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Niche Scraper Review 2020: The best Low Budget Tool?

Niche Scraper Review is the choice, If you get distracted on which niche to use, then there is the niche scraper. It’s a tool that offers you options to find your niche for your dropshipping store. In addition, it helps with a list of dropshipping winning products that are suitable for a dropshipping store. To get to know all about Niche Scraper, read the below-detailed article!

Niche Scraper Review: Quick Review for The Busy People:

It’s a beneficial tool especially for beginners in dropshipping.  They scrape products from AliExpress and other Shopify (dropshipping) stores for you. Besides, it helps you with a daily- selling the product if you don’t use the tools by yourself. The bounce is the free account that you can use as long as you want.

Let’s remind you of the limitation and the limited feature of the free account. But really it still amazing to use if you want to check out the product research tool yourself or if your budget is tight cause you are a beginner in dropshipping.

Check the Niche Scraper view and the screenshots below to see if this product research tool is good for you or not.

Let’s start!

I will dive to show the inside of Niche Scraper, not just the screenshots.

At first, Niche Scraper has more than on tools inside. These tools all help you in searching and picking up your winning products. Let’s begin with figuring out if Niche Scraper is easy to understand for people that just created an account.

Niche Scraper Review: Free Dropshipping Information Included

If you are a beginner and new to Niche Scraper, I want to calm you down and say that it’s a very easy tool to understand and use. Besides, there are verities of videos and tutorials that surely help.

All  feature inside Niche Scraper:

Importing your chosen winning product that you found on the niche Scraper to your Shopify dropshipping store is a very easy process.

Product Research: The Product Scraper

product research

Here we will start with the first inside tool of Niche Scraper which is the Product Scraper. It’s the basic tool of Niche Scraper that helps to pick your right winning dropshipping products.

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 Inside the Niche Scraper you have two options of product:

  • AliExpress products.
  • Shopify products.

The Product Scraper: AliExpress Products:

This option tool gives you the chance to search and find products from AliExpress.

Don’t be surprised and wondered how to find a winning product to sell through the so many products of Aliexpress!

The solution is the option of filter that helps to classify all kinds of products.  

Niche Scraper Aliexpress

Here is the feature  you can classify the products on:

  • Category: it’s beneficial for you if you are managing a dropshipping niche store or doing niche research. It shows your products scraped from that AliExpress.
  • Recent Orders:  it has a great filter shows you the products according to the numbers of orders.
  • The price: I guess this one speaks for itself. You can fill in a minimum and maximum price of the product. Maybe you don’t want to show products above $10.

There are more and more filter helps you sort the product such as the country dropshipped from and video availability.

 Now there is one thing left to cover off the filters here, and that is those scores:

  • Aliscore: By this, we can check the “strength” of a product. The higher the score, the better it is.
  • Competition: The more buyer on Aliexpress, the more competition will be. Because a huge number of buyers means a high computation. So, the lower this number is, the better!
  • Growth Rate: The rate of increase in sales over the last 7 days. The higher the score, the better it is.
  • Recent Orders: this shows how many recent orders that the product has. The higher the recent orders are, the more popular the product is.

product scraper for Shopify products:

shopify Niche Scrper

In this tool can classify the product by  “Verified Dropshipping”.

By then you can get the Shopify dropshipping store just not all the Shopify stores.

You can simply filter on “Store Popularity” + “Verified Dropshipping” to get some awesome product examples. Other filters are available:

  • Relevance or Store Popularity: you can see the most common and popular stores by store popularity filter.
  • Category: You can filter on category again. This way, you will see only products inside that category, but they do rely on shop data to assign categories. That’s why the product results might be limited when you sort with this function.
  • Max product price: you will be showed the product only with the price.
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Niche Scraper fix price
  • Product date add:  this filter can show you the product with the period you add

For example, if you only want to see recent products, select 3 days ago. This is amazing for you to find all new winning dropshipping products.

Therefore, it’s super easy again to search for products with a keyword.

Product Research: The Handpicked Products

What makes The Handpicked Product more distinguished is that it offers all the product details. All details mean all!

Just take a look at this example for the first handpicked product from the screenshot above:

You can notice easily all the information it shows. They give you tips on what Facebook audience to target for that product, and how to price it. Plus, they even give you a Facebook Ad example. This is very beneficial for a dropshipping beginner.  It shows you all Aliexpress product reviews.

aliexpress reviews

To conclude, it gives great information about how to sell one of these products.

Market Research: The Store Analysis Tool

With this great tool, you can find a lot of other Shopify stores, and you can easily see their four best sellers in a row. Beside, classifying the Shopify dropshipping stores by “Verified Dropshipping”.

It can also classify by filters, you can easily searching on your specific niche or specific keywords by typing it simply in the search bar. You can easily see the recently added products and the best-selling ones.

Plus, they show you what they estimate what that store got with traffic and revenue:

From my part of a view, I think this tool is great to figure out what other dropshipping stores are out there. Remember that all the bellow numbers are estimated because no one can know except the store owner.

To conclude, This tool is amazing to know more from other Shopify dropshipping store. Besides, the amazing search function.

Niche Scraper Review: The Video Ad Maker

The last tool that is inside Niche Scraper is the Facebook Video Ad Generator!

It’s easy to guess from the name that it’s a tool that enables you to create video ads!

It’s really simple, you can either place your Shopify product URL there to import all your product images, or you can upload images via the upload button.

For example:

Niche Scraper video ads

It will create a video of all the pictures you uploaded.

In short, it has more than one option to create your video ads on your dropshipping store. Besides, being very easy to use. But, if you got experience with making videos, then this tool will be too basic for you and might be too limited in the options it has.

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Remember, don’t purchase Niche Scraper just because they got a video ad maker, but purchase it because of their winning product research tools!

The Video Add Maker is the best choice especially when you don’t have any experience in creating video ads!

Niche Scraper Review: Discount Code:

All of us always seek more and more discounts!
Niche Scraper will give you a 50% discount if you use the discount code: DoDropshipping
Awesome! Now Niche Scraper is only $18 per month! When yearly it will be with 99$.
Do you know what is most amazing?
You will get the 50% discount for as long as you’re a Niche Scraper member!

Niche Scraper Review: Trial

Niche scraper has a trial. You can easily create a free account and sign in. it will be valid as long as you want. But it will be with limited features.

It’s very good to be able to make a full product research for free without paying anything or risking any money! And as long as you want.

Niche Scraper Review: Pricing

As I mentioned before, the Niche Scraper offers a trial account for free. So you can search for your winning products but if you don’t like it, then you don’t have to pay for anything!

The price of Niche Scraper is currently $39 per month. But don’t forget that it will be less with the Niche Scraper discount.

Something important to mention, that you can save 60% if you pay yearly not monthly.

Final Conclusion:

This product research tool is perfect if you want to do a bit more product research yourself and have less chance of saturated products. The free account option is great for people whose budgets are tight at the moment but with some limited features.

In addition, it’s the cheapest dropshipping product research tool with its discount.

Therefore, I highly recommend this tool for beginners who want product research but still have a very little budget. And for people that want tools that help them to get inspiration from what other products to sell, to how other Shopify (dropshipping) stores look like!

Good luck with doing product research for your dropshipping store!

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