing recently viewed products to your visitors.

7- Free Plus Shipping:

If you’re currently running free plus shipping offers on your Shopify dropshipping store, then this feature is great for you!

It will automatically detect products in your store that are free (free plus shipping products). And you can 100% customize the cart button.

This way, you can put the call to action that you want (as you can see in the image above).

8- Easily Adjust Everything on your Product Page:

The booster theme gives you a great chance to modify anything on your product page( your badges, product description, and sizing of a product)

These are more options for the product page, right?

9- More features:

The Booster Theme has a lot of features, and if I’m going to cover them all here, then it will be a long read for you!

Ask yourself, How much do you save if you purchase the Booster Theme instead of separate Shopify apps?

The image below describes all enough so I won’t elongate.

In short, it costs you more than 2000$ yearly if you decide to purchase separated Shopify apps not the booster theme!

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Does the Booster Theme have any demo stores?

Yes! The booster theme has 3 demo stores. That gives you the get a trail to check out your design and layout to see if it’s as you want or not. Go through these demo stores and get a real “feel” of what the theme is like!

You can use this link to get the best lifetime offer that we have

Common Questions People Have About This Theme:

Let us start the booster theme reviews and questions occupies people mind before they purchase Shopify theme.

  1. Who creates the Booster Theme?

The creators of the Booster Theme are Mark L. & Justin B.

2- What is the latest version of the Booster Theme? Is it updated frequently?

Defiantly, the booster theme keeps updated continuously. And the wonderful news is that they launched the third new version a few months ago.

You can easily notice how this company is great and active and offers good care for its customers to reach 100% satisfaction.

3- Is the Booster Theme language suits mine?

The Booster Theme is currently available in 10 different languages and is ready to be translated in any other!

4-  Is the price of the Booster Theme monthly or yearly? Is there a trail?


•        First off, there are no monthly fees with the Booster Theme.

•        Secondly, the one-time fee for the Booster Theme includes 1-year support and 1-year of free updates.

If you want to continue the support, and updates after that, then you will need to renew it. Currently, that will be $97 per year for support and updates.

But if you don’t want to renew, then don’t worry! You can still use the theme after that, but you won’t receive any support or new updates.

  •  How is the support for the Booster Theme?

The booster theme team works 7/7 to provide highly praised help and support. Send them a support request and they will respond by the next business day.

Refund with the Booster Theme?

No, the booster theme doesn’t offer any refunds as you can notice in the refund policy. As a customer, you are the responsible one.

The Booster Theme currently costs $179, but it will be less for you if you use the discount code above! Important to say that, the price includes a year of free updates and support.

If you want to continue the support and updates after that, then you will need to renew it. Currently, that will be $97 per year for support and updates.

You can use this link to get the best lifetime offer that we have


Great! The complete booster theme reviews in 2020 are in your hand.

I highly recommend this theme if you want to pay for the shopify app since it has a lot of gorgeous features. 

Sadly, it’s not suitable for beginner dropshipper who still have tight budgets. So they are expected to you stick with a free Shopify theme at the beginning until your budget grows a bit more!

Starts now with these amazing shopify apps and keep working hard and be patient to get happy resul

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