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Free Dropshipping Store in 2020 (5 Unusual Tips on How to Start)

Just as dropshipping needs efforts and time, it also needs money. As I mentioned in all my previous your dropshipping store is a real business.  At one point, you will need to spend money to earn money! But, in a time we all desired to start our business without spending money. Therefore, Are you interested in starting a free dropshipping store?

Free dropshipping store! Yes,

I have great news for yours is that you can start your dropshipping store for free. Although you may have your free dropshipping store, your dropshipping store still considers a real business. Therefore,  to be honest, sooner or later you will have to spend money to get money.

What Is Dropshipping And Why Do People Do It?

Let’s start at… At first, I will suppose that want to know what do I mean by starting a dropshipping business.

1- You own an online store with your product that you won’t sell. But the supplier takes the charge of storage. So you don’t have them in your place.

2- The time comes when you got an order on your dropshipping store, you move this order to your supplier automatically with some specific apps help you to do that just like obrela.

3- The supplier will take the charge of all the task from preparing to sending the order to your customers.

4- Then your product will be in the hand of your customer, without even you touch it.

Don’t worry, You just need to make sure that your supplier accepts dropshipping and blind dropshipping.

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free dropshipping store custom note

How to Process Your AliExpress Dropshipping Orders? Don’t forget to put this note in Oberlo to start Blind Dropshipping!

The Reasons Behinds Why are Interested in Starting their Free Dropshipping Store?

The majority of people tend to want to start or start to manage their dropshipping store for more than reason:

  • Money earning: in fact, having a successful dropshipping store can make you a lot of money, and there’s a lot of success stories proved that.
  • Having their own business: a lot of people hope to own a real business and be their buss not work until others control. Therefore,  they search for other ways to earn an income.
  • Location-independent work: A dropshipping store can be run from just about anywhere with an internet connection. As long as you can communicate with suppliers and customers easily, you can run and manage your business. This is also called being a Digital Nomad.

To learn more about dropshipping, here my article to help you:

5  Tips for Starting Free Dropshipping in 2020!

All that I hope that be helpful and fruitful to start your dropshipping journey and having your free dropshipping store.

So, let’s begin with the 5 amazing tips to start dropshipping for free!

1-     You Can Start Your Free Dropshipping Store, But You Will Need to Spend Money Sooner or Later:

The well- juiced article below will give you a hand to start your free dropshipping start. As I mentioned before that you can start your dropshipping for free, but don’t forget that you have to spend some at sometimes because it’s still as any business.

Ignore what gurus say that you can start a dropshipping business with zero money. I agree that dropshipping starts can be free and this business is cheaper than having real business in a real retail store with different amounts of taxes. Keep in mind you need to spend some money sooner or later.

For the beginners in dropshipping, in your journey, it’s not enough not only to know about dropshipping but also paid adds and ecommerce in general. All activities cost you some money and a lot of problems you make hinder your way.

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The more you make mistakes, the more you will learn a new thing. It’s not an easy journey but you still can do it.

But don’t worry. I’ll guide you through some amazing tips that will help you to get started for free. All that you have to do is spending time and sparing efforts on your store.

2-     It is Possible to Extend Your Shopify Trial:

If you decide to start your dropshipping store online though the great Shopify platforms, this tip is for you.

For more help, h highly recommend reading my article about dropshipping:

If you’re still reading this now, then that probably means that you’re interested in Shopify!

Well, I got great news to push it a bit further before you start paying your monthly Shopify payment.

You can ask the Shopify support to extend your trial one time! I saw that somewhere online, but I thought I ask it to them just to be sure:

free dropshipping store shopify

The only thing is that your checkout is disabled while on a trial, but it’s still great to have some extra time to create an amazing Shopify store!

3-     Prepare, Plan, and Manage!


It’s very important to planed your business very well before starting. Especially if you want to start with Shopify. This way, you won’t pay Shopify anything extra while you’re still preparing everything for your dropshipping store.

In case you are hosting your dropshipping store with woocommerce, you will need to pay and this will cost you some money. You should adopt a yearly payment than monthly in a try to save your money. So be prepared for the bill.

To conclude, prepare your plan to be ready for any problem can hinder your dropshipping journey. Next,  you will have plans A and B ( the alternatives, the needs, and the cost). Then, You will be enough lucky to succeed.

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4-     You Can Learn Dropshipping For Free, So Don’t Spend Money to Learn Dropshipping:

As long as you can start creating your free dropshipping store without any expense, in the beginning, don’t take any paid courses which may cost you 500$ for learning dropshipping since there are free beneficial courses.

Be careful of the bad internet gurus who try to convince you about the overnight success in dropshipping to buy their courses. Believe me when say that all their goal is to buy their courses to you regardless of your benefit.  The thing is that you can learn so much about dropshipping, ecommerce, digital marketing, and so on; for free!

Just take a look at this article:

You can get so much information from that already, and you didn’t have to pay for anything.

5-     You Can Advertise Your Dropshipping Store And Products For Free:

Amazing, also your advertisement for your dropshipping store and your products can be free. There are options out there that will help you keep your marketing spend on $0.

Just keep in mind that these free traffic tactics will take time and consistency. Don’t expect to start today with trying to get free traffic, and then except free traffic tomorrow already!

SEO can generate your organic traffic, this can take time around 3-6 months and more for google to give your website a high ranking. This also can be fulfilled by creating unique friendly SEO content inside your website.

It will be hard but you still can do it because you might decide to focus on free traffic, like organic traffic, but to know that it will take a long time before Google will show it in the search results.

If you’re interested in learning more about getting free traffic to your dropshipping store, then I suggest reading the other articles that I linked to below:


Good luck with your dropshipping store journey. contact with dropshipping teacher if you have any questions and definitely you will find the help. Hope you all the best.

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