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Profitable Dropshipping Niche in 2020, How to Find A profitable Niche?

Did you choose your profitable dropshipping niche according to your interests? Did you choose according to someone consulting that it’s profitable?

In this article. I will show the way and trick how to know if your niche could be profitable in 2020 or not?

Let’s start!

If you don’t know what does dropshipping niche, here you are!

A dropshipping niche means having a store catered for a type of people with the same interests.

For instance, having a dropshipping store with only home accessories products, because you want to target people who love them.

What are the Ways to Find the Profitable Dropshipping Niche Possible?

The best strategy is to create a list of possible niche options. So you have more choices and don’t have to stick to a niche that has little traffic on google. So try to search on a high search niche on google. So get benefit from the article tips bellow.

Let’s figure out if one of your chosen niches has the potential to be profitable or not!

When I say profitable, I don’t mean that will get  100% profit from. But it at least has a better profit than another niche. Besides, don’t forget your interests also when choosing. Because the time before you see your first sale might be a while.

It will come a time when you have a long time negotiating with customers, writing a description for your products to your targeting people, and making a blog post. So be careful to quite meet your interest.

Let’s begin!

In these steps, I will use the dog niche as an example with the United States as my target country.

Which you probably already know is a profitable niche, but you hopefully also know that there is a lot of competition inside that niche.

A lot of dropshippers start with a dog store.

1-     Try to Check other Dropshipping Stores to Find a Profitable Dropshipping Niche:

profitable dropshipping niche

Have around to make sure if the other stores are selling products related to your chosen niche.

It’s a great process that can benefit from inspiration

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If you found more and more stores that sell a product inside your passionate niche, make sure and get relax that your niche is more likely to be profitable.

It gives a better guarantee if these stores are also old. Because why would they keep their store open if their niche is not bringing in any money?

The question is, How to find these dropshipping store?

To get more information, I suggest reading my article about finding another dropshipping store.

Who to Know your Dropshipping Store Competitors?

I think you found all dropshipping stores the same with your niche, the time comes to check them.

Let judge! If these dropshipping stores don’t look great, don’t have something special, and don’t have good traffic then, you need to change your niche. So it’s necessary to know your dropshipping competitors to try to do your best. 

How to check if these dropshipping stores are looking great?

I make a list of something you should look at:

  • The store design: it may be a sign of some money being inside.
  • The social media pages: in some stores, you hardly get their social pages. Try to check their audience engagement to see if people are interested in their niche.
  • The Facebook Ads: Check if they are currently running any Facebook Ads. And if so, how are they looking? A lot of engagement
  • The shipping time: check if you have the same dropshipping time with others or they have a local supplier.

2-     Check if free traffic is Possible:

It’s very important to check if there is a chance to have organic traffic so you are more likely to get your product sold without any paid advertising!

If you want to learn more about getting free traffic to your dropshipping store, then I suggest reading this:

8  Amazing Ways to Get Free Traffic to Your Dropshipping Store in 2020?

1- Google Trends:

profitable niche google trend

Google trends is a good source of the traffic to your dropshipping store, check google trend to see if people searching something inside your niche or not.

As you can see, the dog niche is a steady niche throughout the year.

Which means that there is a demand for this niche the whole year. demand means that there are potential customers!

For example, this is what the opposite looks like:

Do you see that only a few days a year, that search term is relevant?

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If you have something like that shows up when you’re typing in your niche, then it means that there is not much demand throughout the year, but only on certain time periods.

Another example of that is Christmas!

Do you look for Christmas presents, decorations, recipes, and so on throughout the year? Or only close the Christmas period?

Let’s dive a bit deeper inside Google Trends

If there is continuous searching inside your niche, it means that your niche is a steady niche. In other words, there is good demand throughout the year.  Alright

Its good also to search for something related to your niche in a deeper way in google trends. Try to search more bread term to see if there is still demand.  I think ” home accessories still have a demand for that throughout the year.

Another great way to find out what your target audience is searching on Google is to scroll a bit down in Google Trends: You will find a lot of information regarding what kind of queries and topis are popular!

2-     Check Social Media platforms:

Checking social media platforms in all is very critical. You can check people’s engagement inside you and see if there are people active inside your niche, but also what kind of platforms they are most active one!

There is more than one tactic to do :

  • Facebook Groups: first of all, you can search all groups related to your niche, join these groups to check, answer questions, add value and related content, and so on. In other words, you can build a very good reputation inside your niche by these tactics.
  • Instagram: you can get benefit from Instagram’s followers by following pages inside your niche with high traffic.  Check if there are a lot of Instagram pages inside your niche and if they got a lot of followers!
  • Check websites like Reddit: it’s a very effective way to check if people are engaged and active inside your niche or not!   So try to check Reddit to see if you can answer questions there, and to see if there are people active.

And if so, do you think you can get free traffic to your dropshipping store inside your niche on one (or more) of these platforms?




And the last one is checking if there are forums inside the niche that you’re currently researching.

  • Check YouTube: no one can deny the importance of video marketing for the dropshipping store. So, search if there are any big YouTube channels inside the niche that you’re researching.
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3-     Check Amazon & AliExpress:

profitable dropshipping niche amazon

Amazon and Aliexpress is a very famous website and highly used and checked when we are searching for our website and doing product research.

Visit these again and check your niche is good and have profitable dropshipping niche!

For instance, is there a lot of home accessories product on Amazon?

If there is a result of good product inside your niche and these products had order already dropshipped so that’s a great sign that there is money being made in that niche! The same thing will happen When the time comes to talk about Aliexpress.

Remember that all that you need Aliexpress in is no dropshipping, it’s just to check if people are purchasing products inside your niche.

Your niche is considered to be a profitable dropshipping niche if there is a lot of product being ordered and sold! Besides, Check paid advertisement options

The last, and best, an option is to check the paid advertising options.

Checking the social media website is the best way because you have the choice to use paid advertising on your product and your dropshipping store. While searching try to have a look and decide what’s the best platform to start with.

This way, You Can Research Your Profitable Dropshipping Niche on These Platforms as Well.

1-     Google Keyword Planner:

Google Keywords Planner check is critical to search is there a high competition on your niche in google. It gives you a hint on how likely your niche is successful.

For example:

As you can see, there are a lot of monthly searches for these ads. And Google will even give you some tips on how to broaden your search

2-     Check Facebook Audience:

Before making a decision to use Facebook in advertising for your dropshipping store product, check if people there are people interested in your niche. Tou can use Facebook tools to reach the audience.


So, all are in your hand, Reading this article will surely help you to get started and to stay motivated while beginning and continuing your dropshipping journey!

Just don’t forget that success takes time. Keep improving each and every day!

The article above provides all the tactics and tools to check to see if your dropshipping niche could be profitable in 2020 or not.

Don’t forget that the most important thing about selecting a niche for your dropshipping store is not profit, but if you like the niche or not.

I wish you the best with your profitable dropshipping niche research!

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