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General or Niche Dropshipping Store | What to choose in 2020?

Surely, you are still confused to start with general topics or a specific niche dropshipping store? Don’t worry since I will guide you to choose the best one. The article below will give you the right answers and tips that occupy your mind related to go for a general or a niche dropshipping store?”

Beginners always asked frequently ” A general or a niche dropshipping store?” if you are just a beginner, I highly recommend you start with a broad niche.

What Is a General Dropshipping Store?

In the beginning. I will show you what I mean by a general and niche dropshipping store. Then, I will explain the pros and cons of both to be able to give you final tips to help you choose between better.

A general store is a store without any specific niche.

You can write and share any topic. A general niche can contain everything and anything! It varies between food, tourism, clothing, and even electronic sets. Yes, don’t be surprised. It is like a random. But this is basically what does the general dropshipping store looks like.

All who tend to adopt are interested to advertise on the trendy products to have had a great chance of selling

What Is a Niche Dropshipping Store?

Before starting, let me ask, what is a niche?

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A dropshipping niche means having a store catered for a type of people with the same interests in a specific kind of targeted topics.

For example, having a dropshipping store with only home accessories, because you want to target people who are interested in home accessories.

Be careful For example, if you choose a specific niche and then you mix up with a new niche! Imagine what will happen at that moment.

Is the difference between a general and niche dropshipping store clear now?

Let’s Begin with the Pros of Having a General Dropshipping Store

1-     You Can Add Every Product You Want:

This option is amazing especially if you are still a beginner and don’t have enough experience. You can add any type of product the give you the chance to test all of them. You can see it your product fits your store and your target audience. So, don’t be worried.

2-     You Can Add All the Trendy Products You Want and Start Selling:

You don’t need to worry if it falls inside your niche or not. Just import and done!

3-     Reach More People:

Being your dropshipping store variable according to products, it means you target a very large number of people who may like what you show. This way you can reach way more people than a niche dropshipping store.

The cons of Having a General Dropshipping Store:

Now let’s move on to the disadvantages of having a general dropshipping store.

1-      It’s Hard to Get Customers to Come Back to Your Store and Purchase Again:

Most of the customers you get will be one-time purchases, sadly. People just do not have a reason to visit your store again and look around like you would have with a niche store where your new potential customer could love every single product in your dropshipping store.

Let’s move… The cons of having a Niche Dropshipping store:

Now that you know what the pros and cons are from a general store. Let’s move on to a niche store.

I Will Start With the Pros of Having A niche Dropshipping Store.

1-     You Can Utilize Social Media Channels Now:

You can get a benefit from social media pages. You can post all your content and products to bring more followers to your niche. Then, you can easily work hard to turn them into potential customers.

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people will have a reason to follow your niche because you will post a lot of content they like.

2-     You Can Create  A blog Around Your Niche to Get Free Traffic:

If you optimize your store SEO better an create an optimized blog, then you can easily get more organic traffic to your store.

3-     More Repeat Purchases From Past Customers:

When you establish a niche store and start advertising your products for your targeted group of people who are interested in it. you have a great chance that all visitors can come back or purchase more and more. Simply because everything is inside their interest.

It’s very clever to add more and more related products on the side of your niche dropshipping store. then they are more likely to come back and purchase these products because it falls inside their interest

4-     You Can Do Email Marketing Easily:

You can start an email list and you could start sending them value! You will have one ultimate aim which is to let visitors purchase from your dropshipping store again and again.

5-     Easy Upselling:

Multiple products are always desirable because it meets your visitor’s interests. so all visitors to your dropshipping store will love them.

For instance, if you are advertising a sun protection cream to a person who likes creams, then its more likely to get him to buy whitening cream

The Cons of Having a Niche Dropshipping Store:

Now after covering the advantages, I will move to the disadvantages of having a niche dropshipping store.

1-     It’s Hard If You’re Just Beginning:

As I said before. You have aims in targeting the audience to shop from your store. Unfortunately said that it’s not an easy process to convince then especially you are just a beginner in dropshipping.

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This may be easier when you establish a general store where you can have more boldness in choosing and showing your products

2-     It Might Be Hard to Stick With Your Niche When You’re Just A beginner:

You need to stick within a certain niche (you can’t just start advertising products outside that niche. Also, you need to love having a store inside that niche, because it will take some time before you start seeing sales. This might be hard for you if you’re just beginning and need to learn a lot of new stuff.

I suggest you start with a niche, but only if you find one that you’re interested in; even if it’s just a little bit! This will help you so much with pushing through in the beginning phase of your dropshipping store.

One last thing, if you’re new to everything, like ecommerce and marketing, then I suggest picking a broader niche.

Let’s suppose that you can’t find your dropshipping niche for your store!

First of all, start thinking of an idea you can turn in to dropshipping, if you aren’t interested in anything specific, next, you can start with a general dropshipping store.

This way you can learn so much valuable information. Which you can then always use in the future to build a niche dropshipping store!

My last valuable tip, when you start with the option of a general store. You have the liberty to keep testing all your product more and more until you can find you’re your winning product and in that phase, you can create a niche store around that winning product!


It’s a well-juiced article show you all that you need to know to choose your dropshipping store type ” general or niche”. You have a choice since you have all the needed information.

So, Everything is in your hand! All the cons and pros of having a general or a niche dropshipping store in 2020.

I hope, after reading this article, that you have decided what’s best for you and your dropshipping store!

Keep going and make your mind to start strongly, good luck!

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