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Pet Niche Dropshipping Store and Product, 10 Examples in 2020!

A lot of people are interested in the pet niche dropshipping. They all wondering!

What kind of product shall I sell in my pet niche dropshipping store?

How do other pet dropshipping stores look like?

In this well-juiced article, I will let you have an idea about other pets dropshipping stores and their products with 10 clear examples. Certainly, I’m here to help you start in your interested pet niche dropshipping store.

Why are most people interested in the Pet Niche Dropshipping?

Let’s start this pet niche example article by learning why people start dropshipping stores in this niche.

Besides, this article will show you if pet niche dropshipping is Profitable and why people open pet dropshipping stores. Keep in mind that the pet niche is really broad. If you are a beginner then, I highly recommend going a bit broader and you may focus on one specific pet instead of all.

Why do people do dropshipping in the pet niche and highly interested in it?

Let’s check google trends and see!

The below screenshot shows you how popular pet dropshipping is.

pet google trend

But even dropshipping says 1 now after being compared to these other search terms like ‘dog and ‘cat’.

What to deduce:

There is demand inside this niche; people are searching a lot, but as you can see, it won’t show you the “whole picture”, because ‘pet’ and ‘pets’ are giving different results. That is because Google Trends only gives results for that exact search term!

Notice: when you want to search for your targeted niche. In addition, Be careful and try to search in different keywords and other related keywords inside the niche that you are researching.

As we deduce from the results, in other words, the pet niche has demanded all the year. Which means that it’s a steady and evergreen niche. Just take a look at the example below on what the opposite will look like:

Another example of valentine’s day niche is just popular around that day!

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google trend

Moreover, When the time comes to take about another feature which is competition, there are a lot of stores inside this niche that are getting a lot of profit. They have great design, faster shipping in the US and, a lot of followers, and so on)

Just take a look at this store called Meowingtons:

pet dropshipping

So,  there is a lot of pet niche dropshipping stores that vary between broad and focused pet niche.  There are a lot of people who can make money and profits inside this niche and on the other side. in addition, there are a lot of people who search for things inside this niche.

7 examples of Pet Niche Dropshipping Store:

To classify, I will divide this article into two  parts:

  • pet niche dropshipping store examples.
  • pet products that you can dropship.

Remember, that all in this article is to give you some inspiration and help you generate ideas. Try to create your store and your style. therefore, If you become just a copy of other pet dropshipping stores then certainly, it will be hard for you to beat your competitors.

Pets dropshipping store examples, to get inspiration:

1-     Cats on Catnip:

pet niche dropshipping

Cats on Catnip is one of the pets dropshipping store example. Meanwhile, It’s considered to be a famous store with huge traffic around almost 200,000 followers on Instagram!

After that, look at these things:

  • Their design: it’s very hard for me at first to guess that they were a dropshipping store. It looks amazing and unique.
  • They got a mission: They are building a real brand here. Just take a look at what you can find at the bottom of their product pages:

2- Pet Clever:

pet dropshipping

The second pet dropshipping Pet Clever. Their niche is very clear to guess by their name.

Take a look at these:

  • Their shipping time to the US: They have their local dropshipping suppliers in the US! As the screen below shows!
  • They created a YouTube video: very great to add a video on how to order something in their store. You can find it  at the bottom of their FAQ page

3-     Amazingly Cats:

Amazingly Cats

The next dropshipping store example on this list is called Amazingly Cats.

Some things that you can look at here:

  • A lot of cat products: it’s obvious that they have a vary of pets different products. Then, my tip is if you are just a beginner in dropshipping is to have just 1 to 4 pets products.
  • The color design of their store: have a look at their design and their color, see if you like it or not.
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4-     Ez Pet Life:

pet niche dropshipping

The next one is Ez Pet Life. This pet store focuses more on cats than in pets.

Look  at that:

  • Their homepage: scroll over their home page and have a look. It can be an inspiration factor and try to get benefit from it.
  • They edited their images:  (at least a bit). They took some time to edit their images. They didn’t go all overboard (yet), but they did add this green tag to every first product image of their products, looks original, right?

5-     Pet PAWtrol:

dog niche

The next sore has an original name. its a dog store called Pet PAWtrol.

Here are some things that you can look at here:

  • Their product descriptions: their product description have a highlighted point on the important point which is very good. And you can notice the little image on top of every product description of theirs.
  • Their product reviews: the product review is a very important factor to show. They got reviews with images on their product pages. Even without the word ‘seller’

6-     Summer Pawz:


This store example focuses more on dogs and that is defiantly clear as their name and product indicate.

You can look at theirs:

  • Their homepage: Take a look at their homepage, and you will understand why I mentioned it! Just not sure if they are featured on these sites, but it’s a great way to increase trust.
  • Their Instagram account: open their Instagram account and you will see their images and logo on it.

7-     Harris & Bains Pet Shop:

pet dropshipping niche

The time comes to take about the last example. Its Harries and Pet shop.

This one is going to be a different example than the others. I still included them, but if you want to learn some good things, then I suggest looking at the other examples first.

It’s a different example. You can check all thing especially the product that they sell and on these:Above all, the first thing that I noticed that I don’t like is that they got so many popups and things going on on their screen. Just go to their site yourself and check it out; you will see what I mean.

   Most importantly, And just take a look at my screenshot above, do you see how many things there are? For instance, A 25% discount at the top button, a floating cart button at the right, social sharing at the left then, push notifications button at the left bottom, and an email button at the right bottom with those certificates buttons. A lot, right?

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    Some of their product images could be better: What do you personally think? Do you think that the white background fits with their color design? Or do you think, for example, that the product image from their ‘dog jacket’ looks better?

I think the white background doesn’t look great with their store background color (the blue color), right?

The List of 3 Pet Niche Dropshipping Product Examples, what to sell?

At first, Let’s start with the pet niche dropshipping products that can help: I will try to help you as possible I can with product examples that can help to choose what to sell.

secondly, I include a variety of other pet dropshipping example in the same niche to get inspiration on what they are selling and what are their best-selling products.

Thirdly, if you want to conduct product research advice to do competitors’ research before to know what they are selling and try to do your best to beat them. Also, these products are found on Sell The Trend, the screenshots of the products are also taken there.

Great product example to sell, Great inspiration!

1-     Custom dog photo tag:

pet dropshipping product

The first pet product example is the custom dog photo tag. Take a look at how this store is selling this product.

2-     Cat window toy:

cat window pipe

The next pet product example is a product for cats. It’s a toy that you can put on the window where cats can play with!

Let’s take a look at how another store is currently selling this product:

3-     Vitamin pacifier for cats:

Alright, this one might look a bit weird, but the stats don’t lie! Look at that; 22 popular stores are currently selling this product.

pet dropshipping store

If you check to Sell The Trend, then you can notice that these products got 1000 orders and more.

How Did I Find These Pet Dropshipping Stores & Products? And How to Find More?

Here is an amazing tool to find more and more dropshipping store.

1-     Sell The Trend:

I used this tool to create this list of pet dropshipping store examples and product examples.

Besides, Sell The Trend is created to help you find your next winning product in seconds. Plus, you can use their Shopify store explorer to find other dropshipping stores.

In Conclusion:

Finally, there you have it! All the examples that you will need to get started with a pet dropshipping store. I hope the pet dropshipping stores and products will help you further if you were stuck!

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