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Copywriting for Dropshipping | Full Guide in 2020!

A good description could tell all the information that customers need to make a purchase. It also makes your store unique amongst other competitors. But, not everyone is skilled in copywriting. That means writing effective copy is a skill that brings together your values, tone of voice, and key messaging. It is in fact what makes or breaks an online business. Good copywriting addresses the needs and wants of the audience as it helps in selling your products and services instead of doing that by yourself. 

In this article, you will know more about copywriting: what does it mean, how to write persuasive copy, and how to determine the problem of copywriting with examples. 

What is Copywriting?


Copywriting is defined as the act of writing the text for the purpose of advertising or other forms of marketing. It is all the text involved in selling the product. It means that copywriting is your ads, home page, about page, product page, and all information involved in your dropshipping store page. It is the act of making visitors trust you and, ultimately, getting them to buy the product or service they need from you.

It’s very important to be careful when using words that your words could either influence someone to trust you or to feel like you are a scammer. The use of words could make people believe in your brand or not believe in it. That’s why it is important to use the right words and expressions to be a great copywriter.

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How to Write Persuasive and Engaging Copy?

Steps to copywriting

1. Know your audience

One of the best ways to write persuasive copy is by identifying your customers’ needs and interests. You have to study the market to know who your customers are, how do they talk, their personalities and so on. Then, you create a pros and cons list of your competitors and your own store. Make sure that your store solves the cons your competitors have. Also, try to think deeply about the reasons that let your customers buy your products or not

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2. Tell a Story

 Telling a story is really important and attractive while you want to announce your products. People do care about the story of the product rather than the product itself. If your product has an interesting story, it will be bought a lot. You can just give your product a unique and attractive name that fits your brand. Then, you can start your description with an amazing story that encourages your customers to buy your products. Be creative and have fun; people will be able to sense it in your writing.

3. Sell Benefits

After you have done your market search, you should be aware of your audience’s needs, thoughts, and problems. You have to remember that your customers care about the benefits of your products rather than what it is made from. Thus, you have to think clearly about the problems that they face and how your products will solve them. You can show the benefits for your people by telling them a story. That would be more interesting and personal than just listing the points. Also, the customers will be able to tell how much you are passionate about your product by the words you use. 

4. Brand Tone


 The most important thing while talking and writing to your customers is to notice your tone. After identifying your customers, their needs, personalities, you have to know the language and words they use. Thus, you can identify the brand tone you have to use that matches your audience. By doing this, your audience will feel more connected to your store and will feel that you understand them and their needs. Also, this develops trust; the more they trust you, the more they will convert.

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5. Practice

 The best way to write persuasive copywriting is by practice doing that to one by one to reach a perfect copy. You have to understand the words, how they flow together, what the words to use, and how to get your mission across to others. That helps you to have unique ways to sell your products. It’s so important to have a look for the other big brands writing. Learn from their writings and words choosing, then come up with the ways to sell your own products. Remember that when you write and practice more, you will always be better. 

Example of Bad Copywriting 

Example of copywriting

In this photo, we have a perfect example of copywriting that could use some work. As we see, this store introduces a very emotional product by giving people the opportunity to talk about their problems and to find a solution through this product.

It gives people a feeling of connection with their surroundings without any sense of sound. As well as show the connection between the products and people’s lives and needs. This will enhance them to feel like they need to have such a product, people with hearing problems would imagine their life with this product and they would honestly probably get emotional and in turn feel like they need this product to enhance their day to day life.

Also, It’s important to add a success story for someone in an effective video by which they show the problems and how using the product you sell solved that problem. Then, they talk about how this product has changed their life. If that worked well, your product will be so popular and famous among people.

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How To Determine The Problem

Its very simple to identify whether it is your copywriting that needs work or if it is your ads? you just need to understand the data Facebook is giving you.

  1. Click-Through Rate: It tells you if your ad is going well or not. If your click-through rate is under 2% this means that your issue may lie in your ad itself.
  1. Cost Per Unique Link Click: Through that, you identify if you are targeting the suitable audience or not. If it is over $1, it means that your issue may lie in the audiences you are targeting.
  1. Store Conversion Rate: If both your CTR and CPUC are good. Then the problem lies in your store which is not converting the traffic Facebook is sending you. Look over your copy and make sure that it is the best one you can ever do. (click here to learn other ways to increase your conversion rates)


By following the previous ways, you should have a great understanding of your copywriting, how to write it, and how it affects. To know more about this topic, read the book ” How To Win Friends And Influence People” by Dale Carnegie. 

Through reading and applying it to your real world, you will know more about how people think. Also, if you want to learn more about writing product description, click here on this blog or you can watch the video by Oberlo below 

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