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Traffic, but No Sales? 7 tips to Increase Your Sales

Traffic, but No Sales? 7 Tips to Increase Your Sales 

Do you have a lot of traffic but no sales at all? It’s a real problem! Don’t worry! In this article, you will find nine tips that you can do in order to increase your sales. Just remember! These are not quite perfect, but you will definitely learn something that you didn’t know before. Let’s go!

1. Check what your visitors are doing on your store

Increase your sales

The first step you will do in order to get sales is to check what your visitors are doing on your store. It could be the most important step you’ll do. This way, you can see what they are doing, and then, you are more able to make choices based on that.

There are two tools you can use to check what your visitors are doing on your store:

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most important tools that you can do to check what your visitors are doing. According to many studies, nearly 67% of the top 1 million sites currently use it. 

If you don’t know this great tool, then, I suggest you watch this video before reading this article:

If you still want to learn more about Google Analytics, then you can click here to read more about it. 

2. Hotjar

You might have probably heard of Google Analytics before, but you mostly haven’t heard of Hotjar before. This great tool can help you to create heatmaps and record what your visitors are doing on your store. Besides, with Hotjar, you can get a free account available.

You will use Hotjar to see what your visitors are doing on your store. Do they scroll down? Or do they not move at all? These are all things that you can keep track of!

Just look at the great video below that explains how it helped him to increase his Shopify sales with 202%. It’s an old video, but it is inspiring that gives you a great explanation of why it’s important to keep track of your visitors. 

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This is another video from Hotjar that explain how their heatmaps work:

2. Improve your store

This is another important step to increase your sales. You know why?  Most people are lazy to put any effort and time into their dropshipping stores. And you are probably wondering why don’t put any effort into their stores.  

Well, a lot of “gurus” use dropshipping advertisements as an easy way to earn money. The people that follow these “gurus” mostly open a dropshipping store in a few hours, and then, they start advertising almost directly. This way, they expect to be rich in the new day or maybe the next week that they think dropshipping is so easy. But, it’s not! 

You have to put time and effort into your dropshipping store, so you can focus on creating a brand. Then, you’ll get the chance to increase your sales and profits,  your dropshipping store will be remembered as a brand by a lot of people. For example, take a look at the store below. What do you think about it? Great, right?

Increase your sales
You can find this store here

So, how to improve your store?

Great! Let’s move to some simple points on things that you can look at to improve. 

Creating your basic pages like a FAQ page.  Unfortunately, most dropshipping store owners don’t put a time to create even one of these pages. However, it’s important to have FAQ pages on your store.  You can take Uplift as a good example of this.

Improve your store design. Just imagine that most dropshipping stores are using the same layout and design. It’s bad, right? It could also leave a bad impact on your visitor that they had a bad experience with your dropshipping store. Moreover, they might well not trust you anymore because you have the same layout as other stores.

Think about branding. This one flows well with the point of improving your store design and beating your competition. Branding your dropshipping store helps you well to stand out, reach more people, and increase your sales.

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3. Improve your conversion rates

 The next step is to improve the conversation rates that help you know more about what your visitors are doing on your store. If you have a lot of traffic but no sales, it means that your conversation rates are pretty low.

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Actually, it’s a pretty big topic that I can’t cover things like what the average conversion rate is and how to improve it. Thus, I will show you just a simple example that you will probably get it. Take a look at this photo:  

Increase your sales
Average conversion rates from 2017 to 2018 made by Oberlo

4. Improve your store loading time

We said at the beginning about how you could look at the bounce rate. Well, if the rate is high, then it’s a big problem that people are leaving your store without any interaction.

One of the most reasons that visitors bounce off a website is the slow loading time. Look at the screenshot below:

If you look at the image above,  you can find the big difference between having a loading time of 1 to 3 seconds and 1 to 10 seconds. Do you see? Great!

However, it’s not all. In the screenshot below, you will clear change in how long people are willing to wait for a page to load:

You can see in the image above that in 1999, the average of users’ willingness to wait for a page to load in 8 seconds. However, 11 years later, they are not willing to wait more than 3 seconds. Then, they will mostly abandon it. 

In this regard, there are a lot of things you can improve the speed of your Shopify store. You can work on optimizing your images and your CSS files, using various apps and themes, besides using AMP. 

5. Improve your trust

One reason that people visit your store but they don’t buy or interact with it is that they simply don’t trust your dropshipping store. They might see your ad, click through to your store, and then they don’t continue with their order because they don’t trust it anymore.

Well,  this is a study of American online shopping. Here is what they said:

“95% of consumers have security concerns about providing personal information like their credit card when shopping at websites they have not heard of before, and 92% of consumers have concerns about providing personal information like their credit card when shopping at websites they have not shopped at in the past.”

Now, you know that most visitors on your unknown dropshipping store don’t trust you. Thus, you should work on building trust with visitors that they are more likely to interact with your store. 

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6. Check your dropshipping competition in order to make your dropshipping store better

In fact, this step does not have anything to do with your own dropshipping store. Instead, it focuses on the dropshipping competition that can help you to improve your store massively. This way, you will look at what your competition and other stores are doing with their store, so you can do better to beat them.

You can take a look at Meowingtons, which is a good dropshipping store example. 

When you look at your Dropshipping competition, you might find something that you like. You could find inspiration from your competition, that you now know how you’re going to improve your own dropshipping store. You can also know the quality and price of the products they sell, so you can identify the best price for your product. This way, you’ll know if your price is double that of your competition, which may be a reason why people don’t want to purchase from you. 

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7. Try to find a different product

If you applied all the tips above, then it didn’t work, then, I advise you to try testing a different product. Don’t depend on only one product. However, if you still want to try and sell the same product, then you can try to change your audience or advertising platform. This way, you will try something new, and you’ll learn something new, and you might discover the problem yourself. 


Now, you have all my tips, so you will hopefully get a lot of traffic and sales. 

But remember! Dropshipping is still a real business, that you should put time and effort into creating your store and know how to treat your customers right. Don’t open your store in a few hours, and then, you expect to get sales the next day. It needs hard work from you.

Let me know if you’re having sales after reading this article, that I will be so glad for that.

Good luck with your dropshipping store!

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