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Dropshipping From US suppliers, 5 Reasons to Start with?

Before discussing the reason that urges you to start dropshipping from US suppliers. lets consensus that:

Successful Online business is considered to be a far dream for all since we all hope to have our own business and be our manager. we hope to have our international customers one day. By dropshipping, all our dream will apply to you and me. Certainly, dropshipping makes things possible.

Enina Bicaku, from Spocket, is going to walk us through 5 reasons why now’s the time to start dropshipping products from the USA.

If you want to take the step and involve in entrepreneurship by starting your own dropshipping business, get convinced that tools like Spocket. it helped ordinary people start in entrepreneurship. Remember that success is a long path. Start from searching winning products to beat your competitors .let your customers give Excellent reviews and market you by themselves. 

As we all know the Chinese supplier controlled the dropshipping from its beginning. And suppliers around the world will always depend on China for some manufacturing processes, times are beginning to change.  

Successful Dropshipper is looking for opportunities that give them the best. best of the ability to diversify their products to include higher-quality, faster shipping times, and unique handmade products. It will be great if you target all the above. If the solution is products that you can drop-shipped from the US, then, this article is for your sake. Fortunately, we did all the product research for you.

Reason for a dropshipping from US Suppliers:

1- Add Variety to Your Products:

It’s obvious that the US market is the largest and has the most powerful purchase in 2019 as studies shows.  If you dream of an international scale then certainly, the United States is the best for both new customers and suppliers.

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US suppliers

Why start dropshipping from the USA:

You can add variety to your products: Including the US dropshipping products gives you a unique diversity and extra bounce. For the woman that needs that handcrafted handbag for a birthday this weekend, you’ve got them covered. For the forgetful husband who needs those birthday earrings by Monday, you’ve got them covered too.

The based US product distinguished with uniqueness and powerful consumption on for being with fast-shipping and higher quality.

2-     Mitigate risk:

The world is rounded with risks! If you decide to deal with a Chinese supplier and dropshipping from China, then you will suffer from their logistics and long shipping time. Besides, the crises of CONID 19 closure which cause business risk. so that we have viable options should some of our suppliers be experiencing difficulties?

It’s very necessary to fulfill a successful business. The trick is to manage an alternative plan so you can manage any problem facing you. Therefore, if your plan with a Chinese supplier doesn’t work, it’s healthy to have another. A plan with the dropshipping from US suppliers who can guarantee you the traffic and the customer’s satisfaction.

3-     Fast shipping with High-quality products:

Fast or long shipping time is the defining factor in the success of any online business especially in the world of Amazon.

With just 1 to 5 days shipping, you can get all your products from the US supplier with a variety of product pick up. In other words, US supplier shipping is characterized as faster and more reliable than any supplier from anywhere else.

You can’t deny that products produced at a smaller scale, are simply higher-quality than mass-produced alternatives. They’re being produced by smaller, more detail-oriented teams that have taken the time to produce high-quality work. US Suppliers are also increasingly conscious of materials that have longevity, and designs that are built to last.

After all, their small scale business depends on it. With smaller US-based suppliers, you’ll have a better return policy to lean on, and your word will have a stronger impact on their products and operations improvement.

dropshipping from US suppliers

4-     Access to creative handcrafted items:

it’s very sensitive and critical for any dropshipping business to be careful with coordinating and shipping their products. Choosing and shipping in a way that can make their customers want to brag to their friends about it.

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The most exciting is that the dropshipping from the US suppliers are great. It characterized by their creative, artisanal, and hand products by small passionate businesses. Such as unique jewelry making that gives you an unforgettable nice impression which you are ready to pay more for. 

It offers a dozen pure, natural, and organic products. These make all customers completely aware of all the products they will use.

dropshipping from US supplier

What makes the US supplier more distinctive is that they are special and simple people. They are full of skills and passion for what they produce and ship. Whether it’s a handbag, a watch, or a bracelet, you can reassure your customers that their purchase is supporting US-born businesses and an individual’s dream. To top it all off, it supports the US economy, and everyone living in it, and that’s vital in trying times.

5  Better Return Policies and Customer Service when dropshipping from US suppliers:

 All know that the return and refund policy coordination is not an easy process and needs clarification.

Any strict and limited or no guaranteed return policy can easily destroy any promising dropshipping business. Especially that tried to build itself as a confidential retailer. Unfortunately, most Chinese retailers and suppliers have a “no return policy” or a very limited policy that leaves no room for guarantees. After all, it might time comes when we get the wrong size or change our minds. so, refund and return in any dropshipping business are inventible.

The US suppliers are great at building long-lasting cooperation and satisfaction with their customers. Especially with their flexible and generous system of return policy that allows returning and exchanging with full refunds!

US dropshipping

A very important point to mention is the great customer service. The dropshipping from US suppliers keen to keep in touch with their customers by collecting their emails and phone numbers. That’s to keep them updated with information about orders and delays in line with their customer’s time zones.

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On the other hand, communicating with suppliers from China can be tricky. Besides, if a customer accidentally put in the wrong color or address, you’ll end up in a rabbit hole of miscommunication and frustrating emails. All above proved that it’s easier to deal with the US suppliers than suppliers elsewhere.

how can you find and add products when dropshipping from US suppliers to your online store?

Picking up the right winning and best-selling product to use in their dropshipping stores is an ongoing and not easy mission. Especially when they try to meet their customers’ needs and having a relevant product selection that adds value to your customer’s lives.

Have a look in the below highly recommended tips:

Make sure to always keep an eye on Google Trends and use a product research tool to find potential trending products.

For example Shapewear.

Dropshippers Ongoing follow up to the news and google trends gives you the good uniqueness and pure superiority to meet all their customer’s new needs and provide them with what they were searching for.

Shapewear has been on a healthy incline since 2008 with no end in sight. With a Peak in 2019, Shapewear is bound to be a new staple in every woman’s closet. Why not be the go-to store for their shapewear needs?

product dropshipping shapewear

Choose products that you would purchase yourself, instantly. and easily.

You need to find products that people purchase impulsively, without a second thought. Filter based on location as well as price: tailor your product selection to the demographic you are targeting.

Join the amazing Spocket if you want to pick up the US and UE suppliers in a dropshipping platform, cause it designed for the US and EU dropshipping supplier in the ecommerce world.  With over 60% of suppliers residing from the US and EU, you’ll have no trouble finding what you’re looking for. There’s also a monthly curated list that features high-quality product photographs and market-ready product descriptions, making them ready for marketing.

With tons of amazing products, 24/7 customer support, and a consistently growing supplier and product base, there are few reasons not to try it out for yourself. Good luck!

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