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Shopify Speed Optimization: 7 Ways to Fasten Your Store.

Shopify speed optimization …. You are more likely to lose your visitors or potential customers because of your Shopify speed optimization. Certainly, you are wondering now what to do and how to speed up your shopify store? …

don’t worry, I’m here to help with this article. I will show you 7 great ways to faster your Shopify store with amazing tips to improve your page loading time and I will explain why a fast loading store will earn more money.  

So, keep in mind that the faster your Shopify store is, the more you are keeping on your visitors and customers on your store along as possible as you can. That’s mean more and more happy sales and orders. One of the ways you can improve your Shopify speed optimization is trying to optimize your CSS Files and your images. It was also great to use AMP!

3 Reasons Why A fast Shopify Store Is Necessary for Sales?

Working on shopify speed optimization and having a fast shopify store is very important for more than one reason:

I will cover bellow all the reasons. since if you want to decrease the user bouncing of your store, you must keep your eyes on tour page loading time.

1. It Decreases The Visitors Bounce Rate:

First of all, having a fast page loading time on your Shopify store will decrease the chance a visitor will bounce.

At first, taking care of your page loading time on your shopify store will automatically decrease the visitor’s bounce rate. You can easily notice the clear different results and bounce rate between the page with 1-3 seconds loading time or page with 1-10  seconds loading time.

shopify speed

In the image below you will see how much has changed with how long people are willing to wait for a page to load. There is a study that shows that 47% of consumers expect a web page to load in 2 seconds or less.

I will ask:  how long can you wait for a website to load? Or how long you will make your visitors wait?

2. It Helps With SEO Rankings:

It’s an essential factor of improving search engine ranking for your website is optimizing the page loading time. Therefore, doing an authentic SEO for your shopify store can fetch free organic traffic to your shopify store then have a great chance of having a higher rank with your fast website.

In the image below you can see what Google wrote about the impact of your page loading time for search results.

seo ranking

Besides, don’t forget your shopify speed optimization Google added that page loading time will also be a ranking factor for mobile searches!

3. Having a Shopify Speed Optimization Increases Sales and Conversions:

No doubt, this is one of the necessary factors that you should focus on. Research shows that paying attention to the load speed and making it faster for your e-commerce store can increase your revenue.

Strange Loop says that a one-second delay can cost you 7% of sales.

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shopify speed optimization

You probably don’t earn $100,000 a day.

So, let’s put it in lower numbers.

if you make $500 per month from your Shopify store, then that means that you’re losing $35 per month in sales. Which is $420 per year!

What would you do with the extra money you can earn when your store is faster?

Here are some more interesting facts about the page loading time of websites.

  • Authentic studies show that around 4 from 10 of American dot disappointed and gave up in accessing to the dropshipping site from their mobiles that take more than 1 to 3 seconds to be opened. (which is roughly the time taken to read to the period at the end of this sentence).
  • Amazingly, Amazon calculated that the page which opened with a load with one second cost them $1.6 billion in sales each year. Google has calculated that by slowing its search results by just four-tenths of a second they could lose 8 million searches per day.

Since you know this status. I highly recommend reading my article carefully to get great facts and tips about page loading time and ways to optimize your Shopify store speed and your conversion rate.

How to Do Speed Optimization to Fasten Your Shopify Store?

I hope you when reaching the end of this article you become well-informed about how to optimize the page loading time on your Shopify store. Then I expected you aim to optimize your loading time to reach less than 3 seconds!

But, remember that having an optimized shopify speed is not easy work and isn’t a time job. If you intend  your store to become faster and faster, then you need to keep changing and improving  and tweaking new stuff every day, week or maybe every month.

1. Image Optimization:

Image optimization is the biggest and one of the most important factors of your shopify store and ranking. For instance, you can optimize and decrease your page loading time by adjusting your product images. Luckily, will have great results.

2- Image Compression:

You will need a Shopify app if you want to automatically compress your images when you upload them to your Shopify store. 25 MB Free, after that prices, will start at $5 per month.

Image Optimizer. Prices starting at $5 per month for 1000 images per month.

Photo Resize by Pixc. If you don’t want to pay for so many images per month, then this app has an option to pay $0,05 per image or $20 per month for unlimited images. Also, the first 150 images are free.

Image compression: online

image compression

If you want to compress the images before uploading them to your Shopify store, then I have some great examples of sites that you can use:

TinyPNG & TinyJPG         Optimizilla     

Image Compression: Shopify:

You will need a Shopify app if you want to automatically compress your images when you upload them to your Shopify store.

  • 25 MB Free, after that prices, will start at $5 per month.
  • Image Optimizer: Prices starting at $5 per month for 1000 images per month.
  • Photo Resize by Pixc: If you don’t want to pay for so many images per month, then this app has an option to pay $0,05 per image or $20 per month for unlimited images. Also, the first 150 images are free.

Image compression: Conclusion

As you notice, using image compression shopify apps and tools will cost you some money.

Are you ready to pay for it?

How tight your budget is?

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Instead of paying money especially when you at the beginning of a Shopify dropshipping, you can use the free version of these apps free! Once you use the amazing shopify apps, you won’t have to be worried about your new product image uploading any time monthly or yearly.

Pick up the right file type:

The best choice of image type for any e-commerce store as shopify says is JPEG.

To make sure of your choice, simply you can test both file image types which are JPEG and PNG then, notice the difference in the speed. One way to test this is to add a new product to your store. After that, add images while only using the file type you want to test, then you can test the page loading time of that product page and do it all over again but with another image file type.

By doing this, easily you can see the optimization of your loading time as well as the quality.

Usage of The proper Size of Image:

It’s the process of having the right size of the images of your shopify store as needed.

For example. You don’t have to use big and full-screen while the suitable is uploading a small image or small icons. To get more and more tips about choosing the best and most suitable image for improving your store is GTmetrix.

For example, if you put this product page from Inspire Uplift on GTmetrix, then you will get this:

css file

You can see that a lot of images on that product page are getting resized in HTML or CSS.

When trying to use this method to get the best shopify speed optimization, you should before test these image efficiency on both computer and mobile. Next, make sure that all the resized image with a specific type still have the same basic quality.

2. Optimize Shopify CSS Files:

The CSS file can cause a lot of problems to your shopify store from coding problems to decrease your page loading time. So there is a critical and mass need for optimizing shopify CSS files.

How can you optimize your shopify CSS files?

Fortunately, it’s not your charge to do this yourself. In this can, shopify can minimize the CSS files, before doing any stop, don’t forget to make up for all thing in your shopify store especially the theme. So you will be safe if something wrong happened.

3. Checking If Any Files Need Compression:

Speed optimization tip number 3 is to check if any of your Shopify files need compression. Most likely all the files from your Shopify store are already compressed by Shopify itself.

But if you see a compression warning when you’re checking for your store’s page loading time, then I suggest reading this article here. They also have an example in their article so you can see what it looks like when the speed test gives you a warning about this.

4. Different Theme:

As all know, picking up a specific kind of theme to your shopify store can affect your store’s speed. To make sure what kind of themes are the best for your sore and which are the faster, you can make a test on the speed of the demo store of the theme..

Let’s guess that you don’t want the current theme but haven’t an idea about other good theme choices. Don’t feel confused, here is an article of mine that includes the best Shopify themes that will boost your sales!

5. Checking Your Shopify Apps:

Another great speed optimization tip is to check the Shopify apps that are currently installed on your Shopify store. There is a big chance that apps that you’re currently not using are still being loaded when someone visits your store. Try to remove the Shopify apps that you’re not using and see if that decreases your page loading time.

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You also have to check carefully if the installed Shopify app has a long time loading. So you can make your mind whether you want to change and replace the old app. Check the difference in the loading time of your page when deciding to make a replacement.

Of course, not all Shopify apps have similar looking apps available. Not just you can check the pages load speed, but also the whole speed of your shopify store. Therefore, you can have a look at the app and a similar app to realize if there is any difference.

To help you more to find what shopify app to choose, I highly recommend reading this article.

6. Faten your Shopify Store With AMP pages:

AMP usage provides your shopify store with more optimized speed and its one of the well-known ways to get your shopify loading time faster. If you’re interested in using AMP for your Shopify store, then I have some great Shopify apps for you that you can use:

  • AMP by Shop Sheriff      
  • FireAMP                
  • RocketAMP

You can see, notice, compare, and then choose the right for your aims, needs, and budgets. That is not all, please have a look at its drawback before make you mind to choose and use the AMP.

7. Hire a Shopify Speed Optimization Expert:

your last choice after try to fasten your Shopify store with the method above in the article but fail, you can hire a speed expert to take the charge.

How to hire a Shopify speed expert by Plugin Useful SpeedBoostr – They will analyze your store for free to show you what they can fix, so you don’t waste money on things you don’t need.

How to Find out The Page Loading Time of a Shopify Store?

Keep in mind that one thing you must do before doing your shopify store optimization. This thing is to find out the loading time of your shopify store. Maybe your Shopify store is already super fast and you don’t need to make any changes! It’s a critical phase that helps you to notice after a before difference when using the speed optimization tips above.

Furthermore, most of the websites that I will give you below will also give you feedback on what is taking so long to load. I suggest you test your store or any other website you want to test, with more than one of these websites.

  • GTmetrix        
  • Pingdom     
  • PageSpeed Insights from Google

Think with Google – To see how fast your site loads on mobile. You can even scroll down and evaluate the impact of a faster site.

shopify speed optimization

You can also press F12 in your internet browser and then press on Network. Now you can open a website (like your store) and you can see how fast it loads in your browser with your internet connection. You can even see what files are getting loaded and how long each file took to load!


After all, you can now easily plan and do your shopify store optimization with the 7 amazing previous ways. Then you can enjoy seeing the difference anf=d the happy new speed.

Wish you can implement all on your shopify store to get you suitable desired loading time.

Hood luck!

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