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Why You Need SMS Marketing When Dropshipping

Finding the right marketing channel to start with might be hard. You need to invest in strategies and techniques that help you to get fast results, great ROI, and meaningful customer relationships. In this regard, we will show you why SMS marketing is the best way to reach, engage, and retain customers in a human way that keeps your relationship for a long time. Moreover, Investing in an SMS strategy at the beginning of your business will help you stand out from the crowd, build trust with your first customers, and drive a lot of revenue. 

Why SMS Marketing for Your Dropshipping Store?

Mobile commerce is evolving so quickly, and it’s expected that over half of total eCommerce sales will be made on mobile, and 49 million consumers will agree to receive SMS notifications from businesses by the end of 2020. It means that any brand needs to find a way to reach customers directly on their phones, without facing any problem in the way. SMS is the most effective in this way. Moreover, with SMS marketing, there is no spam folder when an SMS message reaches the customers. I means that all text messages will reach the intended recipients. 

SMS marketing has become an essential part of e-commerce, especially in the current time. In the next part of the article, share with you the 10 reasons why people invest in an SMS marketing strategy from the beginning. I might be one of the best decisions you can make to grow e-commerce business fastly.

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10 Reasons Why Need SMS Marketing While Dropshipping

1. Top Revenue Channel

SMS marketing for Dropshipping

Do you know that SMS is the most effective channel to reach your customers? You might spend 90 minutes or more in reading an email, but SMS messages are mostly read within 3 minutes. That means recipients will prefer to read the SMS messages because it doesn’t cost them great efforts as with emails. In addition, the rates of SMS engagement are six to eight times higher than the engagement of email marketing.

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As customers constantly receive a flood of emails, ads, apps, and links، they get bored and unenthusiastic to read them. As well, they might ignore or block them. This way, It’s very difficult for brands to choose their audience interest and maintain their loyalty. So, they turn to use SMS messages that will be easier to read and more effective.

2. Over 20x Return on Investment

Statista shows that mobile commerce is expected to generate 72.9% of all retail e-commerce by the year 2021. It sends the messages in a cheaper way that’s related to a few budgets the launched dropshipping stores need to spend on advertisement. Also, we can find  73% of Kiehl’s Skin Care Products opt-in customers make a purchase following a product campaign launched through SMS. 

3. Less Competition

Although SMS marketing is growing at a fast pace, many companies aren’t taking it usefully. 64% of consumers see that businesses aren’t sending them text messages that they have to do while only 14% of companies do. This way, many brands are prevented to reach people. On the other hand, with the fast development of the marketing methods, and the saturation of traditional media, more businesses will be turning to SMS marketing. Thus, Using brands helps in reaching costumers and engaging them in a matter of seconds. Instead of getting them waiting in lines for tickets and so on, they can do it at their own convenience. SMS acting more like a direct push notification that won’t be missed in the inbox like email. No doubt that mobile is becoming the primary sales channel for merchants. 

4. 45% Response Rates

SMS marketing
SMS marketing for Dropshipping

Getting a customer to open your marketing message is only one part of the bargain.  The next step is to get them going through it and respond, which is harder. Thus, you should use the fastest and simplest way to get them engaged. The average person’s concentration span is 8 seconds, which is not enough to read an email or app. However, an SMS message with 160 characters that Is perfect for short, concise, attention-snapping messages. While emails have a little conversion rate of 3.2%, the SMS’s are near about 45%.

5. The Evergreen SMS

SMS is the most simple and effective way of communication that everyone uses in their daily life. You may use SMS messages to pass some quick information, or you might receive texts from either your bank, platforms, or friends. We know that Social Media is very popular, but SMS is the most widely used data application in the world. In addition, 4.2 billion people use their phones sending and receiving texts, and about 23 billion text messages are being sent and received per minute, which is a massive number.

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6. Over 29% More Recovered Carts 

You might find people are adding your products to their cart, but they’re leaving your store without completing the purchase. Thus, you should understand the main reasons why they abandon their carts that help you to adjust the overall shopping experience, recover more carts, close more sales, and build long-term customer relationships. Most importantly, the reasons why people abandon their carts could be easily fixed through real-time conversations and quick adjustments on-site. You can also integrate your human touch in customers’ buying experience by texting and engaging with them in real-time, answering all of their questions, paying attention to their needs while encouraging them to complete their purchase. 

7. 98% Open Rates

SMS marketing

When you get an email or social media notification, or a low battery warning, you will be annoyed that you will lock your phone. However, when you get a text on your phone, you will mostly open it because SMS hahas a 98% open rate, according to Mobile Marketing Watch. In contrast, email marketing has only 20% open rate, meaning that your message will get better chances of reaching your audience when it is in text form.

Reading text messages don’t require much effort to be read, that it can be directly without worrying about the ad blockers or spam filters. Customers will almost open them and read the content, as they are more personal. Moreover, SMS messages are sent based on customers’ location. This way, customers feel more confident in replying to messages coming from a local number as it is more reliable.

8. Millennials Love Texting

Millennials are those who spend their whole days on their phones. Third of them prefer SMS messages for deliveries, promotions, and surveys. This year, it’s expected that their spending in the US will grow to 1.4$ trillion which is 30% of total retail sales. Moreover, they are the nation’s largest living generation that give brands and has a major economic impact to connect with the customers through SMS marketing. 

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9. Lowest Unsubscribe Rates

SMS marketing

The analytics team at Cartloop did a study that shows that the general dropshipping store gained 8.358 new phone subscribers via checkout from which only two unsubscribed. The Retail Dive indicates that sending up to two messages per week during peak seasons and four messages per month during the nonpeak season will work effectively in achieving the perfect lowest unsubscribed rates. That explains why SMS marketing is a big way to reach customers, retain them, and build long-lasting relationships.

10. Boosts Your Other Platforms

Text is a great way to use your entire marketing strategy. The SMS offers you a great chance to direct your traffic to your site or social media platforms due to its fluidity. NHS shows in a study that 20% of traffic to their new app increased due to links sent in text messages. 

You can also find that you can widen your email subscriber list by texting your customers and informing them to jump on promotional codes and all the emails offer. The Branded links help in easing the customers’ fears of potential scams, noticing that using shortened links is much better, but they might lead you to phishing sites. That’s why using branded links is much better than shortened links. 

Moreover, SMSs proved it’s a high importance in redeeming coupons. That clearly appears when the customers redeem SMS-delivered coupons 10 times more than the other coupon types. Also, Customers feel valued when offering them discounts or offers that are redeemed through special links.

Final Thoughts

Using SMS texts is the best way to reach more customers or generate leads at any stage of your business. They will be always more important with the all-time use of the mobile. Moreover, It is used to fast the marketing of the brands and online stores since all the results and data are clear. It’s also known for its superior open and Click-Through rates that ensure favorable returns. Us SMS marketing helps to reach your customers better and faster. You can click here to know more about Cartloop. You only pay when you profit because the pricing of Cartloop currently starts at 0$.

Best of luck!

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