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Is It Better to Dropship With One Supplier or Multiple Suppliers

You might currently be researching more about dropshipping, and you’re not confident if you should stick with one dropshipping supplier or multiple. Great! This article is going to show you how it’s possible to dropship, not with only one supplier, but with multiple suppliers. In addition, you will know what you need to make the best decision for your dropshipping store. 

What is a Dropshipping Supplier?

Dropshipping with  multiple suppliers

A supplier is a person or business that provides a product or service to another entity. The role of a supplier in business is to provide high-quality products from a manufacturer at a good price to a distributor or retailer for resale. A supplier in a business is someone who acts as an intermediary between the manufacturer and retailer, ensuring that communication is forthcoming and stock is of sufficient quality.

Before talking about what a dropshipping supplier is, it’s important  to know how the dropshipping business model works, so you can easily understand what a supplier does for you:

  1. When you build your online dropshipping store where you sell products, you need to have some of these products, but you don’t have them in your storage
  2. Then, a person places an order on your dropshipping store, and you need to place the same order directly with your dropshipping supplier, using many apps that help you with automating this like Oberlo.
  3. After your dropshipping supplier received the orders, he will handle the rest instead of preparing the package by yourself and sending the order directly to your customer.
  4. Finally, the package will reach your customer directly from your dropshipping supplier, and you don’t see or touch the product.

Isn’t it great?

If you’re interested in learning more about the dropshipping business model, then you can read this article: Definitive Guide: Can You Start Dropshipping Without Money?. It can help you more to know what dropshipping is and how to start. 

Now, you can see that a dropshipping supplier looks like a business partner, who handles the production of your products and the shipment to your customers without putting your hand in the process. Awesome!

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Most people think that choosing a dropshipping supplier with the lowest price will make them rich. So they sort their suppliers based on price and pick the lowest one. This might work for them in the short-term, but it will surely haunt them in the long-term.

Imagine your supplier doesn’t reply to your messages asking about the package from your customer or he cannot keep up when you’re getting dozens of orders each day. It’s a big problem. Thus, picking your Dropshipping supplier shouldn’t be based on price as most people do. The supplier you choose is like your partner that does almost everything. 

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Dropshipping suppliers on different platforms and on one platform

Dropshipping with  multiple suppliers

There are many ways to find a dropshipping supplier for your store through different platforms. One of the easier methods to do that is to start with dropshipping from Aliexpress. You can click here to learn more about AliExpress dropshipping.

You can see AliExpress as the Amazon of China. There are a lot of sellers there selling the same product, even if the product isn’t sold that much yet. However, there are more options to pick dropshipping suppliers.

 This article focuses on having dropshipping suppliers on the same platform, like AliExpress, because it’s easier to dropshipping beginners to start with, so they won’t get confused with more options. Though you can also have multiple suppliers from different platforms, it might be a bit more expensive. For instance, you can have a dropshipping supplier from the USA for some products, and you do the rest from AliExpress.

Dropshipping With One Supplier

As we know what a dropshipping supplier does, and how to choose him, it’s time to see all the pros and cons of having one supplier and having multiple suppliers.

Pros of having one dropshipping supplier

When you get dropshipping with one supplier, all the products are shipped in one package to your customer. When a customer decides to order many products in your store, then these products will be shipped in one package because they are from one supplier.

In addition, picking only one dropshipping supplier can be easier to build and maintain a good relationship with one supplier instead of trying to build relationships with multiple suppliers at the same time that might be hard. This way, when you build a good relationship with one supplier, you will be more likely to get a discount and some other benefits from the supplier.

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Cons of dropshipping with one supplier

As well as choosing one dropshipping is great for you, it might be bad in some cases.  What if you put a lot of trust into one supplier? Imagine this supplier stops shipping or talking to you. Then, you don’t have any alternative solutions. That’s because you fully depend on your dropshipping supplier.

If you want to only have one dropshipping supplier at the time, then you have to pick one or more backup suppliers, so you can use them when your main supplier is unavailable. Just be careful with picking the backup suppliers, following the same steps as with the main one. 

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Dropshipping With Multiple Suppliers

Dropshipping with  multiple suppliers

As you know the pros and cons of choosing only one dropshipping supplier,  let’s talk about dropshipping with multiple suppliers. What are the pros and cons of dropshipping with multiple suppliers.? 

Pros of Dropshipping with multiple suppliers

When you do dropshipping with multiple suppliers, you will have multiple options when one supplier isn’t there anymore. For example, when one supplier stops shipping your orders or replying to your messages, then you can complete with another one as you still have multiple suppliers active. So you can quickly ship the same products, but not all suppliers ship the same products. Make sure to check if they have the same products as the supplier that isn’t there anymore.

Having multiple dropshipping suppliers for your store can offer you a wider variety of products in contrast to having only one supplier.

As having one supplier enables you to build a good relationship with your supplier, having multiple suppliers also does the same. But when you do dropshipping with multiple suppliers, you’ll have the chance of building multiple relationships instead of having just one relationship. This can be great for you.

Cons of Dropshipping with multiple suppliers

In contrast to having one dropshipping supplier, products are shipped in multiple packages to your customer. When your customer purchases more products, then these products will come from different suppliers. This means that your customer will receive multiple, different packages.

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As products are shipped in multiple packages to your customer because they don’t work together, then you will also pay multiple shipping fees. For example, if you ordered something online like some pants and groceries, then they won’t be delivered in the same package. That means they might also reach at different times. 

In case you have multiple dropshipping suppliers that don’t work together, all you can do is to add some extra questions in your FAQ page, explaining that products might get multiple packages. And be polite when a customer complains that he/she received only a part of the products.

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 Should You Do Dropshipping With One or Multiple Dropshipping Suppliers?

For me, it’s better to have multiple dropshipping suppliers to avoid putting all your trust and eggs into one supplier. This could go better for a while, but not in all cases.

For example, if you’re using AliExpress to get dropshipping suppliers, it’s better to dropship with less AliExpress sellers. Make sure, these AliExpress sellers sell the products that you want to sell.

Remember! When you have multiple dropshipping suppliers at the same time, don’t forget to mention that in your FAQ page. Make sure to be polite with your customer service and try to make the best solution with their complaints.

Later, when you are a bit more experienced, and you don’t like one option that your customers need to wait for 2-4 weeks to receive their package, then you can choose another option. 

Final word

Now you have everything you need to know about the pros and cons of having one dropshipping supplier and multiple dropshipping suppliers.

Remember! it not a big matter if you’re going with one or multiple dropshipping suppliers. Most important, you have to test the products that you sell. It’s better to do that before making any sales, so you can see if the quality is worth selling or not.

Otherwise, you might receive hundreds of complaints from people, who are not satisfied with the quality of the product you sell. Thus, you have to check these products before buying them.  

If you have any questions regarding dropshipping, you can say that in comments below. Also, let me know if you’re dropshipping with one or multiple dropshipping suppliers.

I wish you all the best with your dropshipping. 

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