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What Is a Winning Dropshipping Product? (Featured Examples)

What is the winning dropshipping product? Can this winning dropshipping product take your dropshipping store next level? All the answers to these question which occupies your mind are in the article below with winning product examples.

Winning Dropshipping Products: What Does It Mean?

It’s very important before you start, to see if the product could be a winning product or not, so what do we mean by ” winning product”?

Winning products are products that your target audience fond of and that sell like crazy.

These products will give you the confidence to keep going, and it’s unlikely you will give up on your dropshipping store after you’re seeing sales popping in.

In fact,  It’s not an easy process. It takes a lot of time and effort to achieve success in dropshipping. All that you need is to keep going and make sure of every single product.

In this article, I will show you all the criteria to see if a product could be a winning product or not. This article also will show some product examples. but if you want more examples, then I suggest reading the article I linked to below.

Remember that the product doesn’t need to meet all the criteria. It’s just good to have more than one of these winning products criteria!

I found these dropshipping product examples with my favorite product research tool Sell The Trend. If you’re interested, then you can click here for a 7-day free trial or you can click here to read my full review of Sell The Trend!

If you are ready, let’s move?

Winning Dropshipping Products: What Factors Are There to Spot Them?

Here are 8 factors for you below to spot your next winning dropshipping product!

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1- The Product has a “Wow” Factor:

The product you choose must have a “WOW” factor to take the customer’s attention. It means to be unique.

If you see the product, you’re like: “What? I have never seen that before! That’s amazing!”

2- Not Easy to Find in Normal Retail Stores:

The second factor is seeking products that are not normally found in retail. And these products are always be overlooked with al Dropshipper.

Especially for people who dropshipping from China. Think of what makes people wait for the long shipping time around weeks to get a product they can buy in their retail store next door as well? So be unique and creative

Would you wait for 2-4 weeks for a sandwich maker that you can also buy in the store next door?

I don’t think so…

But what if it’s a special sandwich maker, that you never saw before and is also in your favorite color? Would you care if it says you might need to wait for 2-4 weeks before it’s in your house?

Also, most not easy to find in stores products have a “wow” factor as well, because most people never saw these products before.

3- Good Profit Margins:

This is a big one.

Make sure of achieving a good margin. Don’t dropship a product, if it doesn’t have enough profit.  Therefore, be careful when pricing your products.

The bottom line; if your product gets a higher price than you think that product is worth after you correctly price your product, then this might not be the correct product for you!

For your profit margins, try to find a product that you can sell for at least $20 (or $19,95) with a 2,5x – 3x markup!

For example, your total costs of the product with shipping is $8. If you can sell that product now for $24,95, then you have a 3x markup!

Good profit margins: Winning Dropshipping Product Example

You probably know this dropshipping product example already, but it’s the moon lamp!

As you can see at the bottom of “Sales”; people made a lot of money selling these lamps. Just look at that profit margin!

And don’t forget this lamp also has other factors of a winning product. Like a “wow” factor and not easy to find in normal retail stores.

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winning product

    4- Solves A problem or A pain point:

This one is the most pretty

If any product can solve any problem that people face then definitely will be considered as a great winning product

For niche dropshipping stores, does your target audience have any problems?

It’s good for Dropshipper to search for a product which solves the problem of a very huge number of people but not searching for a product that only for some specific people

Solves a problem: Winning Dropshipping Product Example:

winning dropshipping product

5- Makes Life’s Simpler and Easier:

This one is fairly easy to understand. Before choosing Any product, ask yourself the following  question:

Could your product make someone’s life easier?

Could it save someone time in their daily routine? If you answer yes, so your choice is right and this product could be one of your winning products.

This could save the mom (or dad) time in their daily routine when their baby is sick!

But yeah, not sure if it works though. It looks fun though! This will make someone’s life easier for sure.

6- Is it The Perfect Dropshipping Size?

This one is for people that are dropshipping from China.

Dropshipping from China is popular because of ePacket. You can send the order with ePacket from China to your customer really fast, but ePacket has it’s package size limitations.

You can learn more here about why big products are better to be avoided dropshipping!

7- Are there any competitors doing good with this product?

Searching on what other stores offer and what they are doing with the same products is very beneficial for you, for example, you can check your dropshipping store competitors’ Facebook page and see what kind of ads they are running and how the engagement un their social media accounts.

If so, then that’s a great indicator that that product is a winning product!

Do you see how this Facebook Video Ad has almost 7 million views?

winning product

If you’re checking for a specific product, then it might be a bit hard going from dropshipping store to dropshipping store to find the same product, but you could also use Google!

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See if any other dropshipping store is selling the same product and then look at their Social Media profiles (like Facebook) to see if they are still advertising that product.

You can click here to learn how to do a reverse image search with Google. This way, you will find stores that are selling that same product!

8- Ask People:

Asking people is the last factor in choosing your winning products.

Get assured of your choice by asking people(friend, family, and also yourself) if they are really interested in buying the product. Just show them some awesome images of the product and see how they respond.

Remember to choose a product related to your specific niche, then it would be perfect if you could find someone that is interested in the niche of that product and see their reaction!

Doing this step will get you a lot of opinions about the product.

NOTE: To be more sure and get more real opinion about your product, it’s good to find a stranger to ask because family and friends can’t be negative with their opinion!

Winning Dropshipping Products: How to Be Sure That The Product Is Winning?

Learn to quickly test dropshipping products!

By then, I hope I fully covered all factors that help to see if your product could be a winning product or not. So you can take your time to test the product to be even more sure if the product is going to sell.

From my part of view, I highly recommended using PPE for testing if you are using Facebook Ads to get the desired data with less amount of money!

The steps:

1-     Create a PPE ad on a specific target.

2-     Set 5$ daily.

3-     look at the data and see which ad-set(s) performed better

This way, you will save so much money.

The Conclusion:

All is in your hand! 9 awesome ways to see if a product could be a winning product or not.

I hope this article helped you with your quest to find winning dropshipping products, and don’t forget to read my other article here about how to find winning dropshipping products!

I hope this article gives you some inspiration in your dropshipping journey. Just don’t forget that success takes time. Keep improving each and every day!

Good luck with your product research!

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