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With No Sales, How to Get a Product Review on Shopify?

Store Product Review – Product review can make a lot!

All of the beginners in dropshipping from the very start of their drop shipping journey start worrying about how they will get product reviews even with no sales!

If you are looking for ways to do this, you reached the point. In this article, I will help you with a few steps to do to get your desired product review for your store. Simply, with the help of some apps, you can enjoy seeing your product reviews even if you still haven’t any sales.

You can’t imagine how great product reviews on your shopify store is in gaining benefit to your store vary from to increase your conversion rate, trust, ranking in Google, and it can even help you improve your business. Actually, you have more than one way and option to have reviews if you don’t have sales. You can work well on social media or offer discounts to have happy customers.

For more than on option. In the below article I will even show you how to send a product review email reminder.

Why Should You Get Product Review on Your Shopify Store?

What are the benefits of having product reviews? why should you get these product reviews in the first place?

In the first place, as I mentioned before product reviews can benefit a lot. Let’s start.

Benefit 1: Increase conversion rate:

One of the basic goals of any Shopify store owner is having a high conversion rate. This can be achieved by adding reviews to your store.

conversion rate
store product review

I totally understand, reviews might not be the first thing you think about when you’re looking to increase your conversion rate, but I think this list of studies collected by CXL will change that:

  • Reevoo found that 50 or more reviews per product can mean a 4.6% increase in conversion rates.
  • A study from iPerceptions says ” 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has user reviews”.
  • Another study by Bazaarvoice found that site visitors who interact with reviews and customer Q&As are 105% more likely to purchase while visiting (and spend 11% more than visitors who don’t interact with user-generated content (
  • eMarketer found that consumer reviews are more trusted (nearly 12 times more) than manufacturer descriptions.
  • Reevoo, reviews produce an average of 18% uplift in sales. In conclusion, having reviews doesn’t except on not only increasing the conversion but also building great trust in your trust.
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Benefit 2: Increase trust

the second benefit is the higher your conversion rate is, the more trust you will have trust from your customers.

As we conducted a study resulted that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, and 72% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust businesses more. All these statics urge you in having your own product reviews for its amazing advantages. 

Benefit 3: Rank higher on Google

It’s very important in your shopify store to focus on SEO for the sake of having a high rank in google search engines. So whenever you have your reviews appear in google it will automatically help heighten your rank.

but, why do these reviews help to rank higher?

Take a look at the below image. You can easily notice which one looks attractive to click on.

higher ranking in google
store product review

In addition, CXL conducted a study that showed that reviews could boost CTR by as much as 35%.

A great thing, like Moz, mentions that one of the most beneficial ranking factors for any business is having reviews.

Benefit 4: Reviews can help you improve your business:

If you have a Shopify store you should pay all the attention to all king of reviews you got. A great way to keep improving your store is by following all the negative reviews that can help you in:

That negative feedback grabs your eyes to the stuck issue and problems of your store which you didn’t notice before.

product reviews can improve any business
store product review

I’m sure that also the other store’s bad feedback can help you improve your store.

Therefore, don’t get annoyed when you receive any negative reviews or feel angry with anyone who leaves this bad feedback but takes it as a way of improving.

How to Get A product Review on Your Shopify Store?

I think you are now totally convinced that product reviews are a must to have in any online business.

Now, the time comes to talk about the way you can add your product reviews to the shopify store.

Let’s start with the easiest and fastest wat to get the product reviews on your store even if have no sales is by downloading a Shopify app from the Shopify app store.

shopify product review
store product review

Don’t worry since I will ease it to you. I will show you all the best shopify app product reviews app in 2020. Therefore, you needn’t keep searching which is the best reviews and app are best.

Amazingly, you have the chance to test and check these apps by yourself so you have your time to make the best decision. The stunning thing is that those apps have a free trial or free accounts.

Very important to mention is that every app has its own design and its own features. Most of the below-mentioned app help you also help you collect and display product reviews with pictures. This image shows a product page with a product review. Notice how it looks like.

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feedback product review
store product review

The 3 Best Shopify Product Review Apps in 2020:

let’s begin with the three best Shopify product review apps that you can use for your store. Remember that all that you need is one of these apps.

1-     Shopify Product reviews:

positive shopify products review
store product review

The first in the list is the product reviews. It’s the most amazing and the best for your tight budget as a beginner in dropshipping because being this free app created by  Shopify.

In contrast, The only disadvantage of this app is that you don’t have that many features. For example, you can’t add reviews with pictures.

2. Loox:

loox shopify app
store product review

It’s one of the shopify paid apps that can be easily used to add your product reviews.

As we know most of the time, the paid apps have more advantages and features in contrast with any free app with limited featured. But still, you have to afford to pay monthly fees which may tire you like you in the very beginning with your tight budget. But in return for that monthly fee, you will get a lot of features that you can use to get and display your reviews on your Shopify store.

boost sales by reviews
store product review

In addition, you can even use Loox to easily display reviews on your homepage.

loox homepage
store product review


paid app for products reviews
store product review

It’s the second example of paid apps that you can go to add your product app to your shopify store.

This app is great for its tons of features that can guarantee you take your reviews then your store next level. When the time comes to take about the feature. It’s wonderful to say that you can add and choose your own form of reviews.

Here is an image of how that will look like on a Shopify store:

positive feedback
store product review

For more information about the feature, I  highly recommend to click here and visit their website.

How to Send Product Review Reminder Emails in Shopify?

By the paid app that I showed above, you can use it to send your product reviews reminder emails easily.

For example, this is what it will look like for

reviews request
store product review

As shown you have the choice to add and send you product review with these apps by SMS, Facebook messenger, and emails.

The great thing about both and Loox is that you can integrate with Aftership.

store product review

If you do this, then you can set up the product review reminder emails to be sent after a certain trigger happened in Aftership. For example, if the product is delivered.

How You Can Create Your  Unique Shopify Review Page?

If you wonder if there is something called a Shopify review page, I’m here to tell you. It’s a page that contains all or most of the reviews that you got. It’s called with different names vary between  “Reviews”, “Happy Customers”, “Our Reviews”, “Feedback” and more many names.

Great, so now you know how to add and collect product reviews on your Shopify store, and you know why reviews are so important for ecommerce stores.

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How You Can Get Reviews For Your Product If you Don’t Have Any Customers Yet?

Bellow, I will give you more than one amazing tip which is more than beneficial for you in case you’re dropshipping.

  • Offer bid discount or even free products: one free product in exchange with a positive review. To make sure not to give a free product but not get reviews you can give them a discount or their money back after they have placed a review.
  • Use a loyalty program:  You can use a loyalty program like to give loyalty points for product reviews. This is good to get your happy customers back again. By using a loyalty program like you can get your product reviews even if you have no sales. This is a screenshot of their homepage. loyal program for product reviews
store product review
  • Be careful of your customer service:   Try to use your customer service team to get reviews from the people that contacted your store. This works great as people respond better to personal connections than other types of automated outreach.
  • Use Social media: we also can easily get reviews through social media. It’s a very effective way to get traffic and get engaged well with your customers. Or even you can share your positive reviews on social media pages as a way of appreciation and motivation for others.
  • Waiting for customers: the last choice you can do is contacting with your real customers and ask about feedback on your product.

In addition, you can also them a reward so that they are more likely to review your product, something like a discount code.

discounts rewards
store product review

How to Get Product Review If You are Really Dropshipping?

Here I will give you special tips about ways to get your product reviews to your shopify store If you’re dropshipping.

 First of all, you have the choice to import your reviews from your own supplier. For example, you can get your reviews from Aliexpress if you are dropshipping with Aliexpress.

This way, you will have reviews that are basically for the same product. You just need to make the decision if you want that or not. Not everyone is comfortable doing this because it’s like faking your reviews. If you do decide to import reviews from AliExpress, then you can use the apps above, or you can use the specially made Ali Reviews app for this.

Store Product Review Conclusion

Finally,you get how critical having a product reviews for your business and for your shopify dropshipping store. hope you understand now the value of having social proof on your store.

I completely understand that you might not have the budget yet to add a paid Shopify reviews app to your store yet. That’s why I hope the free product reviews app by Shopify will help you kickstart your reviews.

LAST UPDATE 03/10/2020

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