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How to Build Trust in Your Dropshipping Store?

You might wonder why the sales of your dropshipping store are not high enough. Great! Don’t worry! In this article, I will talk about one of the most important things to increase your sales, which is building trust in your store. Because most people don’t trust new online stores that much, especially online stores that they never heard of before, they don’t buy from these stores. So let’s see some simple things you can do to build trust in your dropshipping store.

Why Should You Care About Building Trust in Your Dropshipping Store?

Before we talk about some tips to build trust and increase your sales, you need to know why you should care about building trust in your dropshipping. Why should you put any effort into coming over as a trustworthy store instead of putting the bare minimum into your store?

According to a study on online shopping habits, 95% of consumers have security concerns about providing personal information at websites they have not heard of before. Also, 92% of consumers have concerns about providing personal information at websites they have not treated with in the past.

This that most visitors on your unknown dropshipping store don’t trust you, because simply they don’t know you. It’s a real problem, but don’t worry. Below, you find 9 effective ways to build trust in your dropshipping store.

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9 Ways to Build Trust in a Dropshipping Store

Now you know how it’s important to build trust in a dropshipping store. Great! Now, it’s time to learn how to increase it. This way, you will definitely get more sales.

1. Add all the default eCommerce store pages


Most of the new dropshipping stores out there don’t have the default eCommerce store pages. That’s absurd, right?

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Some of these dropshipping stores might have a few, but you will rarely find a dropshipping store with all the pages.

Here, you can find the pages that you might create now. The first ones are the pages that you can create inside Shopify. You can click here for more details. 

You can find these pages by going to Settings, and then to Legal, as in the image below: 

How to Build Trust in Your Dropshipping Store

You can create these pages below:

  • Privacy Policy & Terms of Service
  • Refund Policy 
  • Shipping Policy 

And here are the other pages that you should put more effort into:

  • Contact page
  • About page
  • FAQ page 
  • Homepage  

2. Add a FAQ page that includes the most common questions

Normally, when visitors come to your store, they might have many questions in common. The best thing to do in this case is to create a FAQ page on your store that contains the frequently-asked questions. If you use Shopify, then you can use this free Shopify app. This way, you will answer the most important questions on this page. You can also link your FAQ page on your contact page! For example:

By using an FAQ page, people that have questions get their answers without the need to contact you. Having this page is a great way to relieve the concerns of people before ordering with you.

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3. Put time into your dropshipping store

There are a big number of people are learning about dropshipping and starting their dropshipping stores right now. Simply, everyone wants a piece of it because they think it is an easy way to earn money as they see in advertisements. 

However, most of them don’t put any effort into their dropshipping store. They just open their store, import some products with no change, and finally start advertising.

How to Build Trust in Your Dropshipping Store

Look how simple the design of this store is! 

Taking some time to make your dropshipping store stand out, not only helps you to beat your competition, but also to gain more trust with your visitors. The design of your store gives visitors the first impression of your dropshipping store. That’s why most people fail with the dropshipping stores that they are not unique.

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4. Add Trust Badges

Visitors might abandon their cart if they have security concerns with your store. However, trust badges help to increase the trust between visitors and your store. Adding trust badges is a great way to increase trust and even conversion rates to your Shopify store.

5. Add Social Proof

According to a study, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as personal recommendations, and they say that positive reviews make them trust businesses more. Unfortunately, most customers are more likely to share bad experiences than good ones. So care about the reviews. 

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6. Be available for customer inquiries

You should make your customers satisfied. To do that, you treat your customer as a king and show him more care. This way, you will leave a positive impact on your customers and get more sales. However, when you have bad customer service, you will get negative interaction from the customers as in the screenshots below:

How to Build Trust in Your Dropshipping Store
  • Try to be more polite and social when you reply to customers and treat them friendly.
  • Put more time building a store that you look first at what the customer wants and what he expects from you. 

So, how to make your customers happy?

Is it easy? Great! Unfortunately, a  lot of people just don’t care about their customers, which leads to getting bad interactions from customers. That’s what happened with the two stores in the screenshots above. 

7. Detailed Product Descriptions

Look at the product description in the screenshot below: 

Do you think the visitors in your store will trust you if you have a product description like this? Surely, they won’t. Maybe some of them will still purchase from you, but most of them will not because they simply don’t know what the product is about.

This way, customers will have so many questions without answers, so there is a big chance that they will leave your store and never return again.

8. Create detailed product images and think about adding real people

Same to the product descriptions above, you need to create a unique product image. Just look at the two screenshots below:

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How to Build Trust in Your Dropshipping Store

Which one do you think is the best. Which one do you think they are more likely to buy? Would they choose the first one, that is looking normally, or the second one where you can see that someone put time and effort into it to make the image look great? Of course, the second one is the best.

Adding real people to your product images

Could be a great idea that adds a human touch to your dropshipping store. Using human photos with a focus on the face has a much better impact than any normal human photos. However, there are two things to take into consideration: 

  • Don’t just use stock photos because the people will easily recognize that they are stock photos.
  • Get permission to use a photo of the person himself. Don’t just copy the picture with the person from your supplier. 

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9. Look at Content Marketing to increase your authority

Content marketing is another great idea to increase the trust of people in your dropshipping store as well as to increase your authority inside your niche. So what is content marketing?

Content marketing is educational, which is basically the creation and delivery of online content that targets all customers. However, the focus isn’t on the products you’re trying to sell, but on making people in, tensely loyal to the brand. The marketer offers good information that gets the customer to do something. 

As you see, you have a bigger goal than just selling your product by creating content that gives information for free. Creating a blog on your dropshipping store could be a great way to start with content marketing and get free traffic. This way, people will see that you have knowledge inside the niche that you’re selling in, so they are more likely to be for a long time on your dropshipping store.

Now you know some ways to build trust in your dropshipping store and increase your sales. I hope these 9 tips will help more with increasing the trust of people in your dropshipping store.

Good luck with your great dropshipping store. 

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