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SMS Marketing Can Recover 10x More Abandoned Carts than Email

let’s start with SMS marketing and abandoned carts!

A business leader reaches the say that around 4.6% trillion of perfect product earnings are abandoned. therefore, The reason behind this is most customers were unlikely to take the decision of purchase. Fortunately,  about half of these can be redeemable. Let me a question! how to do?

In this article, Lisa Popovici, co-founder of Cartloop, will give you a hand to redeem a lot of abandoned carts via the amazing SMS marketing in preference on any other way of solution. Certainly, SMS marketing has a very critical role in redeeming all your abandoned carts. It has the magic of human touch and a sense of good conversation and negotiation. It helps to create a real long-lasting business based on good customer-brand relations.

This issue of the abandoned carts can cause a bad nightmare for the owner. Here is a list of the expected reasons behind:

Why To Recover the Abandoned Carts?

·       The cheap alternative

·       Technical problem on the website

·       No variety of payment options

·       Not enough social proof

·       Lack of  trust in the store.

abandoned carts

Be sure, when you offer extra help and more privilege for your customers, they will be back.

How to Recover Abandoned Carts With SMS Marketing?

The time comes to learn how to redeem your carts via SMS Marketing, especially when you are an owner of an eCommerce store.

Why Use SMS Marketing in Recovering the Abandoned Carts?

At first, SMS Marketing is in the lead of all other marketing channels in increasing the Return of Investment for any eCommerce store and can achieve a high engagement rate also. The bellow image the missing earning when not using the amazing SMS Marketing.

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Besides, is it the perfect strategy to build your own long-lasting business that is mostly based on very good relation with the customers. 

To make sure about is SMS Marketing worth reading this article for:

Case Study: $7.6K in 7-Days with Human-Powered SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing is the secrets behind 15x ROI from recovered carts only

So now you know why SMS marketing has reached the highest rate of recovery among other channels. You might be wondering what secrets are behind a successful cart recovery strategy with SMS.

sms marketing

Secrets to A great Cart Recovery Strategy Below:

-Way Communication:

Adopting one-way communication or automated SMS marketing in your relation to your customers and in your offers and deals means zero engagement. It definitely causes a gap and a lack of trust between your store and your shopper. It leaves a bad impression that your company or store ignore your customers or even don’t want to listen to them.

In contrast, good conversational text messaging can urge a higher level of engagement and avoid sad unsubscribe. This is because there’s a real human behind each message that engages with customers on a personal level. Your customers will appreciate you taking the time to explore their needs as this makes you come across as being attentive and valued.

Here’s a clear example of how automated text messages can come up as spammy and annoying to the customers, whereas the conversational approach acts as a shopper’s friend.

recovery strategy

1-   The Power of Human Touch:

People prefer the conversational tone, and if you add an actual human on top of it, it shows that someone actually cares about them. That someone is your business. With automated texts, when someone replies, they are getting routed to support which can take hours or days to reply.

With SMS platforms such as Cartloop, the average reply time is under 5 minutes. So what does that mean to you in terms of benefits?

What’re the Benefits You Get From the SMS Platform:

·        Good shopping experience: in the first place, marketing is neither how getting money nor all about Facebook ads. All that matters is to create awareness and trust. Besides, standing from the crowd and being so close with your audience and keep with their side step by step. Such as Amazon which has a powerful online shopping experience.

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·        Instant support: good and fast customer service support can definitely make positive deference and influence the customer’s decision to purchase. 

·        Complete trust: when customers first shopping from your store, they have some inner doubt about the new places. But, by real human communication, things become more real and safe.

  • The decrease in customer support expense: being concern with green communication ( 2-way communication) through SMS marketing, you ensure a fast response to all stuck issues. Besides, help with customers’ questions instead of waiting for connecting with the customer’s services. In other words. You reduce customer support expenses.

·        Coherent and regular results: By adding personalization to each conversation, shoppers will incline towards your store than competitors’. It’s proven that around 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences.

sms platforms

2- Listening to Customer’s Needs :

Whether it’s discounted, help with technical issues, or just assistance on finding the right size, your customers can have a shopping assistant. They get first-hand support, solutions to their pain-points, and access to the latest deals and offers. Would you refuse that as a consumer? Yes, me neither.

customers need

3- Using the Important Clear Call-to-Action ( CTAs):

Always try to engage your customers more and more. Keep in mind, be clear with your purpose of your customers and their action you want them to do inside and ease the process for them by CTAs. Don’t forget that you have just a second to grab their attention. To avoid this, you should include a shortened link to their carts. With a click, they will make their minds to complete the order.

4- Listening to Customer’s Feedback:

Keeping an eye on your customer’s regular feedback is the magic of having a successful marketing and branding to your store. Real checking of customers’ feedback and continues listening from, can easily fulfill the trust. You can keep your attention on the problem of long time shipping, payment options, and the suitable shipping cost and

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By then, merchants are able to make smart actionable decisions in order to improve their business. This helps solve all the unknown problem.

How to Set up Your Cart Recovery Strategy on Shopify?

After all,  you likely got the idea but, feel confused where and how to start. Wondering how can I set and manage the cart recovery strategy with SMS, right?

Don’t be surprised when say that all the process just takes 60 seconds to be completed and create your account.

Step 1: Install the Cartloop app from the Shopify App Store

1-     then Go to the Shopify App Store then add  Cartloop to your store. Create your own account and synchronized automatically.

sms marketing

Step 2: Optimize your checkout:

In order to collect phone numbers from people who accepted marketing, you need to optimize your checkout from Shopify. This is how we usually recommend our merchants to do it:

1. Shopify Settings > Checkout > Customer contact > Select ‘Customers can only check out using email‘

recover abandoned carts

2. Form options > Shipping address phone number > Select ‘Optional‘                     

3 Checkout language > Manage checkout language

Search for ‘Phone label’ and ‘Optional phone label’ > Add the following recommended text: ‘Phone for support, offers and updates from the team‘   

4. Search for ‘Checkout Marketing’ and ‘Accept marketing checkbox label’ > Add the following recommended text: ‘Sign up for order updates and exclusive offers via text messages & email‘

This is how your Checkout page should look like now:

checkout sms marketing

Step 3: Select a plan & get started

The pricing at Cartloop currently starts at $0. You only pay when you generate profit. Plus, you get a 7-day unlimited free trial.

You’re all set! Cartloop Recovery Experts will start sending personalized text messages to your shoppers who abandoned their carts and accepted marketing at checkout. The only thing you need to do is come back and watch the dashboard.


the best way to get to know your customers and their needs and increase the conversion rates then improve your store, adopt the SMS marketing that can guarantee you create a real and long e-commerce business

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