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Winning Product Discover The Best 14 Tools For Winning Dropshipping Product Research

dropshipping winning research tools

Dropshipping product research tools, There always a need for a tool to help in finding your winning products, right? The choice is not easy!  There are so many product research tools out there. That’s why I made this article to list for you exactly which one is right for you and your store in 2020!

What’s the reason behind purchasing the product research tool?

The process of product research as we know takes time and efforts and some time it becomes difficult to decide! That’s where a product research tool comes in handy!

These tools help you with finding the best products for your dropshipping store, so-called “Winning Products“.

These following tools can help you in both suitable product search and competitor search. In addition, these tools give you what other stores sell so, you can have some advantages to compete with.

Of course, as I said above, you don’t need a product research tool for this, but as you will see below; they will make it so much easier!

The 14 Best Dropshipping Product Research Tools of 2020:

Below you will find a list with the most effective tools that help you find the winning products for your dropshipping store.

If you want to know what a winning dropshipping product is, then I suggest reading this article of mine as well رابط

Are you ready for the journey of searching?

1- Sell the trend:

Sell The Trend is the first dropshipping product research tool. It contains so many different tools that it will blow your mind away for sure! For example, one of the product research tools that they got inside is called ‘The Nexus’

You will surely get a lot of inspiration. Like what kind of products to sell, Facebook ads examples, and Shopify dropshipping store examples!

What is the price of Sell the trend and do they offer a trial?

The current price of Sell the Trend is $39 per month and you will get 2 months before free if you pay yearly. They do offer a 7-day free trial for people who don’t want to risk any money yet!

2- AliExpress dropshipping center:

The second one is going to be AliExpress Dropshipping Center! The great thing about it is that it’s free to use and it gives you some basic product research options!


This tool gives you the chance to know what the trending on Aliexpress.

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Its amazing since it gives you some It will give you inspiration for your product research!

At first, it provides you with the free version of it to use, it shows you variety of products. You can easily classify all products according to a lot of criteria.

What is the price of and do they offer a trial?

Their free version is, of course, free, and their dropshipping version (Thieve Supply) is currently $29 or $99 per month. You can also pay yearly and save 20%. They currently don’t offer a trial

4- Dropship spy:

They provide you with 10 tools in one subscription. One thing I think it’s a bit little distract in this tool that it show new daily winning products.

For example, dropship spy may add from 1-5 new products every day

I’m sure that they got a lot of subscribers. So what do you think happens with these few products?   Exactly! They get saturated so fast.

And then I’m not even talking about the fact that most people just import the information (like description, pricing, video ad, and so on) from these product research tools and don’t even try to be unique, but that’s not the problem of the product research tool that you use.

That’s the problem of new dropshippers that expect to be rich the next day!

Even though the products might be seen by a lot of people; it’s still a great tool to get inspiration for the next product that you want to import to your dropshipping store! And all the other tools inside Dropship Spy are definitely going to help you as well!

What is the price of Dropship Spy and do they offer a trial?

The current price of Dropship Spy is $20 per month. They only got one pricing plan now (before they had three different ones). Unfortunately, they don’t offer any trial. Also, you will get a 10% discount if you Contact us

5- Ecomhunt:

it’s a popular known tool for product research. It’s highly similar to dropship spy in adding a huge amount of winning dropshipping product research daily.

So each product followed by its information includes price, videos adds and targeting (for pro members), and a lot more. Actually, this type of product research tools are more suitable for Dropshipper especially in the beginning od dropshipping.

They help you with a lot of things related to the product that you want to sell.

For example, it helps when I was starting with dropshipping I didn’t know who to target on Facebook for my new product.

What is the price of Ecomhunt and do they offer a trial?

The current price of Ecomhunt is $20 per month. They do offer a free account with some limited features.

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6- Niche scraper:

In fact, there is a very little difference between Sell the Trend and Niche Scraper.

  • Niche Scraper got a section for hand-picked products (although Sell The Trend has a “Nexus” which combines all their tools and show what’s popular and hot right now.
  • Niche Scraper has different design from Sell the Trend. You may like one design to another.

One difference is that the most suitable tool for those who don’t have a big budget is Niche Scraper with its amazing 50% discount). They even got a free account option available for you!

But don’t forget, it’s all your choice! This way, you can check it out without risking any money yet. Their current price is $39 per month and they do offer a trial account.

7- Alishark:

What next is AliShark? AliShark is made by the creators of the popular countdown timer Shopify app Hurry!
If you prefer filter options when searching for your winning products on Aliexpress then AliShark is great.
And they got a lot of options for you if you want to do research with keywords. You can include keywords, and you can even exclude keywords.
The current price of AliShark is $20 per month, and there is currently no option to pay yearly But they do offer a 2-day trial for only $1

8- FindNiche:

Find Niche can give you a hand with more than one things, it’s very useful inspiration that add to your niche, the best products to sell and even you can even find other Shopify stores.

The only thing is that you can’t sort by ‘dropshipping’ (like some other tools on this list), but it’s still awesome because of the price. More on that below! FindNiche is free to use for now!

9 Phirst:

This one isn’t really a tool, but rather a newsletter that gives subscribers trending products before everybody else knows about them. The thing that differentiates them from others is that they don’t go off of what is already saturated and selling a ton through Shopify or AliExpress.

Instead, they use hundreds of millions of behavior signals tracked online to discover what people are talking about, whether it is through Google, Reddit, other social media sites, YouTube, and so on.

By doing this, they are discovering the trends before they are really trending and mainstream. So you can launch a product before it goes viral. They usually send you around three or more products with exponential trends in their monthly newsletter. Here’s an example of one product that they included in their last newsletter:

But that’s not all, they also give an explanation about why they added it to the list, and they give you a dropshipping supplier recommendation:

Another great thing is that you will get the last two monthly reports in your mailbox after you signed up. The current price of Phirst is $10 per month for dropshippers, but you can also choose the Amazon seller’s option; or both:

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10- Asify:

The surprise is that Asify is a Chrome extension that you can download for free here.

It will add a lot of stuff for you to AliExpress. It looks a bit like the AliExpress Dropshipping Center, but then you get a lot of extra information on the AliExpress product page itself.

11- ShopInspect:

This tool can help you with a variety of tasks that can easy your searching.

For example, it offers you with “hot trending products” section with a lot of products included in. It provided limit information per product in contrast with other dropshipping searching tools like Ecomhunt.

The price of ShopInspect is currently $47 per month or $19 per month if you pay yearly. You can get a 50% discount if you contact us to ask for a discount code! Plus, they have a free account option available with a few free searches

12- Pexda

We will finish the article with this last tool of winning product search.

Alike with Dropship andEcomhunt, pexda can show a lot of winning products each day. These are awesome products most of the time, but a lot of people (and with a lot I mean A LOT) see these products.

But their trial is still a nice option to go with if you’re just beginning with dropshipping. Like I said with Ecomhunt, these tools helped me to get some ideas for my targeting!

The current price of Pexda ranges from $30 to $200 per month without any sale discount. Pexda does offer a 14-day trial for $1,95.

Getting Started with Dropshipping in 2020:

Therefore, you are closely to be ready to start with dropshipping? Or may be in your first phase of dropshipping? Or you look for the inspiration?

If so, then I suggest reading my complete Shopify dropshipping guide!

It’s a fully guide to create your own dropshipping store in 2020. Reading this article will surely help you to get started and to stay motivated while beginning and continuing your dropshipping journey!

Keep in mind that every success takes time and effort. Keep going and making progress!

To conclude, That was it! The 14 best dropshipping product research tools that will help you find your next winning product. I hope you find something new and useful in this article today. After using one tool from above, you will find an amazing winning product you don’t know before.

My suggestion for you, if you didn’t decide yet (or skipped to this part), is to try the 7-day free trial for Sell The Trend. You won’t regret it!

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