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dropshipping without money

Definitive Guide: Can You Start Dropshipping Without Money?

dropshipping without money
Dropshipping Without Money

Start dropshipping without money!

You will defiantly find this article fruitful if your aim is making extra money online, you want but not have enough money. Once you come across a dropshipping business on the internet and say why not. Below, I will give you a hand in demonstrating weather you can start dropshipping without money or not.  If you are in a hurry, just read the conclusion.

Do You Think you can Need to Invest Dropshipping without Money?

Let me illustrate!

Always seen adverts titled with ” take this course and you will be rich next day” just follow the step. We all met them, especially on YouTube. Their ultimate goal is just to sell their courses for making a profit. Don’t be surprised when I say a lot of people hurry to purchase these courses.

They pursued the confused people, you are in a mass need for this course to succeed in dropshipping


I’m here to tell you that that’s not true. I can prove it. In this article, you will find all answers to all wonderings.

Total money needed to learn dropshipping:

– Learning dropshipping costs: $0, there is so much information regarding dropshipping available on the internet for free!

How Much Money Do You Need to Start Selling Products on Your Dropshipping Store?

The good news is that you can learn dropshipping for free and there is no need for any paid courses.

But what about the rest of the costs, like platform costs?

I will give you a well-guided article on the most recent costs of starting a dropshipping store. Let’s see if you can start dropshipping without money in 2020!

How Much Money do you Need for your Ecommerce Platform?

There are two options for you here.

  • The other option is to host your store your self. Most people use WooCommerce for this.

Pros and cons of using an Ecommerce platform like Shopify?

The first good thing is that you needn’t be worried about the hosting and all things are pre-arranged to ease the process especially if you are a beginner.

On the other hand, the cons are that it costs a lot. It’s expensive when you are just in the beginning. You have to pay around 29$ monthly for the cheapest Shopify plan:

Another upside is that there are a lot of Shopify apps available, but you will need money for a lot of these apps.

Read this:

How much Money do you Need for Shopify Apps?

When making mind to use shopify or you have already used, read my previous article which shows 12 free and paid shopify app options for dropshipping beginners.

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The free options are great because this means that if you choose Shopify as your ecommerce platform that you won’t have any extra costs for apps at the beginning.

If you start getting more sales in your store, then you are more likely to use paid shopify apps that give you some privileges.  Some will boost conversions, some will help you process your dropshipping orders easier and so on.

How much money you need if you’re going to use an ecommerce platform like Shopify:

  • Shopify monthly costs: $29 per month, but you can get a free 14-day trial here!
  • Shopify app costs: $0, if you choose the right apps! I suggest reading the article that I linked to above

How much Money do you Need to Host your Dropshipping Store Yourself?

it demands little expenses from you because it is less expensive, but you will take charge of a lot of things.also, you can get benefit from Aliexpress plugin which gives you the chance to start dropshipping while not having so many monthly expenses (like the Shopify monthly subscription).

This costs you just 89$ once paid. Then you can use it for the rest of your life without monthly costs like with Shopify and Oberlo in some cases.

If you prefer another dropshipping tool instead of Aliexpress, there is an amazing Spocket. It’s a perfect Shopify dropshipping app, but they also have a WooCommerce version available.

What is WooCommerce?

Its free ecommerce platform with paid extensions available. They run on WordPress, so you can use any WordPress plugin.

But how much money do need for hosting your dropshipping store yourself?

For getting hosting, you need to search around to choose the best for you. I have some good suggestion for you:

Different companies, different hosting. It means hosting depend on which company you choose. Some companies hosting reach 50$-100$ per year and some are more expensive. From my part of the view, you don’t have to do if you are expected just a few visitors per day. So, hosting your self will cost you a bit more upfront (because you will most likely need to pay per year), but will save you money later on.

Total money needed for hosting your dropshipping store yourself:

  • Plugin to process your orders: $89 (AliDropship) or starting at $19 per month for the basic plan (Spocket)
  • Hosting costs: Around $50 – $100 per year, depending on which hosting company you choose.

How Much Money do you Need for your Domain Name?

With shopify, you can tend to use their free subdomain. For example so you don’t have to pay for any domain costs. But still recommended buying a domain name for your store if you have enough budget.

Preferably a .com domain, which is one of the most popular domain extensions. You will gain so much more trust with instead of and it looks so much better!

If you are interested. Visit Namecheap since it provides the cheapest domains with free privacy protection. This will guarantee your domain keep private.

So with just 11$ per year, you own a free professional domain name which later you can use as a custom email address.

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Remember to check discount tools like Honey! Its food could bring the price down even more. If you’re not sure yet how to call your dropshipping store or how to name your domain name, then I suggest going to a domain name generator like this one.

But what if you decide to host it yourself?

Some web hosting companies, like Bluehost, offer a free domain when you purchase one of their hosting plans. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a domain yourself, as I talked about above.

Total money needed for having a domain name for your dropshipping store:

  • Using the free domain name from Shopify: $0
  • Purchasing a domain name: Less than $11 per year (and this could be even less with the use of coupon codes!)

How Much Money Do You Need to Start Advertising Products From Your Dropshipping Store?

Wait for the good news!

There is an option for advertising your dropshipping store or your product for free but keep in mind that such a method can take more time and effort.

I suggest you read my other article here to learn 8 amazing ways to get free traffic to your dropshipping store. This article can benefit you:

You can use paid advertisement in case you want faster sales and if you are in a hurry to see if your products are selling or not. So get ready and set your budget.

How much money do you need if you want to do paid advertising for your dropshipping store?

How can you test your dropshipping products quickly?

Here I will give you some clever tactics to check if your product will be sold or not.!

Use Influencer Marketing and for example, you can use Instagram to promote and market your products.

Dropshipping Facebook ads.

The budget that you will need for marketing all depends on your experience. 250$ is good if you have real experience in marketing and ecommerce.

Some people will need the same budget as I said above (the $250), but some people will need way more than that, like $1000-$2000 before they see any success. Or even more.

I think it’s more fruitful if you don’t have enough budget to start with free traffic until you learn more about paid advertisements. It’s clever to do both simultaneously save more money for your marketing budget and learn how to do paid advertisements.

How Many Products do you Need before Starting with Dropshipping?

Total money needed for advertising your dropshipping store:

  • 0$ if you start with free traffic
  • 250$-2000$  if you want to start with paid traffic. It depends on your experience level and if your product sold well and fast.

How much money do you need to test your dropshipping supplier?

Here is the method:

Self-testing: it means you can ship them to yourself so you can test them before shipping to others. By which you know how does it look like and how long it took.

But if you don’t have any money, then you can skip this step if you want, but don’t forget to do this before scaling to more sales!

How much Money do you Need to Legally Open your Dropshipping Store?

You are in the phase of creating your dropshipping store. The Dropshipping store is like any real business so you need to know how much money it costs to register a new business in your country?

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Also, don’t forget to think about the extra costs of having a real business, like hiring a bookkeeper if you’re not that good at doing taxes yourself.

Below you will find some extra costs that you could have when starting your dropshipping store. You need:

  • a logo for your dropshipping store (check fivers to get one for 5$,)
  • design stuff, like your Facebook cover photo on your Facebook profile.
  • a theme

This will be $150 on average. You can check out this article here with the best Shopify themes for your dropshipping store.

But keep in mind that you don’t need a paid theme when you’re just beginning with dropshipping

Email Marketing:

After you get your first happy sale and self-learning, it’s very important to start with this strategy very early.

I suggest you check out Omnisend. They got a free plan available where you can send up to 15,000 emails per month!

So, Do You Need Money to Get Started With Dropshipping in 2020?

  • Free internet courses are free. You don’t need money to learn dropshipping.
  • Money is needed if you decide to go with an ecommerce platform. The costs are different depending on which platform you choose, but if you go with Shopify (like I recommend you do), then it will be $29 per month, but don’t forget to check out these Shopify alternatives.
  • Most shopify app is free
  • The budget is needed if you decide to host your dropshipping store yourself. Hosting will cost you around $5 – $10 per month, You might need money to process your orders if you decide to host yourself. You will need a plugin to process your orders.
  • Booking domain is important. You could use the free domain name offered by Shopify (if you’re going with Shopify), but I highly recommend you purchase a domain name. It will look way more professional and it’s less than $11 for one whole year.
  • free advertise your products or dropshipping store, but as you read above, it will be easier to get sales once you have a budget for
  • need for money to test your products before dropshipping them to your customers, but I do highly recommend doing it if you have the budget because you can check so many things this way. Most importantly, the quality of the product that you’re selling.
  • Paid to register your dropshipping store as a real business in your country

In short, dropshipping without money:

So yes, you do need some money to get started, but this is mainly for the platform that you’re going to open your dropshipping store or for the hosting if you decide to host it yourself.

All the other things, like advertising and buying courses to learn about dropshipping, have free options available! I hope you now know if your budget allows it to start a dropshipping store or not (or maybe you have already started, but you just wanted to know what kind of costs you can expect).

I wish you so much luck if you’re going to start a dropshipping store. Also, don’t forget that success takes time and effort. It doesn’t come overnight!

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