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How Many Products in Dropshipping Store You Should Start with?

From the first beginning of my dropshipping journey and picking up my products in dropshipping store, I keep wondering. I’m sure you also keep asking yourself.

How and when can I open my dropshipping store?

How many products in dropshipping store can I add to start selling and making money?

All the desired answers will be shown below with all that you need or should know before starting your dropshipping store.

Its highly recommend for beginners in dropshipping to have and import around 3- 20 products in dropshipping store. Practically, they are asked to focus just on 1-3 products. These will be the actual and authentic products to start working on their unique image and description besides, advertising with. The other products can benefit from giving a good living impression to your store.

How Many Products Are Enough to Open Your Dropshipping Store?

The number of the chosen product depends on the desired niche and the kind of your dropshipping store that you are managing to create or you have already created. I advise above to import between 3-20. But you are still not obliged to follow this number.

Are You Building A niche Store or A general Store?

More information helps you make your mind what to choose between niche or general store, you will find in my article about the pros and cons of both.

After you decide general or niche dropshipping store. The time comes to think about how many products to import and start your dropshipping store with.

What if You are Building A niche Dropshipping Store?

In this case, your product targeting will be more focused. You are more likely to focus on 6-8 more related to your niche on Aliexpress. You can easily open Aliexpress and start to search the most winning product in your niche.

Remember, you should be more than careful in choosing the best Aliexpress suppliers.

In a niche store, the customers are more likely to be more willing to check out what else you got to offer. This could lead to more sales!

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Make sure that your audience will love all that you offer them. Be more observer and think like a customer interested in your niche. Ask yourself if you love all the imported product or not!

 What if You’re Building A general Dropshipping Store?

If you choose a general store, which I don’t recommend, but you could still do it though, then the sky is the limit with the number of products you can choose from.

products in dropshipping

Although I don’t recommend starting with a general store. It could be a great way to get started when you have no experience with marketing or e-commerce at all because you could just add any product you want to your store.

 Just know that it will take a lot of effort to succeed and that success will not come overnight. Most general stores (mine included) got trendy products that are proven to sell.

 You’re probably thinking: Trendy products? What are those?

 Trendy products are products that a lot of people have bought from other stores before you started selling them.

 Think about products like a fidget spinner.

 If you start selling these kinds of products a lot of people might already know them so your advertising could be different. But everyone knowing your products already might not be a good thing. For example, would you still buy a fidget spinner right now? I don’t think so.

Why did it recommend to Focus on a Few Products as a beginner is Dropshipping?

Since you can import products as many as you what, why it’s better to focus just on a specific number of products?

 The reason behind that

quality is the most important. If you haven’t the ability to sell one product so you will fail to sell 10 products as well.

This will help you know how to choose your winning product on Aliexpress, especially When you’re just beginning.

 It’s just to much work if you need to learn all of that and at the same time put that directly in action for around 10 products. 80% of your sales come from 20% of your products. So that means that most of your sales will come from only a few products.

To conclude, you still should focus on 1-3 products in the same product. And don’t worry, since all the other products still have benefits in giving your store a sense of value, reality, and activeness. That gives you more trust from the part of visitors!

What Strategy Can You Follow for Your New Dropshipping Store?

I advise you to be far from choosing a general niche at the beginning of your dropshipping because it’s my mistake when I first start my dropshipping journey. From my experience, I suggest picking up a specific niche and try to build your unique brand then start to find your winning products to choose a product that would give you a potential profit.
choosing the most winning product doesn’t mean it will work for you and be your best-selling product. The solution is testing. Testing can show you the efficiency of the chosen product in your store.

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Testing One Product at the Time:

Imagine you have between 3-20  winning product and want to import in your store.

First, think and choose your product no matter what the product is. Try to choose the most favorite for you and the one you are confident that will be the best-selling one.   After you picked a product you will need to follow the steps I list down for you below to make that product ready for testing!

Let’s dive!

Steps List to Follow to Make Your Product Ready for Testing:

  • Write a unique description: the product description has the power of getting all visitors and customers to decide to purchase.
  • Design or choose an attractive product image: you can easily get your product image from your supplier and also you can edit as soon as you have the permission. you can also use the new Glorify app!
product image in dropshipping store
  • Define your price: think twice before you decide your price. Because in the case of being low, you will not get any desired profit and if being too high, you will not get any sale. But don’t worry you can always change your price while testing the product!
  • Choose the most suitable marketing platform: before to start you should decide which you’re going to use to advertise your product.  You have more than one option: Google ads, Facebook ads, or even Instagram.
  • Keen to have a review on your product: A great way to increase the trust that your new visitors have with you is to have reviews from past customers displayed on your dropshipping store.

After you check the results of your test and see that the chosen product will not bring any benefit, stop advertising it and try the next product.

 There is one last option you can do with the product you found that it doesn’t work for you. You can make a product a free plus shipping offer instead of using normal retail prices.

 When it also doesn’t work again or you refuse any free options, you can go to the next product with a full following to the above list when you try to test it.

What About the Rest of the Products?

You have to put your effort into all products. Focus on the chosen product and don’t forget to spare a few efforts also on the rest of the product.

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because maybe the product you’re testing now is part of the 20% that will bring in all your profits!

This is what to do with other product of your store:

1-   Write a small description: when you import any product. It will have a bad description written by the Aliexpress supplier. edit the description and add a small suitable description.

2-   Use the image of Aliexpress supplier: you needn’t edit the image especially when it contains a person or a brand. If so, please stay tuned to the copyright.

3- Think about the price:  People could end up buying the product after going through your store’s collection. This happens not that much if you’re not advertising that product.

The One Product Dropshipping Store:

when you start your dropshipping store and are still confused about how many products to start with, you have the option of starting your dropshipping store with just one product.

Yes, one product!

one product strategy

 in this model of business, you just spare all your effort and focus on one product to be able to pay more attention to all details and try to make your product unique. There will be neither distraction nor confusion.

 Take Scott for an example if his success story is real, then he made a six-figure e-commerce business from selling just one product on his dropshipping store.

 It’s also amazing for your visitors to find a store with one focused collection. In a way or another, you will guarantee an increase in your conversion rate. People will come there with only one purpose: To check that one product out and that’s it. The only thing left to do for them then is to check out and pay for the product or leave your store, of course

 If you want to learn more about the one product business model for dropshipping, then I suggest reading this great article here.

You can adopt one product store if you manage to choose a perfect product that you are sure will be the best-selling and you can make a profit.

Therefore, you can start either general or niche dropshipping when you are just a beginner. Then, after gaining the right experience, you can adopt one product dropshipping store.


It doesn’t matter how many products you have in your dropshipping store, but if you’re just beginning with dropshipping, then you should focus on only 1-3 products at the same, preferably only one! You will learn so much each time you test a new product.

 Remember not to give up at the very beginning since dropshipping needs effort and time to succeed.

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